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October 22, 2007

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The Remington Model 798 Safari Grade

Lurking, almost unsung in the Remington 08 lineup, is an absolutely terrific rifle called the Model 798 Safari Grade. It is a true, long-action, all-steel Model 98 Mauser stocked in laminated wood that looks like high-grade walnut. The barrel is 22 inches long, which is the proper length for a dangerous game rifle, and the front sling swivel stud is out on the barrel where it won't gouge your hand. The price is $1,119 for a .375 H&H, and $1,189 for a .458. To put this in perspective, it's quite possible to pay that much for a Mauser action in the white. My colleague Wayne van Zwoll, a person of the highest literary and moral worth, thinks this gun is the biggest bargain in the Remington line, and I concur.

Is is perfect? No. The trigger needs work, and the rear sight is silly and useless because it's adjustable, and because it folds down. When something comes for you, and you go to use this hideous sight, the odds are it will be folded flat against the barrel, and you will be folded flat against the ground as a result.

No, throw the thing away, and have the gunsmith make you a non-adjustable rear sight, filed to hit dead on at 50 yards, that will not fold, sit up, bark, roll over, or bring you the morning paper.

But enough of this. Don't let these minor flaws blind you to an incredibly good rifle at what is truly a bargain price.



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I guess who ever came up with this idea of the 22 inch barrel is from Europe? Speaking of that, I wonder? I wonder if this is to, no it can’t be? Remington rifles for Europeans? No way! Maybe? According to Neal Boortz, condom makers must ship smaller condoms to Europe for proper fit!

Clay Cooper

458 Win Mag with a 22 inch barrel? You can take a Ruger #3 and load that to that velocity!


458 Win Mag with a 22 inch barrel? You can take a Ruger #3 45-70 and load that to that velocity!

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Best I recall this NEW GUN from Rem. is the old EAA Co. Rem bought out. Plus the price is more than double. Why all of a sudden does Rem. think Mauser Actions are a must after nearly l00 yrs of success with their regular action. I know Rem has been bought out by a Investement group who oly want to make $$$,but Rem should stick with their tried and proven mdse. I;ve used Remingon firearms for 50 odd years and so far no problems. With their latest model 715 and 770, can see which way Rem is headed.THe same direction as Winchester with it's Model 70, down the tube.Rermington , in my opinion should stick with success and the guy who can/will afford a medium price 700 etc. How many of us guys are going to Africia hunting???? Damn few. I trust/respect Wayne Van Zoll's opinion on any firearm, but he has the opportunity and $$$ to hunt anywhere he so desires and use any firearm made. At age 72, just hope my 700's in BDL and CDL will last me as long as I;m able to hunt.As long as I have a firearm that will kill anything I hunt in North Amercia,no need for me to consider a Mauser period. I have a Custom made firearm made on a Mauser action, in 30-06 to my specks, but at thousands of $$$ cost, it lacks the ability of my older BDL in 30-06. When I go to the Rockies, for Elk, Mule Deer, and Lopes (down loaded for Lopes to l30 grs) the 700 BDL goes and the Custom rifle stays home. Just hope Remington not going down the wrong road with cheaper poor man;s firearms and now the Africian Mausers. Remington does sell a Remington ITP Mauser in calibers from 243 to 458win Mag. that sells in range of $795.00 thru a 30-06 to $975.00 for a 375 H&H or 458 Win Mag, All have Brown Laminated Stocks. The 7mm and 300 win mag have a 24" bbl and the 375 H&H and 458 Win Mag has a 26 " bbl.If you want a Mini Mauser can be bought for less than $700.00. If want a stainless bbl, add another l00.00 or so bucks in near future now only in blue bbl..AS for the rear sight, can be spot welded if you prefer. My Custom job has 3 leaf folding rear sights, and I love them for different ranges. The above prices are from my dealer, as he has them on the shelf and ready to go.Good luck to you guys who go to Africia, but if I were going, I would want a S X S what-ever, no bolt action period, Plus a guide who is a expert shot totting a s x s rifle. PS; Try dropping a bullet down into the chamber on a Mauser with out loading from the magazine and see what happens to the CLAW on reject or next round even if firing pin does strike the primer.But again, to each his own, I just never liked the claw extractor for that reason. I hunted with a guide in Colorado once who would not allow me to have a bullet in the chamber till was ready to fire, that ended my Mauser actions, and needless to say , the guide lasted that one day only and I requested another one, which I got.That idiot first guide cost me the largest horned Lope I ever saw, was over l6" appeared to be in excess of l7 " from Bincs at l50 yd range.Remington also imported a s x s dble rifle from same Co. but is not listed today, price dbled when they arrived From EAA.


IN 458 with 22" Barrel I can load 500-grain bullets 2100 fps with 75-grains of 4320. If you are made of stern stuff: 2150 fps with 77=grains of 4320. These loads will take care of T-Rex coming out of the woods to munch on my horses.

Hey! It could happen.

Dave in St Pete


Do you know of any of the double rifles actually making it here? I would LOVE to have a double in 30-06 or 46-70 or 44-40 or ....

They were made by Baikal and supposed to come in by EAA and then Rem but I have never seen one for sale.

Dave in St Pete

Drat! 45-70 not 46-70.


The Model 70 Is Back!

Morgan, Utah - The Winchester Model 70 is one of the most respected bolt-action rifle designs in the world. Winchester Repeating Arms is excited to announce the return of the Model 70 for 2008. The All-American Model 70s will be built by American craftsmen in Columbia, South Carolina, at the same state-of-the-art factory (FN Manufacturing) as the rifles and machine guns used by American's Armed Forces. They are made to the exact ISO 9001 standard of quality that the U.S. Government insists upon for military firearms.

For 2008 the new Model 70 has the all new M.O.A.™ Trigger System, improved fit and finish and enhanced accuracy to go along with its classic Pre-64 Controlled Round Feeding, Three-Position safety and solid, sure handling.

M.O.A.™ Trigger System. The new Model 70 M.O.A.Trigger System is the most precise three-lever trigger system ever offered to sportsmen. Operating on a simple pivoting lever principle, the trigger mechanism has been completely redesigned to exhibit zero take up, zero creep and zero overtravel. The pull weight ranges from 3 to 5 pounds and is factory-set at 3 3/4 pounds. Because of the enhanced ergonomics, wide smooth triggerpiece and 2:1 mechanical advantage created by the unique design geometry, it actually feels like half that weight.

Three-Position Safety. The improved three-position safety on the new Model 70 has proven effective and highly popular with hunters and shooters for decades. Convenient to operate with the thumb of the firing hand, the Model 70 safety lifts the firing pin away from the sear. Then the safety selector is in the middle position, the action can still be operated, allowing unfired cartridges to be cycled with the safety on.

Hammer-Forged Barrel. Model 70 barrels are cold hammer-forged from a solid billet of steel for accuracy and long life. Massive rotary hammers shape the barrel steel around a mandrel to create the rifling. The barrel is threaded, target crowned and installed on the receiver. The chamber is then reamed and the bolt is headspaced. This results in 1 MOA accuracy for three-shot groups using properly managed barrel, quality match ammo and superior optics under ideal weather and range conditions.

Blade-Type Ejector. The Model 70's blade-type ejector allows full control when ejecting a fired case. When pulling the bolt back slowly the empty case pops out gently, which is perfect for target shooters and varminters. Pulling the bolt back smartly allows the empty case to clear the port with greater force. The blade-type ejector helps to eliminate short-stroking malfunctions.

The new Winchester Model 70 will be offered in a Super Grade, Featherweight™ Deluxe, Sporter Deluxe and Extreme Weather SS models for 2008. All will feature a thick black Pachmayr® Decelerator® pad that will help take the bite out of recoil.

The Super Grade will be offered in 30-06 Sprg. and 300 Win. Mag and will feature a fancy grade walnut stock with contrasting black fore-end tip and pistol grip cap and a sculpted shadowline cheekpiece. Suggested Retail $1,149.00

The Featherweight Deluxe has an angled comb walnut stock with Schnabel fore-end and satin finish with elegant cut checkering. It will be offered in popular long and short action calibers, including WSM chamberings. Suggested Retail $999.00 to $1,049.00.

The Sporter Deluxe features a satin finished walnut stock with cut checkering on trim fore-end and pistol grip, along with a sculpted cheekpiece. Available in popular long action and short action WSM calibers. Suggested Retail $999.00 to $1,049,99.

The Extreme Weather SS's premium Bell and Carlson composite stock features a trim, light feel with textured matte surface that gives a sure grip in any conditions. The Extreme Weather SS has a free floating, fluted stainless barrel to help minimize weight. Available in popular long action and short action WSM calibers. Suggested Retail $1,149.00 tp $1,199.00. Delivery on all models will begin in June of 2008.

Hope you all find the info interesting.


Clay Cooper

Dave in St Pete

You’re really looking for a Drilling! LOL!!!

Here’s your answer Sir, LOVE to have a double in


Mike Strehlow

I wonder why some of you are upset at the 22" barrel for the .458. Looking at the ratio of bore size to case capacity, the .458 should be as efficient a round as anyone could wish. Mark's handloads prove that. There's no law that says you have to always go with 500 grain bullets in the .458, either. A-Square's 465 grain bullets at 2200 prove that. To quote Finn Aagard on the .458 vs lesser calibers, "When it's all said and done, it makes a bigger hole."

Rocky Mtn Hunter

My gun dealer showed me his wholesale catalog when Remington had the dble rifles and were priced near 600.00 wholesale best I recall. The wholesaler was Jerry's Sport Center, INC, P.O. Box 121 Main St. Forest City, PA.18421. If you live in Fl. try Out-door Sports International Sales 1-800-327-85-00, in Miami.Fl.(Jerry's also) Jerry's has 6 wholesale houses and you may be able to learn if they did receive them and to what dealer they were sold to. I fiddled around and failed to buy one, as was near my trip to Montana and my $$$ was spent. Now they do not list the dble. The dble had a jack screw on left bbl to align with the right bbl so both bbls could be zeroed in the same.Was a good looking firearm, walnut stock. I could kick myself for not buying one earlier. If I can find more info will let you know.You guys talking about the 22" bbl, its on the 243 thr the 30-06: 24" bbl on 7mm and 300 Win mag.: 26" bbl on the 375H&H and 458 Win mag. So that could cover the subject. I;m looking at a new catalog as I write this,. Back to Dave in St. Pete. i will look at some old wholesale books I got and see when was last time Jerry's lised the s x s dble rifle. OK. Rocky Mtn Hunter; THE 458& the 375 H&H has a 26" BBL guys, so stop worrying about the 22" bbl.For me I prefer a 24" bbl on any hunting firearm I use. But have no need for the 2 larger one's.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Dave in St Pete, Fl.

I was able to put my hnads on last years copy of Jerry's wholesale catalog; Tey had them listed from Oct. 20 thru Jan.5th, 2006. Were available in 30-;06 and 45;70. Wholesale was 575.95 + shipping, etc. fora total of about $600.00.Features were Chrome lined,hammer forged bbl;Walnt stock, Dble triggers, Blue, llmm Groved rail 23 l/2" bbl, with Jack screw.Model # is/was SPR-22 s x s rifles.order # on the 06 is sgw89976; on 45-70 # is . sgw89980; Those order #'s only aply to Jerry's. Hope this helps,Good luck. I plan to try myself and see if one is siting someplace now. Let me know if you find one,OK.

Dave in St Pete


Thanks for the info.

I posted an nto your sight problem in the other thread.


The 77 gr load of 4320 with the 500 gr bullet in the 458 Win Mag sounds like it would then = the 470 NE it was designed to. However, the 458 can be loaded to = that and the 450 NE Express but the problem is that these highly compressed powder charges get stale over time and clump and can result in a squib load at inoportune times. This is why the 458 Lott was invented. What is needed is a dense and good ball powder that will achieve these velocities. I have heard that H 335 will acomplish this. Does anyone out there have any good results with denser powder like ball giving 2150 fps w/500 gr bullets?

Dr. Ralph

jstreet save your Model 70 worshipfest for Dave's blog. I am sure it will soon be on it's way as he shares every outdoor writer's infatuation with the pre 64 "rifleman's rifle". I think they have to pledge some sort of unswerving allegiance to this dinosaur and sign it in blood before they can get a job at any major magazine. Give me a Remington 700 any day of the week. I bleed green. I've already started an R-15 trust fund and will probably never hunt with it. I can't really see wandering the Tennessee hills with such a weapon but my children and myself will fire more rounds through it in a weekend at the range than have been fired through my '63 ADL 700 in it's career. No wonder they sell so many .223's...

Chev Jim

The new Remington sounds good and I have high hopes for the return of the Model 70 Winchester. I suspect that poor quality control at the New Haven Winchester plant and the union there spelled the end for the manufacturing of Model 70s there. Wood to metal fit went to hell on the Safari Express line. Three-fingered, buck-toothed, deranged beavers could have inletted the stocks better! But I think they won't have such labor problems in South Carolina. I hope they get rid of the investment cast extractor, and the gun makers should quit bragging about "hammer forging" barrels. That method introduces all kinds of stresses and strains in the barrel steel, and they make themselves known by writing this way and that when the barrel heats up. I wish the gunmakers would go back to broach-cut rifling or at least button-rifling. It's the 21st century, and we should ALL be shooting bullets through accurate barrels!

O Garcia

Hi there, Mr. Petzal,

I have to agree to those who wrote that the CZ 550 Safari Magnum is a better bargain than this Remington. It can be had for less than a grand, and it has features that will need to be added-on to the Remington.

1) the CZ 550 has a standing (fixed) leaf sight and two fold-down leaves. If you don't want the fold-down leaves to be in the up position at the wrong time, you can always Loctite them down. If you want to use them, John Barsness and Jon Sundra report that they have pretty strong springs and stay in position.

2) mirroring the standing leaf, at the bottom of the barrel, is an auxiliary recoil lug. both the fixed rear sight and the recoil lug are integral with the barrel

3) the CZ is also a Mauser type action, with enough girth to handle the .416 Rigby and the .505 Gibbs (in the high dollar "Classic" version ), and comes with the Mauser features of CRF, mechanical ejection (for those who want that), and the Mauser "C-ring" for handling escaping gases. The safety is a bit weird for Americans, but other than that, it's a fine action

4) it comes with a set trigger. this may have questionable value in a dangerous game rifle, but the "unset" trigger of the CZ 550 behaves like a good single stage trigger. Now, for those who get nervous about the reliability of a set trigger in a dangerous game rifle, there's always the aftermarket replacement.

5) from a fit and finish perspective, I may be biased (aren't we all?), but in the prewar years, the Czechs/Chechoslovakians have rivalled the Germans in their ability to make fine Mausers. CZ right now is close to that prewar level of craftsmanship.

I don't think the Yugoslavians/Serbians were on the same level. Again, just my bias.

6) the CZ comes with integral scope bases, just like Rugers. A feature that might prove useful to some.

7) If you want something to show off, the CZ 550 is available in the "Classic" version, which is definitely prettier than the Remington

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