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December 31, 2007

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2007: A Look Back in Anger

Now that the new year is upon us and 2007 slinks off to its grave where it will begin to smell, it's time to take a look back at what really set us off, and what we had to say about it. The leader, of course, was Zumbogate, in which kindly old Jim Zumbo revealed that he was either Satan, or Satan's Spawn. However, he has since recanted and may no longer be Satan, or Satan's Spawn.

As for all the other things that made you mad, it's a rich and yeasty mix. So enjoy, and remember that we have a presidential election coming up, which should pretty well queer any hopes we have for '08 being a passable year. To update a quote that was fashionable in 1960 when John Kennedy ran against Tricky Dick Nixon, "Thank god they can't all win."

Top Five Most Commented Posts of 2007
ZUMBOMANIA Part I (951 comments) and Part II (585 comments)
The Great Crossbow Debate (918 comments)
Fred Thompson Answers My Questions (254 comments)
Stop It, You're Killing Me (249 comments)
Latest News Media Claim: U.S. Presidents Who Hunt Start Wars (213 comments)


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Black Rifle Addict

I am surprized the croc hunter didn't make the list?
We could called that one "PetzalGate"



I'll remember 2007 for all of the above topics and the many thoughtful, funny, insightful and (I know this isn't PC) retarded comments made by the many people (myself included) that post here.

Zumbo, black rifles, high end guns, low end guns, politics, movies, corporate greed, etc.... You name it and it was discussed here in 2007.

Thanks for an enjoyable year on your blog and I look forward to 2008. I sure it will be "interesting" to say the least.

I just hope it doesn't end up with "and Hillary wins the Presidency".


Blue Ox

Yea, it was a crazymixedup year, but hindsight is always 20/20. (Usually!) As long as we learned something from it all, I think we'll be alright. Ya'll have yourselves a safe and happy new year!


Dave Petzal:

Other than compassion for Jim Zumbo, I can't see much to be angry about. Its the same every year. We get attacked, we respond. You had a lot of interesting subjects last year. Keep it up. Maybe due for something new about Left Hand Rifles.


Ricardo Rodríguez

I´d like to say that from the time I started to read this blog it has been very interesting, and I learn a little more about guns every time I watch it, and about people, some times more than I would like to, but in general it has been very enjoyable.
I wish you and all the fine people here a very prosperous 2008.
I just anticipated one day the celebration as I got yesterday my first buck after 3 years.


Dave and all my fellow bloggers:

I look back on this year with no regrets! Early on I married my love of the last 6 years and gained two wonderful stepchildren in the process!

July saw the birth of my fourth grandchild. August watched my son ship out to Iraq which brings pride to us all and scares the hell out of me in one; but I know he will be ok.

We have so much to be thankful for in our country! Yes we should work hard to support our traditional values and angrily rebutt those who would steal them from us.

Happy New Years to one and All!


My prayers are with you and your son. Grandkids are neat, eh? I've got five with one more due in February.

Bernie Kuntz

Ricardo--congratulations on the buck, and hope you will connect with many more!

I will not shed any tears with the passing of 2007 and two hip surgeries (same hip). Almost 12 months now of hobbling about on a cane. I may be a has-been sheep and elk hunter, but am still working at the therapy and hoping to throw away the cane within the month or so. With either a diamond willow walking staff or an old ski pole in my left hand, and a firearm in my right, I managed in 2007 to shoot a Shiras bull moose, a whitetail, pronghorn, six pheasant roosters, two mallard drakes, two Canada honkers and a sharptail. My success was more of a tribute to my shooting than my mobility!

I just started reading your blog last summer, Dave, and enjoy it a great deal.

Happy New Year to all of you folks!

SD Bob

Lots of fun this year sure was! I've started the new year early with the purchase of my first black rifle.....p-dogs beware!

Ed J

May you be blest/cursed to live in interesting times.
Over the past 3 years my brother Fred has had both hips replaced and one shoulder. He's the bionic man now.
My winter project is to make one of those hoist thing you stick in the reciever hitch. I told him to quit shoot such be deer that he needs a crane to load them into his truck.


It is New Year's Eve. I've spent a good part of this day squirrel hunting with my 11 year old son. We scared a couple, and seriously damaged the bark on one hickory tree with .22 bullets. We came home to a dinner of venison backstrap roasted with french onion soup, mushrooms and peppers sauteed in butter and red wine with garlic, twice baked potatoes, and now the whole family is getting together to ring in the new year. I don't want to be mad. I just want to be better than I was in 2007. Happy New Year.

Trae B.

Wow that brings back some memories.mainly the Great Crossbow Debate.I would bet that if you opened a 2nd string to that one you could have a record of the most post ever because I still had plenty to say when it said that it wasent excepting post anymore.you would probably have to open two or three more strings once every one gets started agin.


The most notable thing for 2007 -- the fact that no matter when I open "the gun nut" blog email, there are already comments several hours old. I think Dave sends it to all his friends first and holds out on the rest of us...


Pretty sad when we have to remember a year in anger? How about a year of positives instead? Growing closer to my lovely wife and stepkids, the beautiful trout I caught this summer, a big doe with a muzzleloader, and rabbit hunting over dogs for the first time since I was high school were the highlights of 2007 for me.

2008 is looking like a great year already. Bear hunting in the UP this year, hunting and fishing with friends and family, and more fly tying, rodbuilding and reloading.

Be aware of the negative, but ALWAYS focus on the positive. All that anger will burn you up early!

Eric W.
Reed City, MI

Thomas Fowler

Some guy said that you never step into the same river twice...so, 2007 flows on by, and we are stepping into 2008. We can either regard ourselves as fisherman or just getting wet...I wish all the hunting and shooting fraternity good health, and blessings for this new year.

May the Good Lord bless our country, and our families with peace and wisdom. But one caution--let us be united in our resolve to stand together for the right, as each of us understands 'right'. It was a mixed bunch of men familiar with the use and ownership of firearms that hammered out our country's principles.

Thanks, Dave, for the blog. And, thanks to all who sincerely pitched in with experience and wisdom. We'll overlook the few pinheads who don't get it, yet...we will always suffer that in a free land.

Tom Fowler


Thank you, Dave, for the blog. We are better for it. A place to bitch, brag and brawl. I wish all who listen a better 2008. I would love to present a deep and meaningful thought here, so here goes: Always do as much as you can for those who would not have received as much as they could have received if they had done all they could with what they had.

Rusty In Missouri

Thank you to all, this blog has opened great discussions on many topics. Grandchildren are great; Sweety (age 9) took her first deer, an eight point. Wild Man (age 11) took his third buck, a nice ten point, Buba (age 8) took his third buck, a nice eight point. To be beside your grandchild coaching them through the shot and all that follows is PRICELESS. 2007 was a great year for my family, all I could ask for and more. With help and expert anvice from a good friend I also took two Antelope in SD; my first ever Antelope hunt.
Stick to your guns and hang on for the ride until the very end. No regrets.


Thank you for remembering Jim Zumbo. I hope he finds a new outlet for his talent of writing great stories. I enjoyed his work on television.
I have read every story that Mr. Petzel has put on his blog and enjoyed them all.
Happy New Year to all.

Chev Jim

I hope that 2008 will be a year of forgiveness and reconciliation. I hope Jim Zumbo can come back. I pray we can more or less wind up that "operation" in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I doubt that just one more year will be sufficent. I also hope I hear from the guy I sent $510 to on Gunbroker.com, who hasn't replied to any emails so far . . .

Dr. Ralph

Happy New Year! Found this blog a little late to get in on the Zumbo fiasco but "The Great Crossbow Debate" kept me thinking for quite a while. Really though the two are related in that some people are uncomfortable (to put it mildly) with the new weapons being brought into the field. I thought the Geico Gecko would have made the top 5... and "Stop It, You're Killing Me" ended up being very aptly named in many ways after one person posted about 200 comments on their own. I'm certain we're all looking forward to a wonderful 2008 keep up the great job Mr. Petzal.


Thanks for the blog--My views don't allow me to agree too often with others in this space, but I do believe we all desire what is best and right for the country. God bless America, and all of you!


........and no, I don't want Hillary for prez. either!


"Don't want Hillary for Prez"?!?!?!
And why not???


Dave, and fellow hunters, I wish you Happy New Year, good hunting !

Dr. Ralph

How about because she's a tree hugging gun grabbing socialist wannabe who's greatest asset is her cheatin' lyin' husband?

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