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October 29, 2007

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Exclusive: Fred Thompson on the U.N.

My Fellow Americans:

I will be brief. Yesterday, I was contacted by a Mr. Paul Jon Henke, who handles "new media" relations for Fred Thompson, the tallest Republican presidential candidate who is also an actor. Mr. Henke has sent us the following statement, which the Gun Nut is running as a public service. The statement is about the U.N.'s position on the individual ownership of guns:

Last year, the United Nations Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights declared that international human rights law requires all nations to adopt strict gun control laws. These “minimum” provisions are much more restrictive than any of those on the books anywhere in the U.S. and would almost certainly violate the Second Amendment of our Constitution.

Besides concluding that all nations are obligated under international human rights law to control the small arms and light weapons to which its civilian population has access, the UN report remarkably denied the existence of any human right to self-defense, evidently overlooking the work of Hugo Grotius, the 17th century scholar credited as the founder of international law, who wrote, “It is to be observed that [the] Right of Self-Defence, arises directly and immediately from the Care of our own Preservation, which Nature recommends to every one. . . ,” and that this right is so primary, that it cannot be denied on the basis that it is not “expressly set forth.”

There is another disturbing aspect to this call for international global gun control. Throughout modern history, the forced disarmament of people by its government has often been accompanied or followed by that government’s commission of often massive human rights abuses. In fact, no genocide in the 20th century occurred when the victim population still possessed small arms, legally or illegally, with which to defend themselves.

So now the UN wants to disarm civilians? Where was the UN when the massacres in Rwanda occurred? What did the UN do to protect the victims of ethnic massacres in Bosnia? Disarming civilians under the guise of international human rights law will only lead to more such genocides by ensuring that civilians can never defend themselves! It would be funny if it weren’t so perverse.

Thankfully, the Framers of our Constitution recognized this potential peril to our liberty, and enshrined in our Second Amendment the more basic right of self-defense. The U.N. can say what it likes about other countries’ citizens’ possession of small arms being a violation of human rights law, but so long as the United States is a sovereign nation governed by its Constitution, its words will have no effect here. And I am glad for it.

My own feeling is that the U.N. would screw up the recipe for ice water. The U.N. could not break up a fight between a couple of girl scouts. The U.N. building would make an excellent high-rise apartment site. But I’m not running for president, Mr. Thompson is. Your thoughts, please.


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1st UN out of US, US out of UN!!!

2nd Flat tax is a bad idea. It would end up either creating an untenable burden on middle class Americans or fall terribly short of meeting our needs.

3rd Yes restrict further immegration, especially illegal intrusions. Guest worker programs are incredilby valuable though, as are the many illegals here now, you could not afford so much as a head of lettuce wihout migrant farm workers, many of whom are illegals! Be careful what you wish for!

4th while we should not be the world's policeman (helps everyone hate us more) we can not just pull out of Iraq in one fell swoop! We have unfinished business, to say the least! A complete pullout would leave the region in utter Chaos. We must bring Bin Laden to the blade; his head should be severed as his lackeys have done to several Americans!

Kevin Simms


The health of the US economy is an illusion. Time for the US to get off it's high horse. The best days for this country are over, thanks in large part to GWB and his criminal cabal. Do you really think those assholes care? Not at all.


This is all well and good folks, but remember: Fred's hat is in the ring! That's all!
He's just on the ballot, he's not a CANDIDATE, yet! Only a nominee!
Kevin S. - Where would we be now if Kerry was in office? Are you willing to spend 4 years faced with the kind of decisions Dubya has had to make over the last 7(?) years?



Oh, Midnight Banjo,

How eloquently you speak. Were it not so simple, methinks you might just be the next "man for the job"!
1. Isolationism - Already tried by Pres. W. Wilson! re: WW I.
2. Prison overpopulation - You think it's crowded now?! Just wait! I also think some of your ideas have merit. Prisons built by prison labor?! How about letting the fox guard the hen house!
3. Second Amendment - Insane doesn't not necessarily mean dumb!
4. Illegal immigration - If it weren't for illegals, most (95%) of the menial tasks required to make our world go 'round would not be accomplished. Americans have gotten so lazy and wage oriented, they refuse work that would otherwise (5. Domestic Aid and welfare - ) keep them off welfare rolls and make them useful, productive citizens.
5. Domestic Aid and welfare - (see 4 above) How many Katrina victims were warned of impending doom, were able-bodied, and stayed, knowing that the glut of US provided assistance soon to come would provide for them in the not too distant future! OR, sat on their welfare fattened asses, depending on the "gummit" to save them! How many school buses were allowed to be water damaged that could have been used to transport people from the "Super Doom" (pun intended!) only to be replaced by YOU? (and ME!)
6. Politicians - I don't think ANY politician is worth over $75K a year! Actually, pay them minimum wage! If they are willing to work for that small sum of money, maybe they would forget about the money and start worrying about their constituency!
7. Taxes - The top ten percent of the money (not "wage") earners aready pay about seventy percent of our taxes! Want to strengthen our economy?! GET RID OF CREDIT CARDS!!!! Let me try that again! Want to strengthen our economy?! GET RID OF CREDIT CARDS!!!!! Make us a cash only society. Many people today live on thier cards. Their monthly income is sent directly to a card company! They have NO disposable income!
I could go on and on!



1. on our economy. We are still strong though we definitely could make positive steps to strengthen more -- Bubba is right about getting back to cash and off credit cards -- we should make steps to bring manufacturing jobs back onshore -- we should also demand that our Federal government live within a budget.
2. Prison overpopulation has largely been due to drug laws which haven't worked; time to try something new as an alternative to criminalizing and incarcerating drug users.
3. US out of the UN, UN out of the US!!! Say it LOUD, Say it Proud The United States of America is a Sovereign Nation!!!

james t.

you said one of many things that concerned me. whenever you say anything about having nothing to worry about we are all in trouble. the minute we have nothing to worry about, its too late. if hillary or rudy or barack get to the white house they will want us to think that right before they screw us. if you really want to talk to people who will believe half of the crap you wrote, talk to a bunch of 4 year olds who don't know better.


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"Duncan Hunter is a Vietnam veteran, he served in the 173rd Airborne and 75th Army Rangers. His father was a Marine in the South Pacific in WWII and his oldest son is an Iraqi Veteran with two tours in Iraq as a Marine.

From the desk of
Gen. Chuck
November 20, 2006

To my Fellow

Congressman Duncan Hunter is the best candidate for President of the United States of America that I know - he has integrity, tenacity, courage, and diplomacy. He is intelligent and thoughtful, does his research, and acts on it.

I have known Congressman Duncan Hunter for over 35 years. Duncan served his country in the Army and is a Vietnam vet. In Vietnam, he served in one of the most dangerous outfits - the 173rd Airborne Brigade and the 75th Army Rangers.

Duncan Hunter is the former and very effective Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and I am proud to be the Honorary Chair of the Congressman Duncan Hunter for President Committee.

Chuck Yeager"


I'm shocked that Duncan Hunter isn't the candidate of choice for most on this site.


Ron Paul is my choice and he would drive the UN from our soil. He is still in the running being the ONLY solvent candidate with $8M in the bank and NO DEBT.

What we must fight now is this IB school scheme to make the UN's political agenda de rigeur for all of our school children so that this pap can be pounded into their head from an early age while dumbing down the curriculum. Look at these damned fools in Utah and read some of their comments!


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