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October 22, 2007

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The Remington Model 798 Safari Grade

Lurking, almost unsung in the Remington 08 lineup, is an absolutely terrific rifle called the Model 798 Safari Grade. It is a true, long-action, all-steel Model 98 Mauser stocked in laminated wood that looks like high-grade walnut. The barrel is 22 inches long, which is the proper length for a dangerous game rifle, and the front sling swivel stud is out on the barrel where it won't gouge your hand. The price is $1,119 for a .375 H&H, and $1,189 for a .458. To put this in perspective, it's quite possible to pay that much for a Mauser action in the white. My colleague Wayne van Zwoll, a person of the highest literary and moral worth, thinks this gun is the biggest bargain in the Remington line, and I concur.

Is is perfect? No. The trigger needs work, and the rear sight is silly and useless because it's adjustable, and because it folds down. When something comes for you, and you go to use this hideous sight, the odds are it will be folded flat against the barrel, and you will be folded flat against the ground as a result.

No, throw the thing away, and have the gunsmith make you a non-adjustable rear sight, filed to hit dead on at 50 yards, that will not fold, sit up, bark, roll over, or bring you the morning paper.

But enough of this. Don't let these minor flaws blind you to an incredibly good rifle at what is truly a bargain price.



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Nice looking rifle. Looks like Remingtons been busy this year.

While Remington was letting you in on secrets, did you happen to hear about a certain new slug/slug gun combo?

C'mon Dave, spill your guts!

How about Brownings new X-bolt bolt action rifle. C'mon Dave, you know you want to talk.


Dr. Ralph

I like the new direction Remington is headed. Backwards and forwards at the same time. Mauser 98 and AR-15 something for everyone. And as much as we gun nuts howl about the low end ugly Rem's it follows the same something for everyone philosophy. Just got my free 597 clip in the mail time to go...


Good to see that they went with a globe sight up front.

Chad Love

I'm guessing this is a Zastava action? My local shop got in a few of the Charles Daly Zastavas a few years ago before that relationship went sour. Rough, but with loads of potential.

Blue Ox

Nice rifle, even nicer price. Not sure I'd want a scope on it, though. Same with that silly rear sight. Unless you've got nerves of steel, (and balls that clank) I wouldn't want to be diddling with either one If theres a dugga boy coming to collect the money I owe him.


The X-Bolt? Browning dosnt even have it up on there site. I have not heard of it yet. What have you heard about it jstreet? Come on Petzal just tell us what you have heard.


All I've heard is what I posted about the X-bolt from browning.

I wish I knew more, and if I come across more I will post it.



Beautiful rifle!
Seems like Capstick was always talking about a folding rear sight, or was it a flip up front sight?
Anyhow, I suppose there will be one in every crowd, but, .375 H&H, .458 Win Mag? I'm sorry, but I don't need to clear land or gather acorns!
I'm sure there are uses for such calibers in the U.S., so enlighten me! Why?



Stump removal?


Why a 458 on a long action? I thought a 458 was the same length as a 30-06.

The best express sights I put on my Model 70 458. The rear is a shallow V blade welded to the barrel. The front sight is a big gold rifle bead. Very fast!!!

BTY I took my first pheasant over my Brittney pup. She’s put up eight wild birds the last two-days. Half have been solid points, the others flushes on runners. The first bird taken over her….you could see the light bulb going on.


Marki; Comgratulations! There is no thrill quite like that first bird,especially after forcing yourself not to shoot those wild flushes. I've forgotten 100 other birds shot over my dog,but I remember very distinctly the first one over 20yrs. ago.

Mike Strehlow

... does it come in a left-handed version...?


Standing in a gun shop one day admiring some No. 1 Ruger's. Noticed one in .375 H&H and asked to see it. It was heavy, (as well it should be) the wood absolutely smashing, don't remember about the sights but asked the clerk (young and impressionable) why anyone hunting in the U.S. wanted a .375! His eyes glazed over as he swung his arm across imaginary scenery, "There you are in Colorado, it's the last day of elk season and there's the best bull you've seen, crossing a ridge at 400 yards.....!"
I have a gun or two I won't shoot, not because of caliber, but just because. I might purchase a .375 H&H in case I ever get the chance to hunt kodiak in Alaska.
Would just like someone to give me an honest use for the .458 Win Mag in the U.S..

P.S. Mark-1, congrats on the first bird, that has to be awesome!

Dave in St Pete


You mean to say you don't have any rogue T-Rex running around dumping the garbage cans in your neighborhood? :)


Many thanks on the kind words on the pup. This is the first Britney I’ve owned and trained. My other dogs were English Setters. The setters seem to have ranged further and faster than this Britney [18-months old]. This is sorta nice having a dog that works closer and slower as I’m almost 59.

I started really training this pup on stocked birds about eight-weeks ago a buddy of mine raises for release. She had a good idea of what the game was, but having that first bird killed over her really brought home the field training. Young dog with much to learn, but I’m very pleased, especially on what she’s done on wild birds. She got too far ahead of me three or four times and lost track of me, but I was able to bring her back on command.
Good start.

BTY this buddy of mine has a four-year old female HUNTING Irish Setter brought over from the UK via New Brunswick. He’s looking to breed this dog. Anyone know of a good gun dog breeder of hunting Irish Setters in the Northeast?

Dr. Ralph

Safari Grade people... as in calibers for an African Safari. I'm just wondering if they've given up on their .338 & .375 Ultra Mag's.


The safety is miserable. 22" barrel is too short. 24" is more pleasant to shoot and gives higher velocity. I think this is the old Mark X action. Pretty crude. It was not a true long action but cut out to fit the 375 case. I think Remington has it very much over priced. The CZ tho not perfect is a much better bargain and it is a true long action with an honest 25" barrel. If that is too long for you it is easy to cut down. Try to lengthen one that is too short.


Worth of the 458 you ask? Very versatile if you reload and cheap to shoot w/cast bullets. I have 3 and can load them for anything from chucks to whatever. They are fun to shoot. Only caution is pick a good area to shoot in because they can be bad rick-o-shayers.


This new Rem doesn't sound bad but I'll stick with my CZ-550 Safari in .416 Rigby. It was right around $800 new a few years ago. Before anyone asks, I have absolutely no need for that caliber except that it gives me a certain contentment and touches a historical/literary spot in me from reading about African safaris so much. I don't doubt it would do well if I ever got a chance to hunt Brown bear in Alaska, etc. Other than that it's a hoot to own and shoot(but not cheap). I feel fortunate that I live in a country where I don't need to ask permission for such a purchase.


For what it's worth the CZ-550 Safari has a set trigger also. Pretty neat for bench shooting.

Ralph the Rifleman

I think the novelty of having a big caliber rifle is reason enough for me to own one, and in the case of the .458;it can be down loaded as mentioned for practice and 45/70 ballistics hunting out of a.458(milder recoil being one good attribute to handloading making practice shooting more user-friendly!)
Well, let's see how this rifle will stack up to use in the future;I also agree that I like that Remington is covering a wide range of rifle models in the market, too.


They should have made it 9 pounds and also in .416 Rigby. An extra round or two in the Magazine wouldn't hurt either.

Black Rifle Addict

Dave-How does this Remington model stack up to their other models?
I mean does the Mauser design make all the difference to you when using the deadly game calibers? Laminated stocks are my fancy, too; as you may have guessed?


Dave -
Change of topic (maybe it could be a new thread). I read Lone Survivor a couple of months ago and wanted to get your input on the book by Marcus Luttrell. Personally, I was damn proud to be an American and reading about our military out there fighting for us in much the way that Congress is forcing us to do so - through Spec Ops that most often don't find their ways to the public eyes and ears. In light of the Medal of Honor being awarded by President Bush yesterday to "Mikey" Murphy - one of Luttrell's teammates - I wanted to drum up interest and conversation on the topic and book.

Clay Cooper

What’s up with those guys at Remington? 22 inch barrel will rock your world! I love my 03-A3 so much that just happened to be made by Remington that some time ago I suggested it to Remington for reproducing it and they closely did but they screwed that up! What’s up with them, 22 inch barrel? 22 inches off the bench will defiantly rock your world and the flinch factor for the hunter? The basket ball term, “AIR BALL” comes to mind! Guns are like women, because she’s pretty on the outside she can be the devil on the inside! Man, I wished I had all the money spent by hunters in Alaska because they had to have a big magnum, equipment and there fly in trip, just to blow the shot because they flinched resulting in a clean miss at 100 yards on a moose! Hell, they might as well been out there with a Greener 8-bore black powder double rifle.

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