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November 07, 2007

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Fred Thompson Answers My Questions

Fellow bloggers: You may recall (or you may not, depending on how much recoil you've absorbed) that we recently posted a statement from presidential candidate Fred Thompson airing his feelings on the U.N.'s role in gun control. The consensus among you was that the subject was as relevant as, say, Peruvian monetary reform in the years 1902-05. So I composed five relevant questions which Mr. Thompson has answered. (Two notes: In question one, he states that he is an "Endowment Life" member of the NRA. I assume he means an Endowment member; you can't be both. And he apparently chose not to answer question two. I have no idea why.)

Your comments, please (read the interview after the jump).

1. What are your credentials as an NRA member? How long have you been one, and what degree of membership do you hold?

I am an endowment life member of the NRA, which I first joined in 1995.

2. When did you start hunting or shooting, and when was the last time you went? What guns do you own right now?
(Editor's Note: Mr. Thompson did not answer this question)

3. If the Supreme Court finds that the Washington, D.C. gun law is unconstitutional—that the Second Amendment applies to individuals rather than militias—what would you do as President to take advantage of the ruling to our benefit?

I have always believed that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms. A ruling by the Supreme Court to that effect would not have any impact on what I would do as President, but it would clearly strengthen my hand and the hands of all who seek to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners: opposing arbitrary bans on classes of firearms due to appearance; protecting gun shows from laws that could put them out of business; preventing gun confiscations from law-abiding gun owners in the wake of emergencies and disasters; fending off the variety of restrictions on the gun rights of law-abiding citizens often wrongly pursued in the name of crime control; and protecting hunters from unwarranted interference. Likewise, although it does not involve a Second Amendment issue, I would also seek to promote common sense conservation policies based on sound science so that future generations have lands on which to hunt and waterways in which to fish.

4. Of the Republican candidates, only Mike Huckabee seems sympathetic to gun owners. Of the others, who would be the worst President for gun owners? Who would be the worst Democrat?

I do not accept the premise of the question that Gov. Huckabee is the only Republican candidate sympathetic to gun owners and sportsmen. As my record shows (“A” ratings from the NRA), I have been and remain a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and of the rights of guns owners and sportsmen. The records of other candidates in both parties on firearms issues are far less supportive of the interests and rights of gun owners and sportsmen, but I am not going to characterize or rank any of my opponents. Why support one of them when a candidate like me, who has a record of support for gun owners and sportsmen, is running?

5. Under the Bush administration, the BATFE seems to have been concentrating their efforts on prosecuting legitimate dealers for paperwork errors—making it difficult or impossible for them to make a living. If you were President, would you have the BATFE relent on this practice, and what would you ask them to focus on?

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives should have as its priority its efforts to combat violent crime, violent criminal gangs, and to interdict and disrupt the gun traffickers who supply violent gang members with firearms. While one way to curb illicit gun trafficking is to ensure that legitimate dealers maintain their paperwork in good order, these paperwork violations should in no way be BATFE’s focus. I would also consider giving BATFE a wider range of sanctions so that dealers’ simple paperwork violations do not result in license revocations. Finally, having a politically accountable BATFE Director, who is now subject to Senate confirmation, instead of a career bureaucrat should also help change BATFE’s priorities and make the agency more responsive.


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JA Demko

My stars, Alamo...you're just so butch when you call me "Demko" like that instead of JA or JA Demko or Mr. Demko.
It's been too long since this blog has seen commanding presence like yours.

Dr. Ralph

Tommy, I could have sworn you said you were going to leave after one more insult... that was about twenty or thirty insults ago. As far as Dr. Ralph losing his way it just won't happen. You see I follow the straight and narrow and even in the dark of night it's hard to get lost. I certainly enjoy your being here though, because I can show my kids your posts and say "THAT'S why we're not Dumbocrats..."


Tommy Boy, that's your problem.

Do you mean the "Old Americans" who won WW II, stoppped communist aggression in Korea, marched for civil rights, won the cold war, established the most dynamic free market economy and highest standard of living ever seen on this planet, lead the world in technological innovation- Should I go on?

You really should show some respect for what "Old Americans" handed to you on a platter- You ungrateful little prick.


Calling someone by their last name (presumably) is "butch"?

That notion says a lot about you JA, (or Mr. Demko, or JA Demko, or whatever won't offend your apparently delicate sensibilities).


Let me get this straight...Alamo "suggests" "my message would be better received elsewhere..." Hmmm. Sounds like blatant disregard for 1A to me. You harp on 2A but try to stifle my 1A rights with oblique intimidation tactics.

That is very un-American; if you have all the firepower you want you can shut me up. But congrats on winning WW II, stopping Communism in Korea, winning the Cold War and all that other great stuff. You must be bushed. I was 4 years too young to get drafted for 'Nam, so I had a bad attitude about things and never learned who I should be grateful to. Thanks for the heads up.

And Ralph, what's with the Dumbocrats line? That's cold and my feelings are hurt.

JA Demko

No, Alamo, old sock...it says a lot about you. Calling me JA would indicate that we're friends i.e. on a "first name basis."
Calling me JA Demko or Mr. Demko would be more formal and indicate that we are merely acquaintences.
Calling me by just my last name indicates that you consider yourself my superior and needn't observe any such niceties. Very schoolyard bully chic of you, I must say. The last person who addressed me that way was Drill Sgt. Staten at Ft. Leonard Wood back in 1981; since you aren't a Drill Sergeant and I'm not a new boot, we're left with you just trying to sound tough.


If you regard a suggestion as an assault on your First Amendment rights, you are a delicate lad indeed.
Perchance this explains your percieved need for the government to offer protections from those evil entiities that treat you unfairly.

The fact that "Old Americans" accomplished what I described and more remains unchallenged. If you were that preposterously ignorant of "their" accomplishments, then, you're welcome.


That you've read that much into a comment on a discussion board I still insist is quite revealing. The overall theme of persecution that prevails (Gman, Tommy, Mr. JA Demko) here is curious, but interesting.

I will assure you that I intended no such "bullying". Rather I simply siezed on a part of your name to address your comment.

I have frequently been addressed by my last name by authority figures, many friends, and even one girlfriend. It never occurred to me that the practice could be considered offensive or disrespectful.

While we are neither friends, nor really aquaintances, I feel in no way superior or the need to insinuate such. As for sounding "tough", again I must plead ignorance (and amazement) to the idea that anyone might construe that intent.

I guess I am too much of a neophyte (when it comes to posting on a board) to understand that lively discussion might be characterized as oppressive.

Dr. Ralph

Don't let them "immasculate" you Alamo... reread Alabamahunter's link to "The Pussification of America" and go full speed ahead damn the torpedoes. Gman you're cold and your feelings are hurt? Great... that was my intent. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Chad Love

Geez, this thread is like a zombie refusing to die.

I'm only going to comment on one thing:

Gman, I can forgive or overlook a lot of things, but I just can't trust someone who admits to drinking red wine with fish.

Anyone with any taste or refinement whatsoever knows you either drink beer or beer with fish...

That proves to me that you are indeed a commie bastard :)

(This coming from someone who refuses to pay more than twelve bucks for a bottle of wine for reasons of both economics and principle, but mainly economics...)

A bit off-topic...My wife and I have close friends who are ex-pats living in Europe. Several years ago we flew over and stayed with them for a couple weeks when they lived in Paris.
The husband is an excruciating wine snob and he insisted on me dropping a couple hundred bucks on a six-pack of "good" wine to take back to Oklahoma.
To my unsophisticated Okie palate (and much to his horror) it was virtually indistinguishable from my normal 8-to-10 bucks a bottle selection down at the local spirit shop.

Unlike a lot of Americans, I dearly love French people and culture, but I just don't see what the big deal is about their wine.

Does that make me a yokel?


Alamo, Ralph,

You guys have the driest senses of humor I have ever seen! Amazing! For a minute I thought you were serious.

Chapeau, fellas.

Really, I must clarify: I don't need the government to protect me. I can afford my health insurance. I can afford to put a little away for my kid's college and a little for the IRA. I can afford a little golf and a week at the shore every summer. I believe the 2A is a fundamental right that will continue to be debated around the margins as technology advances. It behooves us to take into account all sides and try to craft a workable future instead of mewling about like spoiled youngsters.

I was making a valid complaint about a failed business model that was implemented during a time of worker shortage in WW II (congrats again, Alamo, for taking care of them pesky Germans and Japanese fellers), as a businessman. I am hardly alone, if you would read a magazine or newspaper other than that goofy NRA stuff.

And you jump all over me like stink on poop!

Your vitriol just amuses the heck out of me. Do you have nothing better to do than insult strangers who disagree with you? Ralph, I'm not cold (another misread by one of the resident tantrum boys), and my feelings aren't hurt. You could huff and puff for a million years and never touch me. This is recreation and amusement for me. And you and Alamo seem to take joy in inflicting pain. That's sick. But I have kicked tougher boys than you outta town, so carry on. You're better than TV now that the strike is on - damn unions. Run by Reds and non-Christians I bet.



It was kind of a joke. I will drink a syrah with salmon. But by and large, it's chardonnay with anything that swims.

If you want a killer pairing, try Redemption Zin (Alexander Valley winery, about $25) with ribs or smoked chicken or pheasant.

You will be pronounced a genius by your dining compadres.

And it's nice not to be screeched at on this board. I said I was done and they just pummeled me like I wore glasses and played the violin. Oh the humanity!


That man has some serious hate still flowing. I thought we would all have burned out by now. I sure have. I can hurl no more insults. Life is too short, and many questions with uncertain answers. I would spend my time with family, friends and the outdoors.

I will say though, to clarify, how it seems Alamo is trying to say I do not respect old America. I was very clear in a post last week on this thread; that I respected the hell out of all those that fought in all the wars up until Vietnam. It seems our foreign policy has been terrible for the last 50 or 60 years. Right around the time the man that was going to end that war was assasinated. Then some folks came into power with lots of stock in steel. Hmmmmm. And the flames of a war we never wanted to win burned on. And thousand of people were killed for what? What was it we accomplished with that war? Oh yeah, we and the russians got to test out our toys, (they were in afganistan), on real live ''enemies'', and keep the war a ''cold'' one. There was nothing cold about that war. M-16'S killed and ak's killed. Our folks just didn't kill each other.

That is a widely accepted stance in this country as well. Not just gibberish from a ''little prick''.

What I do not respect is the apparent link between far right conservatives to hate groups and foreign policy that continues to put us at odds with the rest of the world. And it is just ''too bad'', for their image, that it seems to center around oil and pipelines all the time. Although I realize not all religious or conservative people are hateful, the ones that are reveal themselves in daylight.

But the rich get richer and it goes on. Because of people like...

But that day is ending. The people are learning to listen to the news and read between the lines. Actually think who this, or that legislature or voting stance really helps - and to what end. How the whole concept of letting rich people continue to have the advantage in the elections is outdated.

If those in power are so sure, so arrogant as to think they are soooo right, all the time, let them run all elections on equal allotted moneys. Let them see what would happen then. It will happen soon. I believe the issues would tend to matter, rather than the amount of time the same names and faces have in the spotlight to go forward, reverse and stupid.


Hey Dr. Ralph,

Not to worry. The boys are intact. I did sincerely feel bad that someone was feeling "bullied". Ah, this dying culture.
You may be interested to know that the author of the piece you referenced, Kim du Toit, is a minor aquaintance. My wife works for his best friend, a man he served with in the Army of South Africa. Kim is a sharp guy who loves poking liberals in the eye. I find it very interesting that Kim not only "gets" what makes America great, which is a concept apparently beyond the comprhension of the left, he is also an acute observer of the attempted EMACSCULATION of males in the new western culture.
Stop by and visit his site. I believe you'll enjoy his stuff.


Tommy, you ignorant little boy.

Only someone with your astounding lack of intelligence could wish death upon people singularly, as a class, and as a generation, then call another hateful. Particularly when that person expressed no such virulent sentiment. The irony is breathtaking.

To point out that you are indeed an ungrateful little prick is only stating the obvious. Your tenuous grasp of history explains your attitude in part. I do find it amusing however as you fumble with past events like a freshman trying to unfasten a girl's bra in the back seat. As someone observed previously, it is readily apparent you are a product of our current education system, alas.

Your generation youngster, whatever your complaints, has been handed the most prosperous nation, the greatest individual liberty, and most luxuriant national lifestyle on earth. You are the beneficiary of all of this due to the exertions and sacrifice of much better men than you , and sadly, better than you will ever be.

The good new however, is that for my children, and those of Dr. Ralph and Mike among others, the level of competition within our borders has fallen precipitously. With your attitude and whiny requests for support, you'll be calling my kids boss.

Of course given your intellect, that would likely be inevitable anyway.


Thank you for your compliments.



Because I truly find this thread amusing, I must inquire.

Those with whom I've disagreed with here sound recurrent themes; "bullying", "inflicting pain", implied "hate". Are you all from the same encounter group?
I haven't heard so much effete, flaccid whimpering since the last time I was on a college campus. It's akin to walking through a field of delicate, dew-dripping daisies.

I am also quite curious about how I might be "kicked out of town". Can't wait to see your "cyber kicking" attempt.

If I had given it any thought, I probably would hve predicted your lament concerning a television writers walk-out. You do strike me as one who would depend on TV heavily as an avocation.


Ahh yes the boss gambit.

Well Alamo - you may be right there. I gave up on chasing dreams and the perfect career a long time ago; as do most. I have found that there is no shame in accepting that I will work until I am probably around 70, I will never realize many dreams I had, nor will I care. For me, as many men find their dreams change as they age and they come to realize they found exactly what they needed. As have I. I will call someone boss, but I will have a life. I will live with many more outdoor adventures and family vacations than my bosses. They will work away their youth so that they may retire earlier and more comfortably than I, but that is their choice. I choose to live now and experience as much of life as I can, in my youth. There will be plenty of time for more work as I age and I find that I can't get around anymore. What's the point of living great in your golden years anyway? Whilst you limp from hospital to hospital wishing you had lived so many things out while you were young, wishing you didn't miss that trip to Europe because you got throat cancer from your work or your cigarettes. That shows your true inner struggle my friend. Then I will have something constructiive to do with my free time besides constant insults towards others. I will still be working til I die perhaps. I care not. I enjoy the company of others and getting out of the house.

But then, when we all feel our last breaths coming, when we know the end is near and we wonder; will we see some sort of light - know this - you can take no toys or money with you, wherever it is you go. All the work you have done to amass all the great stuff you have attained will be for someone else to enjoy - not you. And you will probably die - alone - in a hospital bed - wondering why no one was there, where are my relatives. They are gone my friend - you left them long ago in your quest for that long lost dollar. But you and your kids can revel in the fact that others call you boss. You can inflate your ego, not your confidence, there is a difference, in the fact that you are the boss. You have to stay til the last light goes out. You pay the bills. You do everything; except live.

Good luck with that.
Because if you are sooo the boss, and you are sooo smart - why the hell are you typing constanty with such idiots as us? Why aren't you in Bolivia or something? And if you are abroad, you must be having such a great time to keep in touch with this pathetic blog.

Thanks for the great comments and compliments. I truly do love moonbat. I will use that one if you don't mind.


Again Tommy, your inability to grasp simple language is astonishing.

I would not hire you. I require much of my subordinates that you do not possess. My kids however as entry level managers will have need of less than sophisticated types to accomplish menial tasks.

Have a good afternoon Tommy (at work or in your mom's basement?). Instead of waiting for lights out today I'm going to head to the lease for the evening. I've got deer to shoot.

BTW, I was impressed with your enfeebled exercise in pseudo-existentialism. Hilarity ensues!


My mom's basement - good one. And the insults keep aflying!

I am starting to like Alamo!

He is really pretty cool.

JA Demko

Alamo, or can I csll you just Mo for short? Mo seems to suit you better...but I digress.
Do you have some point beyond huffing, puffing and other dominance displays? I've been following this blog since its inception and guys like you come along every 3 months or so. You show up, bluster for a while, and then leave...usually with some pompous statement about how this place isn't worthy of any further attention from you.
If you do have some point, how about making it? If not, can we please just take your blustering as read and get to your dramatic exit scene?


Spelling counts in the real world, Alamo.

It's beneficent, not beneficient.

And perceived, not percieved.

While your persistent inability to represent the King's English in written form might not classify you as semi-literate, your failure to run a simple spellcheck before posting does display a certain sloppiness in attention to detail, reflected in your mistaken and constant reliance on calling me an effete and sensitive Nancy boy who wants the government to protect me.

It's actually guys like you who put the 2A in danger because you can not grasp the subtleties of the dialectic. I mean, sure, you could shoot Hillary when she comes for your banana clip, but then you'd just go to jail, and for what?

I toldja, I gotta go. It's just not worth discussing anything heavy with you; I'll talk guns any time you want, but policy seems to be beyond your grasp unless you have your NRA "talking points" handout in front of you, and God forbid you have to subject yourself to the give-and-take of real discussion and compromise.

I only watch hockey, CNBC, the Weather Channel, and liberal PBS. I used to watch OLN, but I got tired of watching deer executions in Texas.

Oh, and when I said I kicked tougher guys out of town, it wasn't on a forum board. It was corrupt government guys who underestimated the power of the liberal media. I wouldn't dream of kicking anybody off the board; I believe in 1A, unlike those who "suggest" "my message is better received elsewhere." You'll notice I didn't suggest anything like that to Ralph - just that his idea that he had made me feel sad and lonely was really not correct; my statement that my feelings were hurt was sarcastic, and perhaps beyond his powers of abstract thought; however, rest assured that I am one tough effete guy in a skirt.

But you did get flaccid right. Good on ya. Hope there isn't any personal experience there. I wouldn't wish that on anybody.

See ya,



What if Fred Thompson wasn't a hunter - never been hunting, doesn't think he ever would go hunting. What do you care as long as he defends your right to own guns and go hunting if that is your thing. Look at all of the alternatives. That particular view is very depressing! If you are one of those folks that think all politicians are corrupted, then when you vote, write-in your own name.

Dr. Ralph

I wonder... why suddenly when Fred Thompson takes an interest in the blog we are suddenly inundated with left wing feel good liberal types? Just checking.

Dr. Ralph

Barney Frank just came out... ummmm with his endorsement of Hillary. Birds of a feather?

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