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September 19, 2007

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Introducing The Gun Shots

I would like to announce that Outdoor Life's website is starting up a new blog called The Gun Shots, which is being run by their Executive Editor John Snow, a young man who has committed no major crimes that I am aware of.

Now I'm sure that many of you are asking why Field & Stream would be giving aid and comfort to an enterprise of its arch rival when it should be trying to pistol-whip their aged aunts, figuratively speaking, of course. The answer is that roughly 20 years ago, in a corporate maneuver that was probably illegal and certainly unnatural, Field & Stream was acquired by the same money-grubbing company that owned OL, and since then we have gotten along like Rosie O'Donnell and Tom Selleck.

But enough of that. I'm sure that you'll enjoy The Gun Shots, and urge you to log on. I did, and happened to see that Gerry Gibbs is still alive, and for someone who went fishing with Warren Gamaliel Harding, he looks remarkably youthful.

I was told to say this.


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Dr. Ralph

Advertising for the enemy now I see... what next, Hillary Clinton for president links?

Tell those amateurs at OL to get rid of the reset button at the bottom. It's in the same place as your post button and I accidentally erased a long drawn out discourse on how overrated the Model 70 is. Forget them, it's good to be back home.

Chad Love

OK, so this doesn't have a damn thing to do with OL's new blog, but I have a Gun Nut question: I was recently rooting around in a box full of ancient shooting detritus and came across an old, really old nearly full bottle of Hoppe's #9. Dark glass bottle, metal cap, 16 ounces.
Can't find a date anywhere but at the bottom of the label it reads "sole manufacturer Frank A. Hoppe, Inc. 2314-16-18 N 8th St., Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Now my question is: what should I do with it? I'm guessing it's at least 30-40 years old, if not older. Do you know if it can go bad? Still smells fine.
Just use it as normal? Put it on a curio shelf with some vintage duck calls and such? Stick it in the bathroom and use it as cologne?
I have to admit I don't use Hoppe's much anymore but it seems to be OK in that regard. Maybe I'll go all retro and use it only on my old shotguns.

Slick Rick

I'm suprised the stuff didn't spill out and ruin everything it came in contact with. Those bottles have always leaked.

Chad Love

Actually Rick is has leaked some. The label is pretty well oil-soaked. The bottle itself reminds of an old dark glass Clorox bleach bottle I found one day while bowhunting. It was jutting out of the side of an old draw that I assume had been used as a dump sometime back in the 30s or 40s. Glass-bottled household chemicals predates my time so I have no idea how old this bottle of Hoppe's may be.
I'm pretty sure Dave is old enough, though...

Dr. Ralph

Dave you just broke the 100 comment mark on "On Microstamping and Ted Nugent". Bet $20.00 the new blog won't pull that many total in a week... plus half their posts are from their own writers?

Chad Love

I don't know, it will probably do OK. Like any blog it'll just take a while to get established. I think the key to any good commercial blog is good writing on interesting subjects. As long as you have that and don't try to shill product too much you'll be OK.


At least they didn't rip off your design too badly ...

Dave Petzal

Chad Love: If it stills smells like banana oil, it's probaably still good and you can use it to clean guns. Use it in a well ventilated area and wear rubber gloves. I seem to recall that years ago, Hoppe's included nitrobenzine in their No. 9 formula, and they had to get rid of it. Nitrobenzine can be absorbed into the blood where it will shut down your nervous system and you will die within two hours. No kidding. Of course, I'm relying on my memory, and that is a flawed engine these days.

Failing that, you can dispose of it, in which case you will have to check your local ordinances as to the disposal of potentially dangerous substances. Or, if this is too much of a pain in the ass, just leave it on the shelf and let posterity take care of it.


I'm pretty sure he spells his name Jerry Gibbs.

This tiger video is awesome.


May the best blog win!

Clay Cooper

Chad Love

After my Grandmother past away last year at age 97, my Aunt moved my Grandfather in with her. He is now 102. Anyhow my two Uncles were going thru his barn and found a “live grenade”. Yep, genuine U.S. Army issue. Talk about stirring up the locals it did. They all thought it was funny afterwards, including the Bomb Squad that came in some 200 miles away and ATF folks. One of the relatives stored some stuff in his barn some 40-50 years ago! Besides, what are they going to do to a 101 year old man? They did find a couple hand full of baseball cards.

Clay Cooper

Hey Doc

You think this John Snow can handle us? LOL!

I wonder if he is a seasoned/veteran shooter? (thinking out loud)

Clay Cooper



Chad: You might try calling Hoppe's (anyone know who owns em now? - or try the web) and ask em if it's still OK to use and whether it may contain potentially dangerous substances. Better safe than sorry.

Dave Petzal

To Jack: You are quite right. It's Jerry, not Gerry.

Ed J


I thougt you were using 'Gerry' as a title, as in Geriatric,

Blue Ox

OL has no chance.

WA Mtnhunter

Not since they ditched Zumbo....


CHAD -- That bottle was worth about $10,000 until you took the lid off. The members of ICHM (International Collectors of Hoppes Memorabilia) have found that particular bottle to be very desirable. At auction you might have even gotten more! Nevertheless, since you removed the lid its value has dramatically dropped to about 53 cents. Sorrry man.

Chad Love

Doh! Ahh hell, story of my life. I should probably just drink the damn thing down and end it all...

Actually it was already opened.

Thanks for all the info guys. I think I'll just stick it on a shelf or something.


Chad: I found a sporting goods store that has a "collector's shelf" for things such as ancient bottles of #9 Hoppe's. Lots of weird old stuff on the shelf for everybody to look at. There's a 3-ring binder of numbered/tagged stories to go with the stuff. My bottle (half full) belonged to the effects of a late 92-yr old homestead rancher, given to me by his daughter. I remember Ike every time I go into the store and see the bottle.


I think the real reason they provided a link to the "Gun Shots" blog is they know it is way inferior to this one. They know it could never come remotely close to being as quality of a site as this one!!!

Guess Who!


The best of the best is here!

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Hope OL goes down the tube after the way they did Jum Zumbo. Wish Jim would start his own BLOG. He's forgotten more about hunting than most all of us know or any other magazine.

Dr. Ralph

RMH, finally something we agree upon! Zumbo needs another blog. I think Remington should do the right thing and sponsor him as they are one of the most responsible parties for his departure...

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