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October 17, 2007

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Meet The R-15

And what, pray tell, is an R-15? Why bless your universally legal 5-round magazine, it's a black rifle made by Remington, except that it's not finished in black, but finished Advantage Max-1 HD camo. This all came about because a few months back, Remington was purchased by Cerberus, a management company that also owns Bushmaster, which is a leading producer of black rifles that are black.

Taking advantage of Bushmaster's technology, Remington has come out with three R-15s: the Predator, which has a 22-inch fluted barrel, the Predator Carbine, with an 18-inch fluted barrel, and the Predator Carbine CS, with an 18-inch barrel and a telescoping stock. While the guns are marked as Remingtons made in Ilion, New York, and many of their parts are proprietary, they are all compatible with the neat goodies that can be hung on black rifles: triggers, grips, rails, you name it.

Right now they intended for varmint hunters, and so all three are chambered in .223 and .204, with the chance of the 6.8mm being added down the road. I had the chance to shoot a couple, and they worked flawlessly. The trigger, which is Remington's own design, is quite good, and only the very fussy will want to opt for an optional two-stage trigger.

The MSRP for all three is $1,145. Remington.com

Predator Rifle (click image to enlarge)

Predator Carbine (click image to enlarge)

Predator Carbine CS (click image to enlarge)

(And a footnote: Popularity of the .223 seems to have gone into the stratosphere. The Remington ammo guys told me that production of .223 ammo has quadrupled over the past 4 years, and that of every three rounds of centerfire ammo they produce, one is a .223. And very little of that is going to the military. Someone is shooting all them black guns.)


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Clay Cooper

The problem is, people been watching too many movies and actual believe this hype! Cars just don’t blowup when hit by a bullet. Hey , watch MythBusters! Learn something!!!

no name

I hardly need your protection or patronizing attitude.

I've been a gun owner for 30+ years. I've been a hunter for that long as well. I've been an NRA member, I've belonged to my Gun club for 25 years.

I know of what I speak about. To ignore the illegal activity of anyone is a detriment to society period.

I don't care if people own AR's. I feel it's their right under our constitution. I don't like them. That's my choice, like it or not.

This issue is one of ignoring illegal activity. If you would choose to ignore it, then you are part of the problem not the solution.

It's that simple.

Clay Cooper

no name

We got bigger fish to fry than this. MS-13 and illegal’s in this country just to start! Far as gun clubs and shooting experience Sir, DON”T GET ME STARTED!

GOOD BY and have a Blessed Day!

Dr. Ralph

I guess no name's down at the local quicky mart rounding up illegal aliens, prostitutes and dope dealers as we speak... I would have done what Shaky did. So are they selling replacement sears or does the R-15 just come with a few extras?


I knew Mr./or Ms. No Name would have to have another rave or three,I invited him/her to do so in order to expose his/her true nature.What this is all about is people controling other people, if I recall, we had a rather costly national conflict to settle that question,well over 100 years ago. Of course it has to be settled again & again as we go along. But, as stated above, I'm an American citizen. Nobody owns me,on this earth,and I'm proud of my heritage,and I support the whole Constitution of these United States. I have been, and am now, an NRA member for one reason. Our line drawn:NO NEW OPPRESSIVE GUN LAWS. and if the same thing happens today as last winter,I will again act as the situation dictates,and I don't care whether you approve or not,Sir/Madam.

Clay Cooper

What I find interesting is that it was the National rifle Association years ago pushed the law for the licensing of fully automatics and the three times you’re out law.
It’s also funny Rush Limbaugh's Auction of Original 'Harry Reid Smear' Letter Goes for $2,100,100: A Record-Breaker on eBay for Charity Auction. Harry Reid today on the Senate floor tried his best to take credit for the letter and the amount going to charity. Isn’t it sad how the Liberals work? Rush is matching the $2,100,100 with his own money. Like to see one of the Millionaire Demorats match it to!

Clay Cooper

I got to apologize to the group. It ticks me off when someone comes along like no name! At least I got the back bone to say I’m wrong and I’ll eat my own words! If you cannot make a stand for another person’s rights, how in the hell can you stand own your own?

So why do I get all fired up?

The reason is those like Tommy and Young Gun that come up on this blog with the following!

"A primary object.should be the education of our youth in the science of government. In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important? And what duty more pressing.than.communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?"
-George Washington


Shaky & Clay,

I love it when debate fires peoples passions.

While you may not agree with anything "no name" has said, it's his/her right to say it and it's your right to disagree.

I love the fact that this country was founded on the principle of freedom and debates like this can rage on.

I love the fact that in this country we have the right to keep and bear arms, for it makes us different than any other.

Good Evening Gentleman and to you "no name" wherever you may be.

Clay Cooper

You’re almost totally right, however, what separates us from Europe and Australia wer you’ll be arrested for using a stick against a criminal armed with a gun and the majority of house burglaries are people still at home with their kids in the living room watching T.V. defenseless against armed criminals. A perfect example of this happened in New York City were a family just moved there from Florida. The Man was woken up by a noise in the infant’s bedroom. He got up to find a burglar looking into his Childs crib. The Man saved the baby’s life because he was armed however he was put in jail for having an unlicensed gun. I would have sued the City and State for allowing this criminal that has been in jail numerous of times and preventing me from defending my family on 2nd amendment rights. It is not the Governments responsibility for personal protection, it’s the individual and it’s against the constitution and 2nd amendment for the government to prevent us from doing so! If they say they are responsible, sue the hell out of them and if they say there not, sue the hell out of them and hit them in the pocket book like they tried on the firearms manufacturers! For the Democratic left to stay in power they must have to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda. My neighborhood is a safe neighborhood. This afternoon, I sighted in my friend compound bow, Parker Wildfire at 40 yards. A couple of kids in the neighborhood watched on from behind me while I tack drive 29 inch Gold Tips in a 1 ½ inch group dead on the black dot at 40. They asked me how I got that good and I responded, what do you think, I’m a Federal Retired Employee and I didn’t lie either. Now the story will float around the neighborhood making it safer. By the way, that Parker Wildfire is more accurate than my bow at half the price.

Clay Cooper

One more thing, If no name or anyone else wants to live a defenseless life so be it! I remember the neighbor across the street a single woman in Phoenix would call me rather than 911! Why ?

Zim Jubmo

Oh Lordy! What will the Fudds do now? Actually support the Second Amendment?



I have a new Parker Trailblazer bow, and I agree, Parker makes a heck of a bow (especially for the money).

Enjoy your retirement.



That last was a tricky one! There is NO government entity; not at local, county, parish, state, regional, national, federal or even the bleeping united nations, tasked with protecting any individual! No government entity can be held legally responsible; the courts have made that abundantly clear!

Guess it is up to us!!!


There are government agencies tasked with protecting certain indidviduals; not John Q Public though. That is still up to us!!!

Clay Cooper

SilverArrow |

You’re a pretty fart smeller I mean a smart feller SilverArrow!

Nobody, not the NRA will attack and defend on this basis. Sean Hannity radio show was talking about home protection and I called in and the screen caller said I didn’t have a clue what I was talking about and hung up. Is just stupidity or ignorance in the people of the United States and the rest of the free world?

Clay Cooper

I’ll even bet that Field and Stream won’t even touch this issue!
Mr. David E. Petzal Sir, are you listening?

Clay Cooper

By the way, remember when Bill Clinton was given everything he wanted in a crime bill and it also had the NRA’s backing. Slick Willy vetoed it because the trigger locks was removed from the bill. He and the Democratic Party wanted a loophole to convict the honest American on a technicality. In New York, if a criminal breaks into your home and starts stabbing and shooting your house up and you defend your house with a firearm, the criminal will be on the street the next night doing it again and you will be in jail! That proves my case and point that for the Democratic left to stay in power they must have to accept a certain level of killing to further the Democratic political agenda.
I’ll protect you says the Democratic Party
And the criminal they will protected!

Dr. Ralph

I just realized the R-15 in .204 Ruger is the perfect gecko gun.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

To each his own. Me, i've stated many times the guns I like, own, shoot and those I would like to own. I don;t want all the guns, just l of each of those I do want. I have no need for a so called black gun, but I will defend myself, family, neighbors, friends with the guns I do own and use. Learned long ago, different strokes for differet folks. I do not look or want trouble, but do feel I have the equiptment to stand my ground. As for Hunting, my trusty bolt 06 and 25-06 will bring down what-ever I hunt, I just need to do more hunting and less time wanting to hunt.If the new Rem gun is your cup of Tea, then buy it. It just does not fit in my type of shooting or hunting,. Shoot often and straight.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

I hope the new R-15 by Rem is built superior to their new line in 715, 770. I am in the market for a 4 wheeler/pickup rifle, maybe in 270,syn/ss 24" bbl, a all weather firearm. All I had read about the 2 above, either would fill my needs. After viewing each of those their were not in consieration of any gun I want in my safe. Not looking for a great gun to haul around, only one that is capable of shooting where I aim. I have Out west firearms and local firearms, all zeroed for different distance and I will not change either. This new gun I want will be zeroed at 150 yds. After viewing many cheaper brands, the Savage stands out in my $$$ range. Do think Rem has made a mistake in making a cheapo for sure. I;ve used Rem products for 50 odd years and have been please so far. But I understand that Remington has been purchased by a investment groupe that all they care for is the bottom line.This same investment Co bought a Elecrical Company in my area, and the Company has gone downward since + did away with many jobs to cut cost. I do believe it will be bought again by a Company interested in providing a service, rather than making the all-mighty $$ but a profit. Anyway, just wanted you guys to take a look at these two new Rem products and give us/me you thoughts.. Rem also bought EAA long gun division which had a side x side dble rifle. Remington carried the line for a year or less and doubled the price. Now Rem has stopped making the firearm, but the gun is now lost and un-available.Do wish had bought one when was owned by EAA. Another question. Any you guys know anything about A.Uberti handgun in 45 LC (mfgered in Italy) what are your thoughts.Thanks for helping a old cogger out.

Moishe Goldstein

To the guy who had never seen a carbine... Here you go! (Cant Remember his name CRS ya know! Ol' Geezer here (66)


Hymie Robotka


It's not an ARrrrrrmalite, but it is a Remington and it's my newest "little friend".

Thanks, Remington...good luck with the new R-15.

Hymie Robotka

That other link din't work too good, use this one.

Hymie Robotka


Hymie Robotka


Above is my Remington 1100 with 14" ported barrel with Wilson Ghost Ring sights, below is the clone AR or "American Rifle" with 7.5 inch barrel and M4-96D suppressor on a proprietary "bi-lock" quick detatch mounting system.

Remington has been making great American Rifles or "AR"s for a long time.

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