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October 24, 2007

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A Case of Straight Priorities

Here is a nice story. Glenrock Blue is a tiny gunshop cleverly hidden on a back street in the miniscule town of Glenrock, Wyoming. It's run by the husband-and-wife team of Phil and Di Filing. Phil handles the metalwork and Di does the stocks, and together they bring guns back from the dead. You bring in some old beater that looks like it fought and lost at Little Big Horn and they will have it looking better than it did when it left the factory.

Anyway, I was there a few weeks ago and Phil handed me a Model 54 Winchester bolt-action .30/06. The serial number was 90-something, which meant it had been made in the late 1920s. It was in fine shape, except for some rust at the muzzle and on the front sight ramp, and it still had an ancient 2.5X Weaver scope mounted right down on the receiver, ahead of the bolt.

The owner wanted the rust polished out and the barrel reblued, which would just about ruin the gun for a collector (As it was, it would bring $1,500 or so from someone who wanted it bad enough.), and Phil told him so.

"I know," said the owner, "but my father gave it to me 50 years ago, and it was in perfect shape, and I want to give it to my son in the same condition."

Now there, I think, is a man with his values as they should be.

If you're interested Glenrock Blue, the phone is 307-436-2330; gunbluing.com. Be advised, however, that they don't turn guns around overnight. They are famous among shooters of taste and culture, and they have a lot of guns to work on.


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Ralph the Rifleman

To Tommy-
I would recommend a rifled barrel for slug shooting.Mossberg barrels in my store sell between $150 to $200, so your quoted price was in the ballpark. Mossberg sells a cantilever barrel/Scope set I believe we(Dick's sporting goods) had priced at under $200 as I recall? The scope was a bit over powered for a shotgun in my opinion(3x9x40), but you could always sell it off for a more reasonable lower powered/compact one for your shotgun.
Not certain what retail stores you have available in your area, but either way I would go with a rifled barrel for your shotgun.


We have a couple nice Winchester's from grandpa that as long as they stay in the family that't all that matters to me. We have a (I think, I don't quite remember now) 1897 pump shotgun. If you've ever seen the movie Bullitt the hitmen have the same gun. We also have a .22 short rifle that is pretty neat. You load the shells through the stock. The 12 gauge's barrell is pretty rough, lots of pits in it. We've shot clays with it and it's pretty touchy with the trigger, but a lot of fun. Another thing we have, not a gun, is a WWII momento from my great uncle. My grandpa was in the pacific and his brother went to Europe. When I was two maybe I asked Great uncle Chuck what it was and I think that is why we got it. I majored in German in college and it was a civilian officers knife. It's pretty neat with engraving in the hilt from the Jewish community of Allach. Allach was a subcamp of Dachau so that WILL stay in the family.

Dr. Ralph

Dad bought an ADL 700 for $103.72 in March of 1963 serial number 124XXX. I still have the receipt. Had a Savage 4X scope made in Japan believe it or not. This gun means more to me than any other and every time I hunt I feel my fathers presence from up above. Money can not buy this connection and I hope and pray it will remain forever in my family...

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Dave in St. Pete" Thanks for the info. I will try your suggestions Sunday(if stops raining) when I go to the Range. The 2 leaf rear sight will move side to side and can raise either of the 2 leafs up or fold down. The front site is inserted into the rib, canot be adjusted either up or down,or side to side, it only slides into the rib from the muzzle end and has a set screw to hold in place. To change it at all would require a smith to rebuilt, and raise or lower. First will work on the rear sights and see what developes. I will kept you informed to what it does next shooting. PS; I did on one of the Bloghs ???? tell you about the dble rifle that Remington bought from EAA. Not sure which Blog, but will try to find and get back to you.Hopefully you;ve check the other Blogs and found the info I sent you. Again, thanks a lot for the help. Being 72 yrs old,kinda forget these days, but eat, sleep, breath guns and hunting. Suppose thats keep me going since my sickness since 90-91. I;m a gun nut for sure. Just wish had kept all the guns i owned prior to l955. Had some real high dollar today's prices guns back then, but then I had little $$$ to spend on collecting guns. Now i only buy, never trade. But, would sell this Custom Mauser if right $$$ came my way and have a new Custom built on A Howa action and Boyds stocks with Timney triggers. I love the dble set triggers for long shots out in the Rockies.Here in NC shots are usually l00 yds or less. I also have 2 Weaver Scopes, a 4 x and a 6 X bought in l958,good as ever, but now I want a ajustable scope, as most of my hunting is out west and need the higher settings. However, I keep them set as low as will go till game is spotted. O well, could talk all night on such matters, but other topics need to read. Again thanks for the site help./Gunslinger

Rocky Mtn Hunter

To Dave in St Pete. I found the site about the Dble rifle and saw that you had picked it up. Hope the info helps.The bbl length I listed are correct.Don;t know why the Bitching about 22" bbls is about. I wish i ahd bought one when EAA had them at l/2 the price Rem put on them. I Plan to call Remington( their Corp headquartes is only 50 miles away) and try to get more info on what became of the dble rifle as they no longer list.Hopefull they have some stored back in their warehouse, or sold to another CO.Anyway, if get info will let you know. I don;t need one, but JUST want one in 30-06. Be kinda a Novelty to take to Montana, Colorado and Wy on my next trip. Sure will be a talking subject to those locals. May even try eBay and see what comes up, just might find a new one there or nearly new. I prefer new firearms for my personal use, but if can;t do better, so be it.. Will get checked out, as i believe they give you a few days for inspection and can return if not satisfied????. I do believe Rem. goofed with the addition of Mauser rifles in thier line up. But, suppose they like Wal-mart,want all the business. i just bought a Clone Colt peacemaer from Benelli, mfgerd in Italy by A. UBERTI in 45 LC. Handgun arrive last week and I love it. Looks exactly like the Colt. In fact a local dealer thought it was a Colt.A Colt in 2nd or 3rd generation is about $l500.00, Mine cost much less at @675.00+ tax, shipping. i plan to try my skill at a W-tail here at home and take west as a Side arm back up.A 44 mag is too much for my small hands and my body wt of l28 lbs. The 45 I can handle and shoot well up to 25-30 yds. Where I hunt in MT a few big old mean bears are around. Been told a l2" 12 ga dble bbl, with cut down stock kinda like a pistol grip shot gun is a better side arm for the bears??? i got a 410 single bbl with 12" bbl i use here at home. Hade a holster made for it, so easy to carry.Do you recall the western series, the guy used simular sawed off shot gun? i Forget his name.Love that show. Too bad in my old age, no good western movies on TV now. HAve many tapes I've seen dozen of times of old westerns. Hey, when i killed my Elk in 97, a guy Video most of my hunt, that is a Keep Sake for family and myself. look at it every so often, brings back the hunt live to me.Ok, enough jabbering by me now. Take care. Chat again later. Gunslinger of N>C>

Clay Cooper

911 …---…
Last night, a friend told me that Wal-Mart had computers with Windows XP and would be nice to have two spares for the business my Wife and I own. So I swooped over to Wal-Mart and they were sold out. So I went over to the Sporting goods section and their stood a Father with his 9 year old son looking at rifles. The young man was wide eyed with excitement just as if it was Christmas morning and the father had a very sad look on his face and sick to his stomach. Youth season for deer is Nov 3-4, there was no youth rifles in stock and if there was the father couldn’t afford one. That was sad enough for me until the father turned to the wide eyed boy and said, I’ m sorry son, looked the other way and just wanted to fall to his knees and cry. What has happened to us in the Sportsmen community??? I remember my father going all out to make sure I had what I needed and the training to go with it. He had the recourses at hand. He was a member of a Military Rod and Gun Club and Member of the Air Force Shooting Team that was able to get things at a reduced price and knew places like Jensens Gun Shop in Tucson Az to customize his 03-A3 for me. I’ve been really pissed off and just outright angry for years at the manufacturers. It wasn’t until last night realized just how much I am and why I am so pissed when that young man of 9 wanted so badly to go deer hunting. Last week I ordered a Ramline Cadet Youth stock for my brand new Remington 700 CDL 25-06 so my Grandson can go out on this coming youth hunt. I have the resources to do so thanks to my Father. When I was in the Air Force, I was blessed with a great Father and passed it on to volunteer to local Youth Hunter Safety and Boy Scout programs. At Dysart High School west of Phoenix Az 1995, I was asked to teach the ROTC rifle team. They had the worst equipment and they still finished second place in their Regional Championship and I was told by Army Sgt Charles Hydman in charge of the program they wouldn’t have done it without me. The truth of the matter is, it was a generational thing like saying it’s in the genetics. As my Father taught me as I passed onto them as you the Sportsman should do the same. Follow what I’m saying. What do we do? Every year there is less and less youths coming into the field to go hunting and fishing.

Clay Cooper

I hope and pray a manufacturer will follow suit!


You struck a raw nerve with that last comment. We all know people with kids about to start hunting. Most of us have at least one gun that we don't use but are servicable for hunting. Please don't be afraid to volunteer an extra rifle or shotgun to a friend or relative for their kids to get started in this sport.
In my home state (Michigan) we are losing hunters and fishermen at an alarming rate. Our grouse numbers are up and our deer population is very high. We need to do anything to encourage our youth to get out and enjoy.

craig curtis

amen jack, mi. used to be one of the biggest states for hunter # times are a chainging like our favorite firearms . me i like to keep em clean even if it means some wooptedoo collector sees value diminish . some like to look at em some and most of us here like to use them . introduce a freind or family member to the great sport of hunting and keep the trdition alive i know i will and have !!!!!

Dave in St Pete


You want to know why there are less hunters? Let me tell ya why.

I live in Florida and have been trying for the last 6 to 8 months to get into hunting with (are really for) my son (14 years old).

I am not a hunter but I am a reasonably intelligent guy so the first thing I do is start researching the subject.

Well Florida's hunting laws are some thing like this...

"General gun season is from November 17 to Jan 30. During this time you can hunt on eyed albino deer if it is the third Monday following the fourth full moon in a month with thee "rs" in it and the deer was facing SSW and the shot could not be heard by any other animal and you are not within 50 miles of a road."

"Each Wildlife Management Area (WMA is same as public land) has it's own set of rules and you need to follow these rules instead of the those posted above. Each WMA has a tag system, special hunt dates, reserved hunt dates and dates that correspond with the spawning of the Great DoDo bird. We will not really tell you what these dates are or when they are but you need to know them to hunt. Also ....."

So then I went to some hunters to try to get this explained to me. EVERYONE of them said "read the laws, I know what they are where I hunt you need to figure them out." In other words "I'm not gonna help cause then you would be hunting in MY area".

So what does that leave? Well that leave the BLOC (Bring Lots Of Cash) Outfitters, who will set you up to shoot a deer from a stand over a feeder the deer have damn near been trained to come to. And this will only cost you $1,500.00 per deer plus trophy fees, meat handling fees and gratuities for 50 lbs of meat.

And THAT'S why there are less hunters every year.


Clay is absolutely right! We look the other way and believe that somebody else will take care of business only to find out that we all neglected to act ourselves. I bet you don’t even check your tire pressure yet alone the oil and antifreeze, just gas and go! Instead of manufacturers and shop owners taking and nurturing our youth they have taken advantage of jacking prices so high on a cheap single shot like the Chipmunk 22LR. It’s no wonder we are losing ground! And for you think that everyone has a spare gun in there hip pocket, I like to know who they are
For you to criticize Mr. Clay Cooper I have one thing to say?


Mr Jack, you need to take your rose colored glasses off!

Chev Jim

Because the "gun companies" have so many "non-gun" CEOs and boards of directors, they have lost sight of the fact that they need to contribute to the advancement of the shooting sports. I once read that the wife of a former president of Colt actually cried when her husband took a top job with a "gun company." We don't need people running the gun companies who don't understand that you have to invest in the future, and that long-term strategies don't always produce results for the next quarter's income statement. Also, if you are letting your kids' weekends be dominated by "school sports," or you aren't taking your grandkids afield, then you are WRONG!


At no time did I diss Clay. I was simply expanding on his theme that a lad was looking forward to hunting, but now was denied because of lack of a firearm.
I try to do everything that I can to encourage hunting by our children. I had an older .410 shotgun that I volunteered to my cousin's son. He really likes bird hunting. I just hoped that others were doing likewise. WE NEED MORE ACTIVE OUTDOOR PEOPLE!



If you want corn to grow, you must plant it. As you sow, so shall you reep. Show me a farmer that watches the sky, I’ll show you a farmer without crops to harvest! Show me a manufacturer that doesn’t invest in its future to secure its costumers and I’ll show you a Company out of business!


Mr. Jack, yes we need more active outdoorsmen, but we cannot do it without active Manufacturers taking the lead Sir! What’s a truck driver without a truck? There must be more emphasis placed on the manufacturer than the customer!


Mr. Jack, I’m sorry if I offended you. The only time I get to respond is when I’m home. At work we can read the blogs just forbidden to reply. Mr. Clay Cooper has the wrong job! I'm just MAD AS HELL! WEhat happened to that poor boy happened to me when I was a kid to.

Wow, I just love how y'all skipped my comment.

Here's some facts for y'all.

1. I am just like the guy that couldn't afford the gun EXCEPT that I check the pawn shops and scrape and beg to get something.

2, And MOST IMPORTANT. All I have ever experienced from hunters is talk. "We need to expand our sport". I got news for y'all, not one damn "hunter" has given me any help and yes, I have asked. Seems like if you didn't grow up hunting you have about zero chance of getting into the "club".

I want to learn to hunt, especially for my son but I don't even have a clue how to field dress a kill.

Will any one help? So far the only answers I have gotten is silence!

Dave in St Pete

That last comment (rant) was from Dave in St Pete.

Don't know why it didn't show my name.

f grant

Dave, though exaggerating the point, has a good handle on the way State Game Departments are discouraging hunters. Here in Colorado we continually hear that the number of hunters is declining, but the DOW continues to add layer after layer of confusing regulations. It's getting to the point that you may need a lawyerto de-cipher the regulations for you, and then an accountant to see if you can afford all of the fees, etc.!No wonder many don't even want to start hunting, or just throw their hands up and quit.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

AS was stated above, few if any Gun Clubs as such want anyone other than their own litle clan hunting their area.I;ve hunted in east Va for 37 years with 2 clubs ( only because they hunt my friends property). The members bitch and scream when-ever i kill a nice Buck. Some Idiot says, that was my deer,been watching (yes,feeding) all summer. It has become almost impossible to find a hunting area these days.I;ve been so fortunate in finding guys in the Rockies who have ask me to come hunt with them. A young guy in Montana ask me if I would like to come after he read a article I had printed in a major magazine about hunting out west.You bet, I have been 3 or 4 times with him with success each trip and will go next year if my health permits. We need many more guys such as CURT in Montana. I;ve also made contacts with guys in WY and Colorado who also invited me out and again success each tip for past l5 yeas.With all theW-tail Does taking over the country, you would think club members would be thrilled for a kid to harvet some.I agree,that many of the fire arm mfgrs should start the ball rolling by giving away refurbished fiearms to worthy kids who will enjoy and use them. Some day, they will be adults and want a high $$ firearm, hopefully they will recall the mfger who gave them one earlier.I;ve loanded may of my used firearms to guys/kids who did not have a firearm,today they great outsdorsmen and some-what good hunters.If us older hunters don;t step forward and help these kids out, sooner than we think, hunting will be for the rich only in fenced enclosures as i saw on TV tonight at a cost of 5K bucks for a W-tail hunt in Texas. If I;m gonna spend that $$$$ I want to hunt more than a w-tail and have top-notch accomadations and guides. Yep, it ain;t cheap to go west, but at least you got choices to hunt, not just w-tails. W-tails about to take over the west , already running the Mulies to higher elevations along with the ELK. Now Elk/Mulies both compete for same food. We gota kill some Does and kids are a great way to begin. Back to firearms for kids, maybe we should start with our law enforcement on guns they destroy.If a hunting gun is to be destroyed,give it to a kid and train him how to use it and hunt. You may be suprised how good you feel after days end. i do plan to discuss this with our local Sheriff ASAP. Gunslinger PS; If you beliee in my suggestion,then contact your local law enforcement and suggest as i did. A day out with a wide-eye kid with a new gun(firearm instructions first) to him will surely make you sleep better I betcha, give it a try, no harm if you run ito a blank wall,at least you tried.

Trae B.

well dave in st pete i'll try to answer any question youve got.
as for field dressin a deer.well thats something thats hard to tell you need to be showed how to do.you can pull up web sites that will tell you better than i can though.

Clay Cooper

Dave in St Pete.
I’m truly sorry for the lack of cooperation you’re getting from other hunters or should I say pseudo sportsmen! That’s another case and point that I do have. Because I don’t use fowl language, don’t smoke and count all the beers I had this year on one hand, I don’t fit in either Dave. It’s too bad you don’t live in my area. I just spent in the neighborhood of 700 dollars on the young Gentleman from Domical Republic that I’m his sponsor for his US citizenship. I wished I had a nickel for every sportsman I assisted, especially in Alaska! Yet there is always someone ready at the mouth to ridicule those that have been helped and those that have helped. I wonder? I wonder if I did a survey of all the Sportsmen, Sportsmen Magazines and Manufacturers just how many people they have actually helped and gave them a chance to the less likely and unfortunate person to find out if that person made it to the Olympic tryouts. I gave a young teenage girl a shot at the brass ring and she did make the Olympic tryouts! Mrs. Sandra Worman June 1996 at the Waddington Center in New Mexico! Even Mr. Randy Pitney director of shooting sports at the University in Fairbanks Alaska, offered her a free scholarship and remember, this happened before I went to Alaska. I had no clue about this until 5 years later when I was transferred to Arizona. All it takes is give someone a leg up and support!
By the way, I passed a really nice 4x4 today. That moon was so bright; I didn’t need a flashlight to reach my stand!
And another by the way, Mr. Petzal, if you ever run into Mr. Randy Pitny, ask if he remembers a Air Force Sergeant that was on the Air Force Team from Eielson AFB name of Clay Cooper!

Dave in St Pete


I'll still get it done for my son cause that's just the way I'm built. I might b!tch a bit along the way but with or with out help my son will be hunting come next fall. That gives me a year to get us ready.

Got my hands on a used Mossberg 500 today by trading a handgun for it. Next up is a bow. In the mean time I look a youtube videos on gutting and skinning and keep trying to figure out the laws.

It'll happen and when it does I'll know WE did it together and if I ever have the chance to help I'll remember my journey and try to pass along what knowledge I can.

Good huntin' Clay and get your BBD!


Dave in St. Pete
I'm sorry I can't help with hunting in Florida. If I hunted down there I'd never see a deer because I'd spend every waking hour looking for snakes.
As far as field dresssing, I remember renting a very good video from a local store that covered everything after the deer was down. I used to rent it because I wanted to learn how to process the carcass but I know the first part covered field dressing. That VHS tape might not be available down there, but it should appear somewhere on the internet.
Enjoy as best you can! Our season in Michigan starts on Nov 15th. As much as I love the hunt, my son, who was my best buddy, is on a sub and can't be here. I sure wish I could have him back for a week in season.

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