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September 17, 2007

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On Microstamping and Ted Nugent

Whether I ask for them or not, I am sent e-mails from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and sometimes they contain interesting stuff. The latest one informed me that California's legislature has passed a law requiring that all automatic pistols sold in that state after 2010 have their breech faces and firing pins microengraved. This process would stamp the serial number of a gun on the case of any round it fired, enabling the police to trace the firearm from brass left at the scene of a shooting.

According to CTSGV, California is solving only 45 percent of its homicides right now, so they could use some help, and the bill lacks only Arnold's signature to become law. I don't know whether it will solve any crimes, but I do see two likely results: First, neater murderers. The more meticulous among California's killers may actually police their brass after they kill someone, resulting in less litter at a crime scene. The other is a return to revolvers. Is this progress? Who knows?

Also on the Coalition's site was a news item claiming that Ted Nugent, who is a member of the NRA's Board of Directors, threatened Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with violence while waving a pair of assault rifles. This allegedly happened onstage at a concert in Anaheim, California on August 21. There is even a tape of the event (http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ac6_1188154223) you can watch.

I did, and the Nuge does appear to be waving a pair of black rifles, and you hear the occasional bad word, but threats? My understanding is that if you threaten a presidential candidate, the Secret Service comes to have a talk and no one ever sees you again. But as far as I know, the Nuge is still at large.

What is wrong with this picture? Go to www.csgv.org and take a look. Maybe you can tell me.


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Todd Lizotte

Hello SA,

I understand your position. The key is getting ahead of it before the antigun people start pushing for legislation.

The key is to not let go of the data.

As for registration, the ATF has already got what it needs with Access2000.

I am looking at it from a blocking position for 3D imaging of new firearms. I think Microstamping provides the same results, except Microstamping does not involve legal gun owners firearms ballistic image being loaded into a criminal database.

My position is this an asymetric war with the antigun movement. Our representatives are fighting from fixed fortifications.

Remeber the quote from Patton, "Fixed fortifications are a testiment to the stupidity of man. If mountains and oceans can be overcome, things made by man can be overcome".

We need to target trafficking, law enforcment needs timely Intel. Google: link analysis and social netowrking for drug trafficking. Or check out the national gang assessment for 2005 produced by the FBI.

It will give you an idea why Intel is important to identify networks, hotspots, so law enforcement can focus and to deploy resources more efficiently.

Best regards,

Todd Lizotte

Hello Dr. Raplh,

I understand. All I can do is show the facts.

You should check out the 3D imaging if you didn't go to those links. That is truely scary technology if it is applied to newly sold firearms, similar to what they have in NY and MD.

I might not agree 100% with your position, but I respect it.

Best regards,

Clay Cooper

Todd Lizotte

In this subject Todd, I do have first hand knowledge on a professional level that I can say for a fact that Micrstamping in itself is a fantastic idea but in reality will be deadly in it’s application!

The information you give Todd is ideal in a perfect world. However this is not a perfect world and I’ll explain why. When a Corporation or Government entity is involved in research and development, individuals and groups will toss innocent people lives in danger to save face. Take the V-22 Osprey aircraft a tilt rotor vertical/short takeoff and landing (VSTOL), How many crashes and deaths happen before grounding the program to investigate the cover up by both Government and civilian contractors. Millions are spent on programs and released knowing full well by all involved from the person that first put it up on the black board to delivering it for operational use knowing fully, if the system is working as advertised or unresolved critical issues that can and will result in a catastrophic incident.

Now I’ll turn to why I’m dead set against Microstamping. Thomas Reid brings up an excellent point saying, Sure Micro stamping will work. I reload and have a collection of every one's brass. Yours, Mine and every one else that lost a casing or two at the local Range. So if I go on a shooting spree every one is included. Get the point Sir? It doesn’t take a brainchild to work around Microstamping when in fact I can remove the stamping in a mater of minutes!

The real danger Todd is this. The Prosecuting Attorney will in fact knowingly use false evidence and suppress evidence to convict a person for a crime that they did not comment! Microstampng is a dead ringer for this category! They know fully the person is not guilty, but they will proceed it in court.

If you don’t understand it by now, your never going to until you or someone you know is falsely accused of a crime that you did not do….

A few years ago, a young man was put to death for murder. From the time he departed his home to the arrival of the crime seen, his lawyer proved for a fact that he could not have killed the person. At the time of the murder he was at a ATM machine across town showing the time and picture of him using it clearing him from the crime. Yet the Prosecuting Attorney with manipulated the Court to suppress that evidence.

Once again I’ll point out the Buddha Temple Massacre Goodyear Az just west of Phoenix Az . Saturday morning, April 10, 1991. About the unknown blogger saying, Clay, District one wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer? Don’t get me started on that! Sheriff Joe Arpaio wouldn’t like it. Talk about the Mother of all Barrel of Worms!

It’s not about catching the guilty; it’s about numbers convicted for their own selfish carrier advancement!


The only thing your Microstamping or the Canadian 3D gobbledegook can do for forensic technicians is link a fired casing back to the registered legal purchaser of the weapon. It cannot catch the gangbanger who stole it out of your car while you ate at Wendy's. It can not stop drug shipments, gang wars, driveby shootings or cure the common cold. All it can do is F' up the lives of law abiding firearms owners. Trust me on that; which ever technology is forced upon us will F' up the lives of law abiding citizens.
You are right in the priorities law enforcement SHOULD have, but as Clay points out; law enforcement and prosecution is a numbers game.


Question is how hard is it to change out the microstamped parts of a gun? Not very. And since they seem to want to inform every punk of exactly which parts are stamped I'm sure they will get swaped before use. So what's the point of the law other than to increase the cost of firearms? If they can't make it illegal they will make it prohibitively expensive to buy guns.


Changing out a firing pin isn't usually too challenging. A whole bolt on the other hand is another story if only because most manufacturers aren't going to send you one. No doubt Komifornia would make grinding off the microstamp with your handy, dandy Dremel Tool nigh on to a capital offense! Beyond that your average criminal isn't going to be worrying much about these things; once they kill someone with it they will ditch the gun anyway.


Well as we probably all know by now; komifornia Goobernator Aahhnold signed the microstamping bill. Todd and his company 'win' this one. Let's hope application does prove as inoccuous as he asserted it will!
Also signed was a bill banning lead bullets for big game hunting in the "Condor Range" based on one small sampling of crows.
We'll have to see if there is any appreciable improvement.

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