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August 08, 2007

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What Goes Downrange Sometimes Comes Back

We are putting this little drama up for your consideration because I saw something similar happen on a smaller scale a few years ago. A bunch of the boys was firing their M-1s (military ball ammo) at a mild-steel gong 100 yards away. Under the merciless pounding, the steel became brittle, and finally a chunk about the size of a thumbnail broke off and made the trip back to the firing line where it hit one of the shooters in the forehead. What he got was a cut; an inch lower and he'd have lost an eye.

The same thing seems to happen here. Whatever the .50 BMG guy is shooting at bounds in the dirt and smacks him in the head.

If you want to do this stuff, take a tip from Siluetas Metalicas competitors who shoot at iron targets, but their closest target is 200 meters away. At a range where I used to shoot, we tried to hit a gong that was 300 yards away, and there was never a problem with stuff flying back.

Or you can blast away at hard objects at close range … but have a glass eye handy. You'll need it.


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Clay Cooper

Where would it hit at about 400 to 500 yards?

Answer: 30-06 180 grain spire point at 2700 fps and zeroed in at 200 yards would be the following. 100 yards +2.2, 200 yards 0.0, 300 yards –8.8, 400 yards –25.8, 500 yards -52.8, 600 yards -91.1.

Or with a M1 Garand starting at with a 200 yard zero, 300 yards +3 clicks, 400 yards +3 clicks, 500 yards +4, 600 yards +3 or +4 clicks.

Clay Cooper

When I was 18, I shot an old solid concrete wall in the desert with my 30-06 with a 130 grain Hornady at Soft point @3300fps at 100 yards. Won’t do that again. Like a bomb going off. All those pieces of concrete blasting back!

Clay Cooper

SSSHHHHH be very very quite! Clay is going to tell you a little secret ok! A 130 grain bullet out of a 30-06 drops less than a 150, 165 and 180 at 600 yards! 130 grain @600 yards –71.1 1595fps/735 fpe., 150 grain @600 yards –86.3 1555fps/806fpe, 165 @600 yards –88.2 1600fps/ 938fpe., 180 @600 yards –91.1 1602fps/1025fpe.

Although the 130 has 71 foot pound energy less than a 150 grain, it kicks less and really reaches across those canyons and clobbers those monster bucks.

The 130 grain really kicks ass!

Great on Caribou to!

Excellent on varmints!

I wouldn’t use it on Elk

Now don’t tell the ammunition manufacturers about my secret now, OK!

Clay Cooper

O'Ya the 130 grain is at the velocity of a .223 AR15/ M16!

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Never shoot ata solid targt, metal,concrete, etc. Know your target. Bullets can do strange things on impact. I;ve let many animals walk as i did not know what was behind them.Better safe than sorry.I love both my eyes and would hate to loose one of them.As for drop on 30-06 Ammo in l80 grs. Last year in MT I shot a 4 x 4 deer at 345 yds using l80 gr Scirocco Bonded Bullets. I held the cross hairs on the deers back line, and the bullet only dropped 5 " at 345 yds, bullet entered at lst rib on left side and came thru his right front shoulder. Needless to say he fail on the spot. My Rem custom built with 24" bbl stayes zeroed at 250 yds for Rocky Mtn hunting. IN my hunting experience of 60 _+ yrs I;ve never shot ammo that performed as this new bullet does. I know my yardage was correct as the rangefinder was used prior to the shot. Learned the hard way, never hold above a animals body. A rangefinder for long shots out west is the best investment you will make for your hunt. Don;t dare go out there without one. Good Hunting

if it is sighted in for 100 yards how low will it hit at 500 yards

ever try saboting a 223 in yer 06?

maybe 1 w a nice Bc

Clay Cooper

Everyone is talking about the Scirocco Bonded Bullets. After looking at the design of this bullet, I’ll stick to my Nosler Patition and Hornady bullets. Of all the game my friends I reloaded for and my self, these new bullet designs will not function in the broad spectrum of our skills. I found the other day, the 338 Hornady that I shot my Caribou about 650-700 yards. Like to see these fancy bullets perform as good as it did!

"This stuff should be a blast to shoot!


o danny boyyyyy


Clay Cooper

Hey you asking, if it is sighted in for 100 yards how low will it hit at 500 yards.

Sighted in at 100 yards at 500 yards minus 63.6

Sighted in at 200 yards at 500 yards minus 52.8

10.8 inches less drop!

Question to you?

Why are you so hell bent for leather castrating your 06 at sighting it in at 100 yards?

Sight it in at 200!

At muzzle you’ll be –1.5 low, 2.2 inches high at 100 yards and dead on at 200 yards. I would then after sighting it in at 200 yards, go back to the 100 yard target and resight it in at 3.5 inches high at 100 yards. That will take you out around the 250 bench mark, take or give some change. This will take a lot of guesswork in ranging your game and put that Monster on the wall!

And by the way, I really don’t mind answering your question, no joke! Besides, I want you to tell us this season of that monster you bagged! Rather than the one that got away :(

Clay Cooper

Question: ever try saboting a 223 in yer 06?

Actualy there 224 diameter 55 grain bullets. Thought about it when the o6 sabots hit the market. The problem with me is, at that time I would burn up 50 to 100 rounds a weekend in my 06. I shoot the Hornady 130 grain spire point with 54 grains of IMR4064 using military match brass pushing it out about 3300fps, never had any problems downing monster mule deer or coyotes at 600 yards or so and it performed better to me than the sabots in cost and performance. The Sabots? There ok I guess, they just never turned me on. When you got a real good thing going why change?

actually it is for my uncle he is getting mad at me cause I am taking so long to get the answer the reason he wants to know is because he missed a big tall buck that far away last deer season.

Larry Rayburn

I had a similar incident happen to me while shooting a .22 hornet, using Hornady's 45 grain hornet bullet. I shot a gong at 100 yards, and the little bullet bounced back at hit my buddy on the shin causing a nasty little welt. there is no substitute for safety and common sense at the range, but some times things happen. Always remember your Eye protection, it will help to keep you shooting with both eyes. Once again, SAFETY FIRST!

Blue Ox

Love the videos, Coop! That dude's arm was waving 'bye-bye'!

Mike Diehl

I don't think those are videos of people. I don't think the "arm flying off" is an arm. In one of 'em the targeted beastie clearly looks like some sort of shuffling rodent. Can anyone substantiate that these are definitely anti-insurgent moments?

Clay Cooper

Mike Diehl

I'm still scratching my head on that still. Suppose to be Canadian Snipers?

Clay Cooper

Larry Rayburn

That bullet bouncing back? Sure it was off the deer?

22 Hornet will take a deer. 45 grain is a bet light and will fragment to easy. Try Nosler Solid base 55 grain soft point. I get complete pass thru with my 22-250 on deer. Nosler makes a 224 diameter 60 grain partition that should work fantastic on deer. Make sure your barrel will stabilize the bullet.

Clay Cooper

Dear Uncle missed a big tall buck

Please read my previous post on sighting in a 30-06 August 10, 2007 at 12:23 AM .

Personally, if you don’t reload, I would use a 150 grain bullet. 180 are a bet to heavy on deer actually. I agree the 180 does a great job, but the 150 grain does a better job, especially at longer ranges.

If you reload for 30 calibers, the Hornady 130 is ideal!

130 grain my #1 choice in a 300 Mag!

300 Win Mag 3500 fps and 300 Weatherby Mag 3700 fps!

Less kick and putting the warp drive on your rifle and down range!

Clay Cooper

When I was in Aircraft Structural Repair (Heavy). There was a scrap pieces of 24x24” 1/4inch thick aluminum. I took it out and shot it with my 44 Mag 250 grain cast with 21 grains of 2400. Made a loud bong and big dent then dropped straight to the ground a foot or two a away! Surprise me it did!

Ozark Hillbilly

Clay, I reloaded those 130 grain Hornady in my 06 with 54 grains of IMR4064. Placed 2 5 gallon cans full of water and shot one with a 180 and the other with a 130 grain Hornady. WOW! Those 130’s really kick ass and a half inch group at 100 yards! Thanks for the info Sir!

I zero all my hunting firearms to the distance i think I will be shooting. I'm not one of those who shoots l or 2" high and says it'szeroed at 200 yds. Zero the rife to the exact distance you plan to shot. My experience last year in MT was an exception to my rules, but with such a beautiful day, animal,wind still, and previously shooting my 06 @300 yds I felt comfortable at 345. Some firearms will shoot to zero sighted in at 1-2"high,@100 yds, some will scatter all over the paper. You best shoot and zero that rifle to the distance you will shoot. And, at my old age, and weak arms, I use stoney point shooting sticks,best investment other than the Range finder I ever made,. Good hunting. The old Gunslinger, PS; I do like the new Ammo by Rem.works for me.

Clay Cooper

Good grief Old Gunslinger, got a wagon to carry all that stuff?

LOL with you, not at you!

Besides, there are not that many shooters now days that belong to the SITNCC!

Shoot In The Next County Club, like us old sand baggers!

I just can’t see spending the extra bucks on Premier® Scirocco™ Bonded, when what I got does the job and gives me back change! Elk they probably do a great job, but that Nosler Partition? Have you ever seen what a 180 Nosler Partition does to a Moose’s or Grizzly shoulder? WOW! A Scirocco would have blown up out to 200 yards. Should see what a 25-06 120 grain Nosler Partition does on a monster Mule deer. Stick your fist thru the shoulder area!


To the Uncle who missed the big buck at 500 yards:
If you can see the whole deer in the scope, don't shoot.

Mike Diehl

Modern spitzer boattail bullets don't magically fly all over the paper just because you change distances to the target. A shooter who has his firearm zeroed to a particular range and knows his ballistics table will hit where he wants to at other distances. And that is a good thing because I have never had a deer step out in front of me at exactly the distance for which I zeroed my rifle.


Ok nuf bout 06's
I be more in favor of them 270'S

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