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July 02, 2007

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The Source Of Our Own Salvation

"We each have the right to be the source of our own salvation from evil if we so choose. That right must not be usurped by those who would run our lives for us according to their own agendas, whether it be for the basest of self-interests, or for the noblest of altruisms."--Gwen, from Pennsylvania, on why she owns guns.--from Armed America, by Kyle Cassidy


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WA Mtnhunter

Well stated. I for one don't need the ideogogs in Washington D.C. telling me what is in my best interest.

The common denominator of the political elite is that they all think we are stupid and are incapable of knowing what is best for us. Al Gore is a prime example. In his book, he states that one fourth of the earth's population should be eliminated to preserve the environment while he lives in an energy hog of a mansion. I always wondered if 25 percent of HIS family would be among those eliminated.

suburban bushwacker

Which page?
i dont have time to read Al Gore's but i'd like to see this.

suburban bushwacker

Re:WA Mtnhunter
Which page?
i dont have time to read Al Gore's but i'd like to see this.

Gwen Patton

Oh my goodness! Thank you.



Gwen- you ROCK!! Plain worded, simple and to the point !


Why do nearly all of the anti-gun politicians and personalities have bodyguards who carry weapons?
Answer: For the same reason I carry a weapon-
to protect myself from criminals.
I certainly wouldn't want the politicians and personalities to be the only ones to be able to defend themselves.


While I have great respect for the police--most of them, anyway--I do not cede to them the responsibility for my own security. All free men and women not only have the right, but the responsibility, to fight for what is rightfully theirs and to repel any criminal assault. An unarmed society makes it all too easy for evil to succeed. I pray that we do not suffer another 9/11, but I also pray that the next time an Islamofascist tries to launch a terrorist attack, an armed citizen will shoot him to doll rags. Scores of Hamas suicide bombers were stopped by Israeli citizens with well-aimed headshots. Soon, we may have to do the same.


here we go again.....someone pointing out a democrat, or, "liberal" for all that is wrong with this country. I am certain that "W" has the latest technology in energy conservation installed on his home. Being an oil man and all. As far as being told how to live....just look at the erosion of your civil liberties under this current administration. But they were "elected" (choke) by the moral majority, and we all know that THEY KNOW how we should live!

WA Mtnhunter

Mr. b:

Your point is well taken. I think Bush's Texas house was contrasted in the media as being environmentally friendly to some extent compared to Al Gore's. Al Gore is an elitist and wacko who just happens to be a Democrat. Both Bush's (or all) are elitist D.C. insiders that think they know what is best for us all, too.

If you think the Republican's or Democrat's have the best interests of us all in mind, you are sadly mistaken. They have their party's power and greed as a prime motivation. Prove me wrong if you can, sir!


Just like a "liberal" or "democrat" to try and shift the focus of this discussion to the poor poor always picked on liberals. You act like the media is not in the liberal back pocket pushing BS like global warming is man made and anti gun propaganda. Do a little research on both subjects and you will find that liberals and democrats are the one's who back this BS. I can't say I am surprised because nothing is more appalling to a liberal than facts.

Big Ed


If you read this, know that those were the best two consecutive sentences ever written on the subject.



This is the comparisson of Bush and Gore's house's.

George Bush should be a member of Greenpeace and Algore should be a capitalist pig.



To Joshua---Check out the environmental disaster going on in China. Count the bodies piling up. We have air quality sensors in California picking up pollution from China. You don't believe in global warming? Liberal b.s. did'nt invent the global environment--ignorance and pure greed have.


As I scanned the comments, the "just like a liberal or a democrat" caught my eye. Which flavor of liberal? Rocky Road or Garcia? I come from a land where the Democrats are armed (Missouri), and they bear little or no similarity to most DC / East or West Coast Democrats. I vote the person, not the party and I am a Proud member of the Northern Virginia Pink Pistols. If you care to look, most anti gunner's statements can be compared side by side with gun control advocates who got their way (such as the early Nazi Party, and several implementations of Communist States). An armed population is a safety valve against such tyranny even if the chaos and tyranny is represented by a mugger or zelot who would harm me. In fact, the Texas Consitution recognizes the fact that the population may be required to overthrow the sitting Texas Government should it run amok and become tyrannical. Fortunately, I do not have to argue, my rights are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and there is no higher authority except God. No other enduring nation has the protection of anything similar to the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, and while that Constitution is honored, we are protected from tyrany.


The environmental disasters are caused by a socialist government bureaucracy, the kind of failed government that you libs love and support so much.

If China is such a horrible threat why are they not held to the same standards as the USA is in the Kyoto Treaty? The answer is they throw their tree huggers (foreign and domestic) in the gulag.

Please do not force your religion on people that can put two and two together and know that it does not equal ALgore.

What is the perfect average temperature for the Earth? We know the Earth has been much colder than now...and it has been much warmer than it is now...who are you to say that the way it is now is the way it must remain?

Anyone who thinks they are going to prevent the Earth from going through its natural cycles by raising taxes on Developed nations and preventing developing nations from advancing is just plain stupid.

The Global Warming Cult even sells Indulgences like the Catholic church used to do. If you pollute to much and want to feel less guilty buy carbon credits from the UN and your sins are forgiven...but the pollution still goes into the air!

No one that hunts and fishes wants to see the environment destroyed needlessly, but the tree hugger religion that sees man second to animals and man as a contaminate that does not belong on the planet has pushed to far.

garbage in garbage out;

The other side of the consensus;


Tony---the crap we've thrown into the environment has absolutly nothing to do with the "natural" ebb and flow of earth. How can you use a comparison from history, when nothing such as the likes of mans pollution has'nt happened til now(last 150 yrs.)? I want my great grandchildren to be able to hunt/fish! Hurry up and hug that tree--it may be dead to acid rain next year!

No way to compare Bushie's little house on the Texas Plains to Al's home in TNN. Al don;t own the oil fields in Texas as Bush and the BVP do. If we can get Bushie back to Texas and a god Femocrat in DC for about l6 years, he may be able to clean up Bushi's teams mess. A big job, but can be done.Good old southern Boy , yep protct my self, my 45 is always ready, and it does shoot straight.


Femocrat?? Love it! Certain ring to that contraction. Gonna bet that Gwen is not a Femocrat! Not that either political party has our interests at heart. All of the mainstream politicos are kissing the A--es of their money chain. Nothing more, nothing less. It would be nice to have a plain speaking, straight up person ala Teddy Roosevelt run for office again! Female or male, white, black, Hispanic or Oriental, no matter to me, just speak straight and walk what you talk.

Dr. Ralph

Dr. Ron Paul obstetrician and congressman from Texas and Republican presidential candidate with a straight walk and talk. Never voted to raise taxes, ran as the Libertarian presidential candidate in 1988, returns money to the U.S. Treasury every year from his congressional office budget and does not participate in the congressional pension plan. Delivers babies, he's NOT a lawyer or lobbyist... and he's never voted for any restrictions on gun ownership. If it's not in the U.S. Constitution, he's not for it. www.ronpaul2008.com Punch my name to go there.

Clay Cooper

Here we go again, bashing Bush! Far as the Global crisis is concerned such as the Middle East (Thank You Jimmy Carter, always backing the wrong side and turn tail and run at the first bump! ). China and North Korea nuclear problems (Thank You Bill Clinton, for giving China and assisting them with the plans to build U.S. most modern nuclear warhead and the guidance system to deliver the war head! And North Korea the fuel rods to make the bombs.) Those who jump first without exploring the facts of history will find that it’s the Democratic Party is the party that brought us into this global turmoil. It’s what happened in the past that has snowballed into the problems of today! And Bush is handed the Sh*t bag to deal with it. Just like North Vietnam, the U.S. and it’s allies were in fact within three months of winning the war with North Vietnam until Walter Cronkite lied and said the United States is loosing the war. This like what the the Democrats and news agencies like Dan Rather and others have done to us again in Iraq today. Don’t forget, CNN admitted to be alowed to stay in Iraq, it most report false information to remain there under Sadam. There are those that will allow a level of death and distruction to get ahead and make there living. Isn’t that right Bill!

Clay Cooper

Today as a Proactive Sportsman, I find the same thing going on amongst us Sportsmen, is the same what’s going on nationally. Take the Cross Bow debate. There are those that will pick out one line out of a whole vast of information to twist to prove their point. Like the KKK, the Bible says they believe is a blurp in a sentence that’s says, “What is good is white”. Never mind the 20 paragraphs before and after. It’s that short line they twist to prove there perverted way of thinking. There are those that will knowingly and mulishly crash the airplane there on and kill everyone in it rather than find common ground to save it. They want you to have a choice, but it’s the choice they give you. It’s like going to a Restaurant, you ask for a Coke and they only have Pepsi. If I wanted Pepsi, I’d ask for it!

One thing I do know for a fact. When those of twisted minds are confronted with the truth and a demand to prove what they say is true, they go into spasms, name calling, anger and blaming someone else for their pitiful situation they’re in. So you dropped out of High School and you have a job that sucks. You didn’t vote last time and you complain what’s going on in the world. Shut up! It’s your fault because you were too stupid and lazy to do something about it FOOL! And when all hunting is banned along with all the firearms, so who’s to blame here?

Funny thing happened, the Sierra Club is reaching out to Sportsmen to join their ranks to help to save the environment. I find it interesting to think after all these years; the Sierra Club is wising up and discovering that the Sportsmen are not the enemy! I’m going to check them out myself

I wonder when those amongst us Sportsmen realize the same?


All you global warming idiots are too stupid to look into the matter and find the facts. Look into the Oregon petition that had over 1700 scientists sign it to say they DISAGREED WITH THE STANCE THAT HUMANS ARE AFFECTING THE CLIMATE. Also look into new research being done at the pole, drilling into the ice at the pole to find temperature to carbon in the atmosphere comparison. What are they finding? Temperature goes up THEN carbon in the atmosphere goes up. The exact opposite of what Al Gore is lying to everyone about. Google it just try and look into it yourself, do some reading don’t just regurgitate what your lefty college professor told you, and certainly don’t believe Al Gore AKA MANBEARPIG


Question to all of you environmentalists who are pretending to care about this planet and the wildlife like true sportsmen. What is the name of the largest forest on the planet? Hint it is not the Amazon Rain forest. I know that is what you think it is and when you Google it just know you have already failed yourself and your environmentalist religion.


Answer- the largest forest on the planet is the Taige. A conifer forest that stretches from Siberia to Canada.


Truth is I don't care if you do not want to hunt, or own a gun, or eat meat. It is your life and in American we have the right to live how we see fit. The problem I have with non-hunters, anti-gunners, and vegetarians is that you believe that you know what is best for everyone. You have seen the light and now everyone must live like you, if they disagree with you then a law should be made to force them to live like you. Hunters understand more than anyone we are part of this planet not an alien species that has screwed everything up beyond repair. Spend a week in the mountains hunting elk and you will feel a connection to the forest and have a respect for the animals you cannot get from looking at photographs and never getting out of the city. Sportsman provide hundreds of millions of dollars to each states economy every year. They also provide a demand for wild areas to maintain the wildlife they love. We do not hunt because we like to kill, or because we feel superior to wildlife. We hunt to be a part of wildlife, like the bear, the wolf, or the shark. We are part of the habitat. Environmentalists like to argue we are part of the environment to back their global warming and pollution stances, but claim we are bad for wildlife and wild habitat when it comes to hunting. You cannot have it both ways. We are part of the habitat and we care for our planet, we just disagree with Al Gore. If you educate yourself on hunting and other environmental issues like global warming and you still disagree with hunting and still believe in global warming that is cool. Just please for your own sake if it means so much to you learn about it, read don’t just listen to others in classrooms or documentaries and quote them like they are fact.

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