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October 17, 2007

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Meet The R-15

And what, pray tell, is an R-15? Why bless your universally legal 5-round magazine, it's a black rifle made by Remington, except that it's not finished in black, but finished Advantage Max-1 HD camo. This all came about because a few months back, Remington was purchased by Cerberus, a management company that also owns Bushmaster, which is a leading producer of black rifles that are black.

Taking advantage of Bushmaster's technology, Remington has come out with three R-15s: the Predator, which has a 22-inch fluted barrel, the Predator Carbine, with an 18-inch fluted barrel, and the Predator Carbine CS, with an 18-inch barrel and a telescoping stock. While the guns are marked as Remingtons made in Ilion, New York, and many of their parts are proprietary, they are all compatible with the neat goodies that can be hung on black rifles: triggers, grips, rails, you name it.

Right now they intended for varmint hunters, and so all three are chambered in .223 and .204, with the chance of the 6.8mm being added down the road. I had the chance to shoot a couple, and they worked flawlessly. The trigger, which is Remington's own design, is quite good, and only the very fussy will want to opt for an optional two-stage trigger.

The MSRP for all three is $1,145. Remington.com

Predator Rifle (click image to enlarge)

Predator Carbine (click image to enlarge)

Predator Carbine CS (click image to enlarge)

(And a footnote: Popularity of the .223 seems to have gone into the stratosphere. The Remington ammo guys told me that production of .223 ammo has quadrupled over the past 4 years, and that of every three rounds of centerfire ammo they produce, one is a .223. And very little of that is going to the military. Someone is shooting all them black guns.)


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Now you know and I know that there is absolutly no difference in a "Black rifle" an any other smei-auto. I also think they are way cool! What I want to know is the non-hunter's view on this, seemingly comin on strong, breed of huntig tool?

Blue Ox

Yowza!! Gotta have one!

WA Mtnhunter

I'll stick with my Bushmaster "Dissipator" in "calming, serene black", if you please.

Dr. Ralph

I can't find this gun on Remington's website. Looks nice, you like the trigger, performs flawlessly but what about what everyone really wants to know Dave? 100 yard five shot group cold barrel from a sandbag... you know the drill. This could really help The Big Green out. I can see people who previously had negative feelings towards so called black rifles suddenly saying well it's a Remington like my 870 and 700 and it's not really black. .223's are cheap to shoot so the ammo savings pays for the gun it's really free hope my wife is listening...


A black rifle is not a black rifle till you are done adding your own pieces parts to it. New collapsible stock, custom hand grips, wicked looking flash hider/compensator, picniny rails around all sides and full of junk, Lasers, Flashlights, extra set of sights, and so forth. Oh yeah and lets not forget the fluted, twisted and bull barrel that have a custom twist rate for you special weight of bullets.

Taken all in stride Gun Nuts like us are fun to tease.

Ralph the Rifleman

Nice rifle.Think Rem will chamber it in the .450 Hornady/Bushmaster?

Black Rifle Addict

Looks to me like a black rifle "wanna be".
Just kidding...Get some range stats on it Dave.

Now I know why Remington was so quick to crap out Jim Zumbo!

Nice looking rifle. Love 'em or not, these rifles are very popular.

Mike Strehlow

I've shot a lot of rifles like these, and hunted with one a couple of times. Other than that military type semiautos are a little heavy for their power, they are good, accurate guns, engineered to a level of durability and reliability that a Remington 7400 or a Browning Auto Rifle could only dream of. That you can repair or customize them yourself with parts from a gazillion sources only adds to their desirability. The sooner Remington comes out with a 6.8 or 6.5 Grendel black rifle, the better.

Dave in St Pete

They need to chamber one in .308 which is what the gun was made for.

Mike Strehlow

I also like that Remington has put slightly longer barrels on these rifles. Those short 16" barrels that you see on a lot of ARs waste powder that should be pushing the bullet. If I want a .22 Hornet I'll buy one; no need to turn a .223 into one by chopping half its barrel off.


I like it. Can you get a 30 round clip for one? Looks like a good riot/self defense/hurricane Katrina gun.

WA Mtnhunter

The AR-15/M-16, etc. were not made or intended to be chambered in .308 or any other caliber. The U.S. Army decided to migrate to the 5.56mm (.223) from the 7.62 NATO and the AR was designed specifically for that round, not any of the chamberings of today. Not that chambering in these other calibers is a bad thing....


Well, who'd a thunk Zumbo would kick off a whole new market for "black rifles"?


Yeah, Zumbo really messed up big, insulting the very rifles made by his own sponsors, as well as 33.33% of their ammo...


Anybody got any info or had any experience with the 6.8mm SPC(?)?
Will one of these rifles be chambered for it?

P.S. - LOVE that .277 bullet!

Clay Cooper

Dave, I called the Remington Support Center and it’s so new they don’t even know about it. WOW! What’s the barrel twist on the R-15 .223? I hope it’s a 1-9! A 1-12 twist? NOW WAY and DOA!! The Nosler 60 grain partition would be a sweat bullet for deer!

Dr. Ralph

Yeah, it looks kind of subdued without the wicked flash suppressor, 30 round clip, laser sights and optional grenade launcher... So Remington enters the black rifle market. Let's just hope the quality is there for all of us who love the company.

I understand the right to own these things, but I still think they are butt ugly.

I guess the camo is supposed to make them look more like a hunting rifle instead of an "evil black rifle"?

Nice marketing strategy.

Dave in St Pete

WA Mtnhunter,

Sorry but you do not know the history of the AR platform. Mr Stoner started with the AR10 in .308. That is the round for which the rifle was designed. The Army wanted the smaller .223 to stay with the NATO concept. It was the re-designated the AR15 (semi) and the AR16 (select fire).

Dave in St Pete

BTW .308 and 7.62 NATO are (for all intents and purposes) the same.

Clay Cooper

If the R-15 doesn't have a 1-9 twist or 1-7? It's junk to me!

JA Demko

I shall absolutely have to get one of those to go with my 2 Bushmasters.

Walt Smith

When is a rifle company gonna grow some nuts and start making these rifles in .270, .280, and .30-06 then myself and a lot of other people would really embrace the "Black Rifle". The groundhog calibers are cute and all but how about a northern deer cartridge instead of tiny little southern deer cartridges. Our little bucks weigh 180 pounds. .223's are barely big enough to use on our coons.

Clay Cooper

Walt Smith, you will not find an AR-XX in the 06 cartridge because of the action will be too long to accommodate the cartridge. AR-10 in 308/7.62 NATO will do the job you’re looking for. For deer, you can reload the 223 with a 60 grain Nosler Partition if you have a 1-9 twist barrel. Look around and you will also find 243 chambering. A 250 Savage might work for a custom built t?

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