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November 22, 2007

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Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I reported to the Army for active duty on November 19, 1963. In those days it was customary for new trainees to spend three days at a reception center where we were given tests and shots, issued our uniforms, and threatened with barbed-wire city if we screwed up. Part of the issue was our dress greens, or Class A uniform, and the Army took a surprising amount of care with these, tailoring them to fit, and then delivering them to our basic training companies where they would catch up with us.

We arrived at November Company, 4th Tng Rgt, Ft. Dix, New Jersey, on November 22, 1963, at just about the time that news of John Kennedy's assassination was beginning to spread. The United States of America, and the U.S. Army, simply shut down for a while. We were left in our barracks to spit-shine boots and polish the lacquer off brass belt buckles. And for some inconceivable reason, during that time, my Class A uniform arrived. No one elses', just mine.

Thanksgiving came, and the Fourth Regiment mess hall served a turkey dinner, but to get in the mess hall, you had to show up in a Class A uniform. No fatigues on Thanksgiving, men. Well, what the hell. I put on my new green suit, went to the mess hall, and ate myself stupid. The rest of November Company ate candy bars at the PX.

And to all of you, I hope that your Class A uniforms, in whatever form, show up in time for this Thanksgiving.


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Ralph the Rifleman aka Ralph the Gunguy

Thanks YooperJack-Actually I prefer grouse hunting on the off season from Big game, and I could get used to more bear hunting in the future.

WA Mtnhunter

Anonymous poster

You are full of beans.

Kennedy was indeed shot on a Friday. I was in the 8th grade and remember it well, in Coach Beard's history class when the news came.

So why was I in school on the Friday after Thanksgiving? Beacause it was not the Friday after Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving in 1963 was November 27th. Check your calendar and check your facts!

Dr. Ralph

Actually Thanksgiving was November 28 in 1963 but it was still six days after the assassination. Anonymous is full of beans...

WA Mtnhunter

Dr Ralph

You are right! I stand corrected.

For some reason, 27th was bolded on the calendar I looked at online and I misread the date. Just proves that everything is not always as it appears at first glance!

Davis Wolfgang Hawke

We're not totally free. We're not even as free as the law of the land (that would be the Constitution, regarded by many as merely the National Suggestion) dictates we ought to be. For some perspective, though -- the insistence that we're on the verge of being slaves, that freedom in this country is in jeopardy or already gone, has been with us from the word go. Samuel Adams bitterly opposed the Constitution on the grounds that its adoption would destroy freedom as he defined it. I believe Thomas Paine did, also, though on this point I'm not positive and I'll happily accept valid correction. A certain degree of strong central government is necessary, and will, also of necessity, make impositions on personal freedom. The stance some take -- "I, and not the government, will decide what I will or will not give to the common good" -- was the law of the land during the Revolution and up to the adoption of the Constitution, and was nearly the death of this nation before it had really even come into being. Seems that individuals and states/colonies being left to decide what they will or will not give -- don't.

None of which justifies clear violations of the Constitution, or actions by our government which seem to serve little purpose but to attempt to change the rules as to who's actually in charge in this country. Like I said, just some historical perspective on what looks to be an unending debate.

Davis Wolfgang Hawke

The majority of the stench that surrounds America today is the brains of the average citizen..rotting.
The roses you smell is cheap perfume..spread by Elites..smiling as they rape you.

Just keep right on voting in scum like the 4-5 front runners..globalists all.

Keep right on supporting those that have sold America out..and are spilling American blood in the sand..while barbarians take your daughters and bleed you dry from 'public services' that your elected officials hand them free of charge.

Then weep the tears of despair when your country falls.America is coming apart, decomposing, and...the likelihood of her survival as one nation...is improbable -- and impossible if America continues on her current course.


I guess Mr. Hawke spends too much time at the Optimists Club.

Who jerked his chain?



Thank you for the kind offer, but right now we're all doing well with supplies. At this point in the war there are a lot of Marines who have been there and done that several times already. They helped us make sure we brought what we needed, and had the connections to get us the stuff we couldn't bring or needed later.


I'm glad to hear that. You're in my prayers.
Just keep safe.
Also, I believe that there is a lot of interest over here, especially among this group. As you get time could you drop us a line to let us know how you're doing. I don't think anyone would mind even if DEP's blog is on some totally different subject and I'm sure you know that we don't get much real war news over here. Its pretty slanted.


Probably one of the most horrible T'giving's I have ever experienced this past weekend! (11-22-07)
Think I was in 7th Grade when news about JFK came across play ground, delivered by Lee B.. Everyone gasping and "ohhhing". At that age, trying to be grown up but still immature enough to listen to the cruel jokes that arose!
A milestone in history, delivered on a jr. high playground!


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