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August 01, 2007

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Stop It ... You're Killing Me

Professional hunters fascinate me in much the same way professional soldiers do because the odds are at least fair that, in the course of making a living, they will be either killed or mangled. And yet they persist. Before the advent of antibiotics, the PH's job was a lot more perilous than it is now. If you were mauled by a leopard or chewed by the lion, you might be able to survive the mauling itself, but not the infection that followed.

Of the PHs I've known personally, one was killed by an elephant and five were chewed by leopards. All five survived, although one man shot a colleague of his during another leopard encounter. The reason so many run afoul of old chui (which is Swahili, I think, for leopard, and a great example of onomotopoeia)is the speed with which they get at you. Leopards are not all that large (a 150-pound tom is a very big one) and they can conceal themselves behind nothing more than a clump of grass, so the first sign that kitty is around is when his dewclaws are sunk in your neck and he is trying to disembowel you with his hind claws.

I know of only one PH who did the job for a long time and never ran afoul of an animal. He was a French PH who worked in Zambia, and in 40 years in the bush the only injury he sustained was when a Land Rover hood fell on his hand and chopped off a finger. The most unlikely death was a PH who perished when an iron-hard spike of mopane wood punched through the floor of his Land Rover and into his femoral artery.


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Ian Manning

My Dear Rasputin,
Your bait certainly has set the cat among the pidgeons. Africa's PHs are now, with the explosion of game ranches in South Africa and the plethora of two week cram PH courses there, like rabbits in an Oxfordshire field. What I call a professional hunter, known years ago as a Professional White Hunter, is someone with a great deal of experience of hunting all game, particularly the big five - something hard to do these days. But PHs are of course like other humans: brave, cowardly, decent, dishonourable, competent, incompetent, honest and dishonest. A long professional hunting life without injury from animal attack might be ascribed to luck, to the deployment of considerable skills and nerve and respect for the hunted, or perhaps due to a PH's convenient failure to see the blood or spoor of a wounded animal, a failing greatly assisted in the presence of a large and virtually impenetrable thicket in which an angry spotted one nurses his grievances.


I don't hunt predators. I think the only justified "killings" are for animals that are to be eaten, or in self-defense. Predators are my fellow hunters--and, no, I don't plan on being eaten by them, either! That said, I don't think PHs live such a dangerous life. At least not any more. If you look at the ratio of animals killed vs. PHs killed, you'll see what I mean. The odds are definitely very lopsided.


You sure opened a can of worms on this one!
Through all aspects of life we encounter the adjective 'professional' and one would find it fits in some cases and in others is undeserved. This whether the noun is 'hunter,' 'salesperson,' 'writer,' or 'bobblehead doll maker.'
True professionals from almost any career area have to suffer the slings and arrows meant for the wannabe's plying the same trade. Though my only experience with African game animals was a trip to The Bronx Zoo I have little doubt that there are Professional Hunters who deserve the moniker and those who are wannabe's. Same goes for Guides here at home. Better medicines combined with communications advances and easier access to emergency care mitigate some of the risks in African hunting but there are still perils.


I am glad to see that many people on this site agree with the anonymous. That shows that hunting, indeed has a future once the drunken piss-poor excuse for ''hunters'' are long dead.

To Mark, who likes to talk of hissy fits, you seem sooooo intelligent, I think I would like to enroll in your school para el estupidio.

And yes, Dr. Ralph, (dr., I am sure you haven't given yourself a nickname), you are a drunk. You are drunk on excessive killing, a killoholic if you will. I hope when you begin to vommit there is no one there to hold up your head.
Choke on it.



And F anyone who says PH's make them sick...you are a seriously ignorant oaf if that's how you feel.


I have more for you, and F-you too John. Coma mierda.

You blood thirsty, trophy hunting, sport hunting people. I have to wonder how you rationalize killing only for fun.
I would think you would say it takes alot of time, sitting there watching the bait in the tree, or you get all bruised up and hot and sweaty on those long hard days, watching the bait or listening to the hounds do the majority of the work.

So sweat and time and a little pain lets you sleep at night. I have a suggestion for you...a way to get a real trophy...
Go find a rural road, very rural. Wait for a hot summer day and lie down in the middle. It might take a few days for a car or hopefully a truck to come along and make an imprint on your gut. Then, if you live, go home take a picture of the tread marks and put that on your f-ing wall. That would be impressive, to say the least. Just let me know what road your on.

Killing an animal for a reason other than sustenance or necessary culling; with dogs raising hell and guides with rifles all around you is a sick, worthless thing to do. It is far from brave or moral. Try hunting alone, in the dark, with no one else around for miles. It might not be safe, but it lets you truly experience nature without dogs raising hell, people shooting from different angles, and unneeded high fives. Again - Coma mierda if you kill for fun.


And I said nothing about peta you gxd damx idiot. They are morons...like you.


If killing is fun to you, join the army and go really see danger. Go really test your bravery. A defenseless, tree'd animal is no threat.


Right on Silver Arrow,

Just like everyone thinks sharks are so evil.

FACT - sharks account for 4 deaths by average each year - around the globe; I'll admit those figures are REPORTED DEATHS, however the true numbers would pale in comparison with the FACT - that we account for nearly 4 MILLION SHARK DEATHS AROUND THE GLOBE PER YEAR - by average - that should help those who think senseless killing is ok to sleep better.


Sorry, didn't mean to reference Silver Arrow, it was Chev Jim that spoke the truth. Great comment dude.

Moishe Goldstein

I only shoot animals I plan on eating myself or give to family and friends ( I also donate some to food pantries to be given to the poor). With that in mind I have only killed Deer,Elk, Moose,Caribou,Pheasant
Ducks and Quail.

I did have the head of one particularly fine 8 point Whitetail, but I also ate the meat . the outrage by all of you people about hunting in general and Professional Hunters specifically are juvenile to the extreme. Also use spell check if you can not spell. Remember a fool can appear wise only if when he speaks or writes he is VERY careful.

Dave your article was great, thank you.

To the rest I suggest you read several of the fine books by Peter Hathaway Capstick and learn something before shooting off your biased opinions and showing your total ignorance.



Get the hell of the blog tree hugger.


Walt Smith - Speak up more often - your voice needs to be heard. Do not let those that would call you a peta supporter frustrate you.

We should hunt for our food, to control damaging or sick animal populations, and to extract dangerous animals from human occupied areas - but not for fun alone.

Peta would not support that idea!

To those of you that keep throwing that weak, mindless defeated argument around - you'd better do ALOT better if you want to keep killing for ''fun alone'' in the future.


You should say tree huggers idiot, even though the term does not apply. We are not tree huggers if we think ALL KILLING isn't right!

There are many here that disagree with you - faxxot. Read more of the posts and see that FACT. But keep throwing your stupid, weak, ignorant, and evil comments toward me. It will get some of the evil out of you.


If you think all killing isnt right you are definitly a tree hugger.


And probably belong to PETA as well.


Goldstein - pick on my spelling I pick on your punctuation - tit for tat axxhole. Now to your argument - you seem to only kill for sustenance - so where is the diagreement?

A fool to seem intelligent huh? You seem to have that pretty cornered.


Jonny - again with the peta. OK.
You belong to CMOA

Child Molestors of America.

See how smart that is? I say something totally untrue and hurtful to get you angry and confuse the issue - bad try turd.


''If you think all killing isnt right you are definitly a tree hugger.'' Jonny's words.

And there are actuially people that are on his side - Moishe Goldstein. Great side to take.


I will always hunt for deer. I love the backstraps wrapped in bacon. They are freaking delicious!

Still sound like PETA, jonny boy - faggxt moron.


Go argue with a stop sign jonny sissy boy fxg!

Or better yet go sit on your deer stand out of season and shoot your neighbors dog. I'm sure if he thinks like you, you guys will get good and drunk tonight and deal with one another.


Thats not that smart actually, you the real reason is you can't think of a real argument so you make up bullshit off the top of your head.


Seriosly - Moishe or what ever the hxll your name is.

''If you think all killing isnt right you are definitly a tree hugger.'' jonny's words above

You actually would say my words are ignorant - you would take that side? Killing everything is ok? My God - he didn't even say all animals - would you seriously agree with that.


jonny - i am done with you - i don't argu with 2 yr olds good bye


But I think I will stay on the blog.

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