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December 14, 2007

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A Commercial for Christmas

The average television commercial is one of the more dismal aspects of modern life, being designed for the brain-damaged and the permanently silly. This one, however, is a small masterpiece, and is particularly appropriate for this time of year. It was sent me by a former captain in the 101st Airborne, and was sent to him by a fellow Screaming Eagle captain who served two tours in Viet Nam and was wounded near the end of the second one. A hand salute to A-B and to the people who made this gem.


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Hey yooper Jack, Did you know that one of our Presidential canadates is of the Muslum fiath and the Muslum faith has declared tho destroy The U.S. from with-in it's self...DUHH


Ashame our top government officials havn't put out a clip like A-B has.

Walt Smith

If all Americans really understood the sacrafices the common military personell gives for us all to enjoy the freedom that we do, all military men and women would receive the same homecomings. Its horrible that the VietNam vets received what they did. Absolutly tragic. We as a nation need to learn from these mistakes and make sure that no man or woman ever receives the same treatment for serving our country again. EVER!

Walt Smith

Adding-- If anyone is ever caught treating our men and women like they did during Viet Nam ,one word should be handed down to that person. DEPORTATION. plain and simple. If you don't love your country and what she is fighting for then get the F out.

Whit Stevens

So Mr., Petzal, are your arguing that this particular commercial is designed for highly intelligent people (in contrast to the average commercial, which you say is for the brain damaged)?

This commercial is just like all that rest in that it try's to get us to do something (like Anheiser Busch) by appealing to our emotional desires (our desire to be patriotic and honor our troops). Like you, I support the message of this commercial, but let's not confuse a message you like with something that's somehow intelligent. If it was a commercial applauding the work of anti-hunt activists it'd be essentially the same commercial, but you'd hate it. So there’s nothing particularly intelligent about this add, it’s just a message or emotion that resonates with you personally. In you parlance, this commercial is also for the brain damaged, it just happens to be for brain damaged people like you.


What a Piece of Shit! :D

Yankee man always saving the Planet!

Thank you so much to bring, destruction, desolation, and war, there where you go... and take, MONEY, PETROL, and every thing you can hang!


Del in KS


Rest assured I did not fight the NVA for your cowardly ass. If anything is a piece of shit it's a scumbag like you that denigrates his owm country. Next time grow a little courage and leave your name bb balls.

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