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September 24, 2007

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Mondo Bizzaro: Politicians, Guns, and Election Season

This past Friday, Rudy Giuliani and a number of other republican candidates spoke to the NRA's Conference on American Values. Giuliani's appearance was strange beyond words. It was rather like Rosie O'Donnell speaking at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study. Few active politicians have done as much as Rudy to make life hard for guns and gun owners. The sum of what he had to say amounted to, in my words:

"I know I've been an anti-gun prick for my entire career, but now that I need your votes, I'm a different guy."

Then he took a cell phone call from his wife. Different interpretations have been placed on this, but mine is, he's simply as rude as every other jerk who is slave to a cell phone.

I think the only honest dialog between a politician and the NRA took place in 1966 or 1967 when Bobby Kennedy spoke to the organization and, in a room that seethed with mutual hatred, said:

"I'm going to put you people out of business."


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"I know I've been an anti-gun prick for my entire career, but now that I need your votes, I'm a different guy."

And you expected what? Politicians are liars. Period.

These people would sell their souls for money and power. NONE of them care about this country. They just want to push an agenda to make themselves more MONEY.



Oh brother, don't get me started! I could go on forever! I only wish I had done better in English in high school or taken a college level journalism class so I could put my thought trains together coherently instead of babbling in ink!!!
I am quite certain there are some politicians out there that are trying desperately to do the "right" (as in correct/moral) thing, but they are few and far between. I support the good ones, have only bad thoughts about the bad ones. Not real sure, but opine that I prefer bad to so-so! (keep your friends close, your enemies closer!) I'll throw this out and get out of here before I show these readers what a schmuck I can be at times!!!!!



Well you have to give the devil his due. At least he told the truth about being anti gun. Good or bad, to hear a politician tell the truth is so unexpected that even if you don't like what he says, you still have to tip you hat.


What has anyone here heard of Fred Thompson? Pro-gun, Anti?

Walt Smith

He's always been out for himself---Thompson is getting my vote!!

Hal Herring


Of course I agree with everything that you have ever said or written.

But I have serious question for you, and hope tht you might answer it in a blog post with this as the subject:

My son is left eye dominant, but right handed.

He shoots a rifle by lining up his left eye with the sights, across the rifle, in the dangdest anti-ergonomic shift I've ever seen. Same with a pistol, but the pistol seems much easier. He can shoot and hit, but I don't know if he'll ever shoot well with this system. (He is only seven now)

A good friend of mine did this, too, up until he left this world, and he was a fair shot with hand- and long- gun.

But is it possible to shoot well, this way? Can you change your left or right eye dominance? Should you try? How does the Marine Corps deal with this problem? Etc. Etc.

Any help you can offer will be much appreciated.


Hal Herring

Dave Petzal

Hal: I, like your son, am right-handed and left eyed, so I'm, sympathetic. It's called mixed dominance. You can sort of shoot a rifle or shotgun by craning your neck across the comb until your left eye lines up, but if you try this on a gun that kicks, you'll get your jaw busted. For a long gun, the thing to do is learn to shoot left-handed. You have to go with the stronger eye. Handedness can be learned.

For handgun shooting, I use my right hand and simply hold the gun in front of my left eye. It works OK.

I don't know what the Marines do about mixed dominance these days. Can any Jarheads reading this blog fill in the blank?


Not a jarhead - but also right- handed and left-eye dominant. My friends stayed on me til I learned to use MY FREAKING RIGHT EYE! I am certain your boy can learn too, especially if he is shooting a good bit at seven. I do not think there is any reason to change to actually shooting left-handed. However, I am not the gun nut.

Good luck!


Unless of course, he is blind as a bat in his right eye.


I didn't find out I was this mixed shooting freak til I was almost 30. Imagine the results your boy will have when he is there with a father like you helping him. Good stuff.

I do have 20-15 eyesight though. That helps a bit.


I'm a marine and my best friend here at Camp Pendleton is left eye dominant. He shoots the handgun with his right hand but for long guns he simply had to teach himelf to shoot left handed. Your boy is still plenty young. Give him a 22 and a few bricks of ammo. He should come along.

Best regards,



Not to argue, but why do you have to switch to the dominant eye if you have good eyesight in both? Could you not teach yourself to shoot with the right eye just as easy as completely switching to shooting left-handed?


im mixed dominant too. i learned to shoot with my right eye when i was about 11. i was shooting an exposed hammer 12 ga and got a nice scratch. its not something i wanted to repeat so i started practicing with my bb gun. its not a problem now.

Dave Petzal

To Tommy: In a true case of mixed dominance, the left eye is much stronger than the right. If the left eye is nearly the equal of the right, it's not worth switching, but such is not the case with myself or, I suspect, Hal Herring's son. If you have to crane your head across the stock, your left eye is demanding to be used.

Steve C

“Politics” is about the art of influence. “Politicians” are about picking a side and telling people what they want to hear. This describes about everyone from a presidential candidate to a 15 year old boy trying to get a date with a cheerleader.

The real problem with politics and politicians is that they believe their opinions to represent the truth. Truth requires limitless investigation but that’s obviously not possible. So we have beliefs. And beliefs are opinions. My opinion is that our presidential race will again boil down to the lesser of the evils.

And I'm right-handed, left eye dominant. That makes me a conservative that can't hit quail going right to left.


As I understand the scheme of things Fred has mostly voted pro-gun. I believe there were a few exceptions which at best could be constrewed as marginally gun related that he voted against. I did read that he attended a gun show, I think week before last, in Florida. Given the other choices Fred looks pretty interesting as a reasonable contender.

Hal Herring

Holy smokes! Thanks everybody. I had no idea this was so common, or how people dealt with it. Hooray for the gun nut and his readers. I'll be checking in to see what other folks say, but this is great so far.



sorry folks, but i think that fred thompson is talking in circles. don't get me wrong, i like the guy, i'm just not sure what he stands for. he just talks in circles metaphorically. i'm curious wether or not newt will run. at least he is specific about the current state of this country.


My 9 year old son is right handed and left eye dominant. When he wears glasses he struggles to shoot well. He can't close his left eye, and shooting off his left shoulder has been almost impossible to get thim to try. With contacts, he can hit a 3 inch spinning target with a .22 rifle everytime (off the bench, while shooting righthanded and closing his left eye).

Don't ask me why the contacts made a difference, but they did.

Nature works in mysterious ways.

Dr. Ralph

I have a friend that has the left eye right hand thing going and he somehow manages to look through a scope with high rings with his left eye while shooting right handed. It is not a pretty sight, and as our resident expert (Dave) has advised he gets hit in the face with his gun often. He couldn't hit the side of a barn at three paces with a shotgun... Hal your son's left eye will always be dominant so if you want to help him get him a left handed gun or three.

Fred Thompson as a Senator from the great state of Tennessee has voted against background checks at gun shows, against mandatory trigger locks, and said that allowing concealed carry on the Virginia Tech campus could have lessened the massacre. I would still rather vote for Newt, architect of the Republican Revolution...


Regarding cross or mixed dominance: John Amber years ago in Gun Digest reported on solving this problem with shotguns stocked to the extreme with cast on/cast off to align his one good eye. Being left handed is often an advantage. I hope you boy develops into a fine pitcher. Maybe he can develop a love for leveraction rifles and fine doubles in the shotgun world.
If Guiliani and Hillary are the major party candidates, can we start a movement to present New York to Canada or the U. N. ?


How about shooting with safety glasses with that little patch to block the vision of one eye? Even if it didn't work, shouldn't be that expensive to experiment. At this point, I think I would try just about anything.
My oldest is mixed dominant. She was able to qualify as a peace officer by lining up handgun in right hand with left eye. She is fortunate in the fact that she can close her left eye and shoot long guns very well. We all know a scattergun is both eyes open and she does remarkably well!
My nephew is a dyed-in-the-wool southpaw. Does all his shooting righthanded, and rather well. (Mixed dominance as well!)

Ralph the Rifleman

Mr.Giuliani has many fine qualities as far as I am concerned, but being a born again gun right supporter is not one of them. You have guts telling it like it is Petzal.


Giuliani at an NRA meeting is the proverbial whore in church. I know its a political writ of passage for every politician slightly to the right of Earl Warren to suck up to NRA members during election year, usually dressed up like Elmer Fudd and holding a shotgun costing more than you or I make in a year... but you really have to ask why? Giuliani, McCain, Al Gore, the Clintons (both the former president and Bill as well), "Hanoi John" Kerry... the list doesn't end. Don't these clowns know we keep score? Don't they know that every time they vote on a bill that pisses on the Second Amendment, their names and their votes are recorded? It's not like they haven't seen the results. Left-wing politicians have been sucking up to NRA members practically since gun control became an issue and in every single election gun owners have chewed them up and spit them out. Just ask Al Gore why he not only lost his home state in 2000, he lost his home county. I don't like Bobby Kennedy but his response was far less insulting and condesending than Giuliani and all the other temporary kiss-asses.


Fred T. seems like a decent candidate so far from what I've heard.

On the eye dominance thing, I can switch dominance from one eye to the other if I need to. I don't know if that means I'm "mixed dominant" or not.

A friend of mine had the problem of being right handed and left-dominant, but couldn't wink. He used a patch, and ended up learning how to shoot with either right or left hand. It's something he can overcome, but it takes some work.

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