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August 07, 2007

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An Open Letter To Carolyn McCarthy

August 7, 2007
The Hon. Carolyn McCarthy
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative McCarthy:

I am writing to you because in all of Congress, no one has taken a tougher stance on gun control, and I have become aware of a situation so out of control that only you can handle it.

It was announced today by the General Accounting Office and confirmed by the Pentagon that 110,000 AK-47 assault rifles and 80,000 pistols that were given by the Pentagon to Iraqi security forces cannot be accounted for. That's right: gone missing, and without doubt in the hands of people who are using them to kill American soldiers and Marines.

We are not talking about the United States, where you are trying to outlaw a comparatively small number of black rifles that are bought by recreational shooters and collectors and are never used in a crime. No, we are talking big numbers here, and we are talking real bad guys whose fondest hope is to kill Americans, and who do so on a regular basis.

If an FFL dealer lost a dozen AKs or a dozen handguns he would forfeit his license at the very least, and possibly face a major fine. But this is worse by an order of magnitudes. So I ask you, does the Pentagon simply skate on this one? Are you for gun control or not? Are you interested in saving American lives or not? Is someone going to be called to account or not?

Doubting that you will have a single word to say on the subject, I remain

Yours truly,
David E. Petzal


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The best solution i can think for iraq is tell Isreal will turn a blind eye towards palestein if they take over iraq for us. They would in a heartbeat. Those isrealis are tough S.O.B. and are tired of their school buses and coffee shops getting blown up. They would take apart palestein then go to iraq. WIN WIN WIN i think.

Clay Cooper


got to think that one over? Might be a good idea!

I was in Egypt in from June thru august. The Cairo English newspaper said that Israel was exploring the use of a bioengineered weapon that would target everyone other than Jews. They have plenty of nukes and the bio and chemical weapons? Nobody knows. Besides, I have nothing against them and know if any country starts a war with them, they will win!

Egypt in from June thru august 1980.

Dr. Ralph

If we really wanted to do this thing right, we would invade Iran and occupy both countries. The problem is we're afraid of what the global community and one world order would think. If we had control of that much crude it wouldn't really matter... Finance the war, screw welfare and public housing and let me take you down where I'm going to. Occupied fields. Nothing is real. And nothing to get hung about. Occupied oil fields forever. Play it John, Paul, George and Ringo..


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JA Demko

Hmmm...a pissing contest between two veterans. I'm willing to believe that both of you served and that what you've claimed about your respective records is true. However, just having been in the military and or even having served in combat gives you no particular claim to understanding the geopolitical situation nor the reasons a particular conflict exists. IOW, you may have been there but that doesn't mean you know why. Both of you need to find a better way of supporting your assertions than just waving your status as a veteran.

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