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September 24, 2007

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Mondo Bizzaro: Politicians, Guns, and Election Season

This past Friday, Rudy Giuliani and a number of other republican candidates spoke to the NRA's Conference on American Values. Giuliani's appearance was strange beyond words. It was rather like Rosie O'Donnell speaking at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study. Few active politicians have done as much as Rudy to make life hard for guns and gun owners. The sum of what he had to say amounted to, in my words:

"I know I've been an anti-gun prick for my entire career, but now that I need your votes, I'm a different guy."

Then he took a cell phone call from his wife. Different interpretations have been placed on this, but mine is, he's simply as rude as every other jerk who is slave to a cell phone.

I think the only honest dialog between a politician and the NRA took place in 1966 or 1967 when Bobby Kennedy spoke to the organization and, in a room that seethed with mutual hatred, said:

"I'm going to put you people out of business."


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graziano carreri

Simple question.If you want to drive a car you need a license. If you want to buy a 9mm pistol with 17 cartridges in the mag what do you need? I like guns and I love those wondeful sxs shotguns and all the skill needed to plasmate steel into those elegant shapes. And I am the proud owner of a few firearms but not everybody is allowed to drive a car.

Clay Cooper

What would Uncle Ted say?


Rudy is big government just like Hillary, Obama, edwards, Mitt, kerry, etcetera. Fred Thompson seems to have pretty fair marks for gun rights as does Ron Paul; to me Ron Paul is less inclined to big government than Thompson.

As to the Marine Corps and lefties or mixed dominants; I went to Parris Island in '78 and don't recall any left handed M16's (I could be wrong of course as I'm a righty), I think at the time recruits pretty much had to learn to shoot from the right shoulder with the right eye. I do seem to remember that some of the recruits did wear eye patches on the left. A few lefties higher up in the chain of command might well have changed things in the interim though.

To Graz: The Constitution doesn't provide any Right to drive a car. It does have a Second Ammendment which IS the Right to Keep and Bear Arms! Big difference!


graziano carreri,

You don't have to have a license to buy a car, to keep it in your garage, to transport it on a trailer to a track, or to operate it on private property (your own property, a racetrack, etc.).

You only have to have a license to OPERATE A CAR ON PUBLIC ROADS.

Just like you have to have a license to CARRY A GUN IN PUBLIC, but don't have to have a license to buy one, keep it in your house, transport it to a range, or shoot it on private property.

And, you don't have to pass a Federal background check to buy a car, felons aren't barred for life from touching cars, and putting an aftermarket wing on your Honda Civic isn't a felony violation of 18 USC 922(r).

FWIW, I have an NC handgun license (carry license). To get it, I had to pass a Federal and state background check, an FBI fingerprint check, a mental health records check, take a class on self-defense law, pass a written test on same, and demonstrate proficiency with a handgun on a shooting range, live fire.

ahhhhh.........maybe use a patch, or put a paper dot over his left shooting lens..
Gerald Keller

On the eye dominance thing,I also suffer from this malady.I learned to shoot all weapons,bows included,with both eyes open.It takes a lot of practice and I still have trouble with the high house skeet crosses,but overall I cope well.I will say that if the boy can switch shoulders now before he gets too set in his ways,he will probably grow into a better all around shooter.I do occasionally shoot left hand when that is the only shot position that will work.and have killed several bucks that way.As with any of the shooting sports,practice is what will make the shooter,not which eye he uses.


Guliani is a used car salesman.
Fred Dalton Thompson gave the most honest, straight forward talk to the NRA of any of them.
Especially when he introduced his wife and said, "Wouldn't she make a good first lady? Certainly better than Bill Clinton"
He definitely got my attention when he said the 2nd amendment says what it says, it is not up for interpretation.

Mark Bergmeier

Glenn Beck, who also spoke at the conference, said on air yesterday that he was told by several NRA officers that Rudy's wife was on premises at the conference when the alleged phone call took place.

Is the man so self-important that he thinks he needs to stage a cellphone call during his address to a meeting of folks he has to romance to win, or simply so rude (assuming Beck's version of events is erroneous) that he won't turn the damned thing off while he's speaking to people he doesn't care about anyway?

Doesn't matter either way to me . . .



I'm an NRA Life member - if they endorse Righteous Rudy for President, it will be an absolute indication that NRA cares less about the 2nd Amendment than it does about the Republican Party, and it's otherwise toxic agenda of Big and intrusive Government, a surveillance state, crony capitalism and endless war. Not that most Democratic candidates are are offering anything different.

The first presidential endorsement NRA ever made was Ronald Reagan. There is no reason on earth for NRA to do anything other than stay officially neutral if someone with a clear anti gun record such as Giuliani or Mitt Romney is nominated.

Saying that Hillary would be worse is not reason enough - not when there is no real reason to believe that a proven anti gun Repub would be any better.


Dave as for a good jar-head I think i'll work. its been years since I was in service but when we went through gun training we shot so much it diddent matter if you was blind had only two fingers and a thumb you shot good it something that after a long time shooting you will eventually find a way to shoot good left or right eyed.


Can someone please tell me when the Second Amedment was cut in half? It seems like every time I see someone make reference to it, they only include the second part.

There is a lady who is a member of the NRA, and who has defended a number of people who have been convicted of gun crimes who points this out as well. I cannot think of her name right now.

Thomas Reid

I think that the shooting community is in for a rough time no matter who get elected. I am hoping that neither Clinton or O'Boma get elected. And as far as the Republican go they are all worthless too. But at least Thompson is somewhat Gun Friendly.

As for the Left eye dominance, I learned to shoot left handed when I was young and was diagnosed with it. A eye patch attached to the sights to block the right eye worked. As well as learning to get in to proper positions so I was not fighting muscle to hold up the rifle. When you hold up your rifle it should be bone on bone to support it.


Regarding Rudy and the '08 elections,the only good thing I have heard said about him is that he would probably make a good running mate for Mr. Thompson as he would probably be a positive in NY and NJ. As for Newt running, agreed, he would be interesting but unfortunately I read in the news just yesterday that he says he will not be running. Sorry, Dr. Ralph.


SilverArrow- I am in the Army currently deployed in Afghanistan. The M-16 and M4 can be aimed and fired right or left handed. The lefties used to use a brass deflector to keep the shell casings from hitting them in the right eye. Now that ballistice eye protection is mandatory, I don't see any brass deflectors in use anymore.

One of my sons tried the "shoot right handed and aim with the left eye method" at an early age. I taught him to shoot left handed with proper form and bought him a BB gun with lots of ammo to practice. He can out shoot me now and last year at age 12 he bagged his first deer.


Politicians suck mostly but not all. Same goes for rich people but I know some crappy poor people too. Maybe people just have propensity to suck. That really sucks when you think about it. Anyone considering giving the libertarians a chance? Oh wait, they suck on conservation. What are we gonna do?


Regarding the left-right eye dominance thing. As we age(as I have found out) our vision sometimes changes, and not always for the worse. Since I turned 50, my eyesight has improved to the point that I need no vision correction in my left eye. Funny thing happened---I'm right handed and have been right eye dominant. About a year ago my shooting capabilities went south on me for no apparent reason. Did the simple arms out in front of you eye dominance test and discovered that now I'm left eye dominant. Talk about having to re-learn how to shoot!!! Moral to this is that I'm learning to shoot both left handed, and shoot right handed with my left eye closed. Which I think in the long run...I'll be better off. Not the worst problem one can have, and keeps the old dog learning new tricks.

William Giordano

Politians are creatures who have only one agenda. Once elected, they do or say anything in order to get reelected. They will slaughter, cook and feed you their children, if only you will vote for them. On election day its choosing the least worst. Never believe what they say and you will sleep better


We all still use the standard M16A2 and ofcourse the carbine versions but they are all right handed. However, that does not limit a marine to shooting it only from the right hsoulder. To each his own, as long as you can shoot well atleast.


Reagan used to target practice w/ his secret service agents, and I'm told by a friend who was a crew chief on the USMC Presidential helo. Reagan may have supported big business, but he also supported SELF GOVERNMENT. I guarded his fuel truck for Air Force One at Stapleton Int. Airport when he came to endorse Congressman Kramer in COLO. He saluted back to us and talked to us for about 25 seconds on his way back into the plane, holding up his whole group of dignitaries trying to get back into the 747. I think I remember him thanking us for being in the military when it wasn't the coolest thing to do at that time. We also both got a pack of cigarettes w/ the presidential seal from Air Force One. Sorry about the rant, but I hope that maybe Thompson will get us back to the same mindset obout SELF Governing. I saw on a bumper sticker the other day a quote saying, "An armed individual is a citizen, an unarmed individual is a SUBJECT"

Jim Kiser

I am always suprised at how people read the Bill of rights which was specifically intened to protect INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS not the goverment also note that many of the founders noted in the Constitution the right to overthrow an oppressive goverment. The First amendement is not for the newspapers and the Second is not for militias. Fred Thompson is right it is not open to interpretation.


Jim Kiser, I like the way you think, and I wish more poeple like us were around!


You know what? Somebody above said to vote for the "least worst"!
If I was not positive about a GOPs stance on the 2nd Amendment, I might just have to vote for the most popular Dem! At least you would know where they stood!!!!
"Fore warned is fore armed!!!!"
...and I'll say this again, "Keep your friends close, your enemies closer!"


Rocky Mtn Hunter

OK Dr. Ralph: Jump on this Political Bog as you did me some weeks ago... AS you stated this Bog is for hunting/guns. So why does Dave bring Politics back on board. Non of the Politicians give a Damn about us or our guns, just our Vote. There is no reason to discuss Rudy or Fred, as neither knws left from right. You jump on Hillary with both feet and teeth, and she's by far more qualified to be Pres than anyone running. Rudy wants to be Mayor of NY again, Fred can;t decide if he wants to be a Actor or Politician. Maybe he will decide when convention is over. NOW DR RALPH_Whatever DR stands for, jump on Dave and the others for returning to Politics.Me, I will hunt/trade firearms till Nov. 2008, then will decide which is less evil to get our A-- out of the mess W has us in now.So bring it on Dr. RAlph jump on those above me. Yes, my 72 yr old skin is tough and do recall many ex-presidents. I would like to live till Nov 2008,to see who you yahoos elect.


To Clay Cooper: Uncle Ted would say, "KISS MY GLOCK!"


Thanks Dave for providing an interesting blog. When people talk about guns, politics is always going to happen. Keep on Brother.
Talking about cross-eye/hand dominance, seems every one and their 1st cousin has it. Both of my boys have it, as does my wife. She seems to do better with shooting glasses and a patch. Took her pheasant hunting with a lefthand Benelli, she's right handed, didn't work to well. Over/under works better, Youngest son shoots righthand bolt gun with his left hand, works good, his brother still struggles.
Good topic today, seems our politicos also have a left wing/ right wing cross dominance thing too. Personally I think Hillary could do the eye patch thing, she already says aarrgghhh at Slick Willie. Rudy has shown he is a switch hander. Obama should just try chin over the butt and get knocked around. Newt just needs get a deflector. Does Harlan Carter have any children?

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