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July 02, 2007

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Who’s The Number One Anti-Gun?

It occurs to me that seldom in recent memory have there been so many anti-gunners yowling and yammering at us, and so, in the great tradition of bloggery, I think it's time to take a poll: Who is the worst of them all?

In order that this project be conducted to the highest scientific standards, I'd like you to consider three factors in making your decision:

1. Extremism of views.
2. Ability to do us real damage.
3. General loathsomeness of personality.

And so, here is your list of candidates. Please choose only one, and keep your remarks brief.

*Mayor Michael Bloomberg
*Sen. Chuck Schumer
*Sen. Hillary Clinton
*Rep. Nancy Pelosi
*Rosie O'Donnell
*Sarah Brady
*Sen. Diane Feinstein
*Sen. Ted Kennedy
*Rep. Caroline O'Connor McCarthy
*A dark horse of your choice

Have at it.


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WA Mtnhunter

My pick is Hillary Clinton. I am not sure if her views are the most extreme, but she is certainly poised to do us great harm if elected to the presidency or allowed to influence the Democrat's platform. While I once thought Ted Kennedy was the most despicable politician in America, I think Hillary captures the "most loathsome personality" category hands down.

Come now, Dave. Such an easy quiz. From the list, there are no wrong answers!


She is in danger of becoming president where she can do real damage.


Ewww - tough one. I still remember the day that Rosie ambushed Tom Selleck and how made it made me. But a big-fat-mouthed Hollywood nobody doesn't scare me - but definitely wins in the LOATHSOME category.

So Hillary it is - mostly because she has power.

Thought "professional pain-in-the-ass" Michael Moore would have been there too - but again goes the big-fat-mouthed Hollywood nobody argument.


excellent list. like others, i'd discount the hollywood segment of the list as all bark and no bite. sarah brady has credibility, but those events are rapidly fading from the american memory. the politicians (and you skipped barrack obama) all have an ax to grind, and working in concert, should be considered worrisome. my greatest fears however are of Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney. Guiliani has been anti-gun for years, and Romney catered to them as governor of MA before joining the NRA less than a year ago. Wolves in sheep's clothing who will say anything to get elected are truly the one's to worry about.


What a list! Reminds me of my youth when it was time to clean the cess pit at the milk house. Hillary is the most dangerous because of her potential to do great harm. Calling her loathsome is being kind.

Ralph the Rifleman

Humm...well, all on the list have extremist views, and I agree that I don't fear the hollywood drones, but the political people pose a real threat. Hillary is definately one to fear if given any more power.
and yes, all of them have a "General loathsomeness of personality".
I even had to take an antacid after reading it!


As if she needed another vote, Hillary. I wont leave a real comment because I'm worn out from ranting about PETA on Jerry Gibbs blog at outdoorlife.com. you should check it out .

Who is Jerry Gibbs?

Who is Jerry Gibbs?


Hillary is:

1. Very extreme
2. On the cusp of doing gun-owning Americans loads of harm if she's elected
3. So loathesome she makes my skin crawl.

But look at it this way, if she's elected and some headline-worthy national event swings the majority of Americans towards gun ownership and gun rights, she would change her views faster than it took Bill to hit on Monica.

Clay Cooper


This is an easy one.

All of them!

Why you ask?

They’re all part of the BORG collective!

Hillary is the Queen BORG.

They feel resistance from those they try to assimilate into there collective. Therefore they must disarm the Freedom Fighters of the world so their socialist collective all over the world can move in!


Jerry Gibbs is the fishing editor at Outdoor Life.

Mike Strehlow

Quite a list you put together, Dave. I would not only not vote for these people, I wouldn't want most of them to set foot in my house. If it weren't for Hillary, Ted, Nancy, Michael B, Rosie, Chuck, and Diane, most talk radio hosts and late night comedians would hardly know what to say in their monologues.

So my vote for #1 antigun in America is "a dark horse of your choice." I'll describe him.

He is a politician who is not a big mouthed disgrace to his (or her) office. This politician is basically honest and does a good job at representing his district. He does not showboat for the cameras. He will never be taken for corruption, drunkeness, drugs, or adultery, because he doesn't partake of these things. He actually loves his country. This politician regularly attends church, even when no reporters are around, while holding his wife's hand. As a representative and a person, this politician is respected by everyone.

Unfortunately, it is this politician's uncomplicated, deeply-felt belief that privately owned handguns (and many long guns) simply should not exist in a well-ordered, law-abiding, modern society. Should he reach high office, this politician will do what he can to remove these guns from our hands, because he thinks it is for our own good that he does so.

THAT is the politician who will do us the most harm. The liberal fright-mask caricatures who populate Dave's list actually comfort me in a way; thinking, reasonable people will not take Rosie's, Ted's, Nancy's etc. anti-gun rantings too seriously, because reasonable people can't take anything they say too seriously. But my politician, though he wouldn't even register on the 'loathsomeness' meter, would bury the needle on the 'ability to do us harm' meter. If we ever see THAT guy coming, watch out. HE would be the #1 antigunner in America!


How can King Daley be left off of this list? The Mayor "king" of Chicago is very hard on guns.

Brian M.

Chuck-far and away!!


I would submit that the group with the greatest anti-gun impact are the criminals who commit crimes involving guns because, like it or not, the people on the list that has been put together are reacting (I might say grossly overreacting, but still) to those criminals' actions. If we removed from society more of those who intentionally harm others with guns, the members of your list wouldn't have much to talk about.


All of them, if Stalin or Hitler were still around either one would have them rounded up and shot!!



Ozark Hillbilly

It’s a proven fact that the Democratic Party will allow a certain level of death and carnage to advance their agenda. Imagine if Pres. Bush had something like Waco, Ruby Ridge and turned down the same firearms legislation Slick Willy vetoed because it didn’t have trigger locks but it had everything else he wanted!


As gun owners, we are often our own worst enemies.


I'm surprised Mikey Bloomberg didn't appear. For one, the guy is absolutely loaded; his net worth is estimated to be in the billions. Second, he's not married to a liability (albeit popular)like Bill. And third (here's the sick part) he's an influential "leader" of a major U.S. city, and his policies, unfortunately are spreading with his liberal minded cohorts in other major hubs. But again, the guys filthy, and filthy rich. He can almost be a one man anti-NRA in terms of monetary efficacy.

SD Bob

I'm being redundant in picking President Clinton's wife but she worries me the most! At first Chuck Schumer stuck out but what I've seen of his reasonings(for that matter Mizz Feinstein too)they seem to absurd but President Bill's wife articulate way of speaking scares me with her power of persuasion.


Ok time to weigh in on this one. Fat Teddy, nah, Mayor B. NYC, Nah, Diane watsername from Kalifornia, Errrrrr No, Nancy P also from KomiKalifornia, nope, Chuck "I have my nose so far up the other NY senator's bum I know what she had for lunch, Nope! O'connor of Looong Issland, nah, Rosie Puhleeze! Oprah, noprah, fat turd moore?? noper, Madam Hilary well certainly articulate and unfavorable to us, nope, Dark Horse (whorse) Mitt Romney the cameleon he is the worst. Rudy isn't hiding his distaste for our 2A rights, Mitt is playing like one of us and pooping in the sandbox when he thinks we aren't looking!!!


Another couple of Dark Horses: the AARP (the worlds second most profitable 'NonProfit' organization. Political power to burn!!! and not in our corner.
WalMart first took over the landscape and now dictates what we can and more importantly CAN'T buy there -- you won't find handguns for sale in any wally world I am familiar with. Nor are there many decent long guns, just mass produced cheaped down versions.

John Grunwald

All of them. They seem to forget that thier bodyguards carry guns

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