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August 07, 2007

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An Open Letter To Carolyn McCarthy

August 7, 2007
The Hon. Carolyn McCarthy
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative McCarthy:

I am writing to you because in all of Congress, no one has taken a tougher stance on gun control, and I have become aware of a situation so out of control that only you can handle it.

It was announced today by the General Accounting Office and confirmed by the Pentagon that 110,000 AK-47 assault rifles and 80,000 pistols that were given by the Pentagon to Iraqi security forces cannot be accounted for. That's right: gone missing, and without doubt in the hands of people who are using them to kill American soldiers and Marines.

We are not talking about the United States, where you are trying to outlaw a comparatively small number of black rifles that are bought by recreational shooters and collectors and are never used in a crime. No, we are talking big numbers here, and we are talking real bad guys whose fondest hope is to kill Americans, and who do so on a regular basis.

If an FFL dealer lost a dozen AKs or a dozen handguns he would forfeit his license at the very least, and possibly face a major fine. But this is worse by an order of magnitudes. So I ask you, does the Pentagon simply skate on this one? Are you for gun control or not? Are you interested in saving American lives or not? Is someone going to be called to account or not?

Doubting that you will have a single word to say on the subject, I remain

Yours truly,
David E. Petzal


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I would be shocked to high heaven if she even bothers to take one lousy minute to respond to you, Dave! She is lost in her grief, blinded by revenge, and her mind clouded by ignorance of what a treasure law-abiding gun owners are. Senator McCarthy, get a better therapist, because whomever you used did not help at all.

Oh, yeah, and if you really want to take guns out of the hands of murderers, then let's see you do something about this!!!


The woman is a complete anti-gun vigilante who chooses to ignore the 2nd amendment and as such, is derelict in her sworn duties to uphold the constitution and should be impeached by her peers.

To be honest with you, she should be charged with treason and put in a federal prison.


Good point, Dave!

During the last few wars we've given guns to the 'good guys' only to find our Soldiers and Marines looking down the wrong end of those barrels! Maybe the people who decide who to give weapons to should do some ground time in Iraq!
The problem is not restricted to the international largesse of our Pentagon either. There are untold numbers of 'unaccounted for' weapons which should be in state side base armories; included are full auto M-16s, M-4s, handguns galore and shotguns too. Not to mention all sorts of grenades, Claymore mines, LAWS and SAMS. Estimates on missing firearms alone range into the hundreds of thousands; likely now in the hands of the most violent gang-bangers in our cities.
Congresswoman McCarthy: Before you come for my few hunting/target shooting guns please go to NYC, LA, Newark, Detroit and DC and get those guns back from the gang-bangers! Next please find and retrieve the plethora of handguns that our own police departments can not. Once you have all those weapons safely recovered and locked away then you may come to my door for mine. No worries here, I will have long since died of natural causes, as will my grandchildren's great grandchildren!
Thank you again Dave for inciteful commentary to start the discourse.

Clay Cooper

Bandido From Enid

No, we the soldiers of Vietnam and Meddle East didn't loose the war; the American News Media and those on Capital Hill lost it for us. Thank you Walter Cronkite, Jane Fonda, Senator Harry Reed, CONGRESSMAN JOHN P. MURTHA, Congresswoman Nancy Palosy and the rest for you're wonderful support. It won't be forgotten, believe me.

Remember Vietnam?

What turned the U.S. Citizens against the war in Vietnam? It was in Vietnam Watler Cronkite announced on the CBS Evening News on the evening of February 27, 1968, in an hour long special, that the Americans were loosing the war in Vietnam and that "the war could not be won honorably. (this was shortly after the 1968 Tet offensive began). The next evening good ol' Walter told America we should quit and get out of Vietnam. the U.S. was kicking ass out of the V.C. in Vietnam. And I guess most of you believed good ol' Walter. It is my belief that if good ol' Walter had not made this announcement (which the VC also heard) that the moral of the VC would of dropped so low that they would of given up the war. Just my openion, for what ever it's worth now days. The 1968 Tet Offensive was their final major push to drive the US out of Vietnam and end the war. They lost the Tet Offensive, and with the help of people like Walter they won the psychological war.


Clay Cooper

The Middle East?

There is no difference!
It’s right out of the Democratic playbook!

Death and carnage is now acceptable ways and means by the Democratic Party to gain and stay in power.


Clay Cooper

I truly believe to be fact; there are those on capital hill, namely Democrats that truly believe that Americans and its Soldiers are expendable commodities!

Black Rifle addict

Nice letter, and I'm afraid this may be the tip of the iceberg as it were in our goverment mishandling weapons. A few years ago the US Army lost a sizeable amount of C-4; It was stored in a locked building, no guard,or alarm, if I remember correctly. There also was a case in which the military gave away wooden crates to a local contractor in which he discovered later at home when taking them apart still contained air to air missiles in them!
It's like the IRS auditing themselves and finding a 5 million dollar accounting error!
Nice job Washington DC lets lead by example!

Clay Cooper

Turn Soldier BuBa loose!

BuBa the Great Soldier will end this mess within 30 days!

Turn Soldier BuBa loose!

Go get them BuBA!

Clay Cooper

Black Rifle addict

I will not say when and the location, a new Commander taken over, wanted an actual visual serial number inventory of all the nukes. One came up missing and guess where they found it? Downtown in a long-term storage facility!

Can you say, OOPS!


Dear Dave (may I call you Dave? You've been writing so much about me in your blog that I think we should be on a first-name basis):

Thanks for the query about the missing Iraqi weapons, but that's really not my bag. I'm interested only in contolling guns here in the US, and what the Pentagon does or doesn't do about guns in foreign countries isn't something I can get interested in.

You see, I know that the gun-control legislation I hope to get passed in Congress will apply only to law-abiding folks here in the US, because, after all, they're the ones who obey the laws, Silly! The ones who are going to commit crimes with guns will ignore my gun-control laws anyway, so I can't really concern myself with them.

Someone complained to me the other day that this approach seemed to miss the whole point of preventing crime, but there's only so much irony I can wrap my mind around!

If I'm really clever, tho, I can get Congress to pass a law that will ambush the law-abiders and make them into criminals without their really being aware of it, by making their legal guns suddenly illegal to own. This has the advantage of actually creating criminals--a nice touch, don't you think?

Well, enough of this chit-chat, Dave. I'm having lunch with Rosie, who's going to tell me about a whole new bunch of anti-gun bills I'm going to introduce, such as the one which will require a permit to apply for a gun permit, with a sliding fee depending on how many guns you already own. Isn't that diabolical?
Your Pal, Carolyn


I can't belive my eyes! You a-holes are blaming a pre-emptive strike on a sovreign nation (Iraq) on the DEMS? You s.o.b.s are really blinded by the right! What revisionist dreams! More to Dave's letter--where else did you expect those guns to go? Who else did you expect them to kill? Those freakin people HATE US worse than they hate each other! To C. Cooper-check the polls--you are in a minority in your belief that we are winning this war. Go ahead-keep spewing the party line. Remember "mobile labs", "w.m.d.'s", "the people will rise to aid their liberators" ? Wake UP! OUR men and women are dying to free whom?


Oh yeah-"lets give the surge time to work"!


Here are two juicy tidbits I picked up at a Bar-B-Cue from someone who knows Rep.McCarthy:

1. She and her husband were headed towards a divorce and he was going to look for a place of his own the weekend before he was killed; and

2. Her always rosy skin and red nose are caused by too much booze.

Now, this may only be hearsay, and hard to prove but as we all know...that never stopped an anti before.

Clay Cooper

First of all, I don't give a rat’s ass about the polls. The fact is that the Democrats once again are the criminal element that has sabotaged all the efforts of the American Soldier both in Vietnam and everywhere else! It’s obvious MR. B that you are in fact history challenged! Don’t start with me you freedom free loader. When I stepped on that transport January of 2000 the day before the start of Desert Storm, I was one of seven Air Force wide hand picked for support of a mission and I went willingly. If you like to be a Policeman and don’t want to get shot at, go to Wal-Mart and become a greeter at the door!

So instead of dialing 911 for the Police Mr. B, call 825426 (TALIBAN)

Clay Cooper

Mr. B, who was in Bagdad when we went back to finish the job? Russia and China! It’s easy to hide things in that part of that country. Of course you wouldn’t know Mr. B, you never been there! How does communism work? From the inside out. Rumors and propaganda! Communism makes a Nation implode on itself. It’s like the KKK. Why should they fight blacks? And why should they, when somebody else is doing the job for them. 1542 blacks are killed/slaughtered everyday; this is the highest mortality rate of all other rates combined and where is NAACP, Jesse Jackson and the rest? And you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about!

O’ya, I forgot, you probably believe that they are expendable commodity like all the Armed Services!

Ed J

I wonder what the results would have been if they took a poll on the battle of the bulge?

Clay Cooper

Ed J

That that Sir is a very good question?

Battle of the Bulge started 16 December 1944.


89,987 casualties
(19,276 dead,
23,554 captured or missing,
47,493 wounded)

British: 200 dead, 1,400 wounded and missing

The Germans
84,834 casualties
(15,652 dead,
27,582 captured or missing,
41,600 wounded)

Clay Cooper

The real problem with the Iraqi War goes back before President Carter.

The only way I believe to get us out of this never-ending tail chasing, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich I truly believe has the only salution to this mega problem.

Clay Cooper

Remember that Firearm legislation President Clinton wanted that everyone agreed to including the NRA and He vetoed it because it didn’t have mandatory trigger lock in it?

I rest my case!


I volenteered for the Navy in '73 Clay.......Here we go again with the argument about stopping the spread of communism in S. E. Asia, so it doesn't spread here. Sound familiar? It should! Don't talk to me about history---if you're young enough to have served during Desert Storm, you don't know shit about 'Nam. And don't talk to me about dead blacks-we left a lot of 'em in the paddies of Asia, courtesy of an elitest draft. I ain't no Senator's son, and you won't find many if any in the Middle East fighting this war either! Sound familiar? How many in this Admin. under Bush have served ANY time in a war zone? Now you tell me what DEMOCRAT put us there! Pull yer head out......


Are you related to Karl Marx, oops.. Rove?


Oh- and propaganda? This admin. could teach an advanced cousre on it---hell-you believe everything they're saying.


Newt G. is a disgrace.......


Contract ON America, indeed

Clay Cooper

then you should know what President Carter did!

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