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July 25, 2007

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Hunting Vs. Video Games

One of the duties of older generations is to deplore younger generations, so in line with that, permit me to point out that any kid brought up with his or her nose stuck in a video game for hours on end is going to make a terrible hunter. Here's why.

  • Video games take place on a small screen. Hunters are often required to keep an eye on huge chunks of real estate, often at a great distance.
  • Video games give you feedback instantaneously. Ma Nature gives you feedback over many hours, or days, or sometimes never.
  • Video games can be manipulated by the gamesman. Nature can't.
  • Video games are played indoors, where you are not hot or cold, and require no physical effort. Hunters are almost always hot or cold, and often exert a great deal of physical effort.
  • Video games require no actual courage. Hunting sometimes does.
  • Video games are not real. Hunting is as real as life and death.

I'm glad I was born when I was.


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Isaac Ohman

anyone who is arguing for video games is missing the point of this blog.

he is not dissing video games, he is systematically pointing out ways that hunting is superior. it's not that video games are negative, but they are passive entertainment, not a skill or combination of skills as hunting is.

i am not really an avid hunter; i am more of a fisherman, but the point still stands: real life decimates anything on a screen.


I have the video game "Hunting Unlimited" on my PC, and I'm hoping that it has helped me to some extent on my shot placement when I actually get a chance to hunt this fall. I used to play it for hours, but I only shoot 2 or 3 different hunts at a time now.


O Mini-30 tem a. o furo de 308 diâmetros, mas pode segurar até. as balas de 311 polegadas porque tem uma garganta muito longa essa afilam-se lentamente para baixo a. 308. Por que no mundo as forças especiais dos E. U. pediriam Ruger para desenvolver um rifle para segurar o 7.62X39 e compartimentos de AK quando usam regularmente AK capturado em missões? Soa como alguém tem uma imaginação vívida. O Mini-30 foi desenvolvido nas esperanças de começar alguma parte de mercado da mania SKS/AK-47 desde que as vendas Mini-14 têm declinado firmemente.


The hunting video games are fun and all but it has nothing on hunting in the wild

Nothing is more real than shooting a Remington 870 magnum with a 3 ½ inch shell with 2 ¼ oz of #4’s

Clay Cooper


You got to see this!



Clay Cooper

Now this is a video!

Trae B.

i was born into the gaming reign.I do have a playstation2 but its in my room getting covered in dust i never have time to play im always at work or working with my bow skills.but i do have buddies that do nothing but play games and eat and do not exercise and there is a big difference.if someone broke into thier house and they had a fully loaded gun they wouldent know what to do with it but they are perfect shots on anykind of game.

Trae B.

this is one of the blogs i agree with most by the way

im4hunting @ myspace

Dave, someone once asked my father how he ended up with two great boys. We didn't drink, smoke, chew, do any sort of drugs...hell we didn't even stay out late at nights, hang out at the food court in the mall and we weren't addicted to video games. My dad's answer: "They didn't have time because we were always in the woods, hunting or fishing."
To this day, my brother and I (49 and 41 respectively) don't regret a single bit of it.

Clay Cooper

In High School, the Coach gave me a choice, play ball or go with my Dad?

See’ya Coach!

Never regretted it!


So many kids today are being diagnosed with ADD -attention deficit disorder- and one of the myths about video games claims the games keeps these kids occupied and less likely to be annoying and/or destructive as a result of being bored. As a former teacher, we used to describe ADD as ADH- attention deficit at home.
nuff said.


Clay , checked out that video.


What rifle whas that?

Sure kicked the SH*T out of the shooter!

tom w.

I am now 73 years old and have been blessed by being able to spend more time than most folks hunting and fishing. Electronic games hold no interest for me. One point that I would like to make regarding the above comments, and that is how few kids are able to FIND a place to hunt, fish or anything else related to the real outdoors anymore! The vast majority live in the city or suburbs. If any of them would like to head for the countryside, they only encounter more suburbs which seem to on forever. Mom and dad seldom are able to find the time or interest in driving them long distances to find what is left of nature. Probably when they arrive they will be greeted by a posted sign. When I grew up the countryside lay just beyond my house at the edge of the city. Nothing was posted. I could hop on my bike and be enjoying it within 10 minutes. That distant time and place is long gone. My (and our) generation has destroyed these opportunities for huge percentage of our young people forever;sacrificed to greed,ignorance, indifference, lack of planning and all the other ills to which our society has fallen prey. Some of us refer to all this as "progress".If this is in fact "progress", then I for one believe we have paid much too high a price for it. Our young boys and girls will now continue to pay that price. No wonder they turn to screen for their fake thrills. Tom


i am 14 and i have a playstation and really enjoy some of the games...but i also really enjoy hunting and fishing. id rather do that than play the ps2 so i dont think that the new gaming systems affect my time in the woods


I hunt and fish everychance I can. There are times though when the weather is too foul to hunt or fish, this is when I take time to do other tasks. I use this time to clean guns, sharpen knives,respool my fishing reels, search google maps for new areas to hunt, read Field and Stream, if I get bored with these then I turn to Rapalas Fishing on Xbox or Cabela's Most Dangerous Hunts.


I'm really gonna miss the chit-chat. Heading to the north woods tomorrow. Gonna drown some worms, and eat my fill of some smallies........


Right On, Tom W!!
Even here in the Granite State we see more land turned into shopping malls and cheap-ass constructed overpriced condo 'parks' every day. Much of the open land I drive past regularly has been posted. Yes my kids and step kids have video games, computers, mp3 players and cell phones; BUT I know where the OFF buttons are on all those electronic marvels and I aint afraid to use them! We do find time to get out for hikes, fishing and hunting and the kids love it more than playing "Shuck and Jive the Alien Five" or whatever the latest silliness is on these things. We would love not to have to burn a tank of gas just to get to someplace nice to fish or hunt though! My step daughter, age 17, has lost about 75lbs since momma and I tied the knot a few months back so I guess there is some worth to outdoors activities!

Blue Ox

Now I could be wrong, but i belive the arab in the video is getting mollywhopped by a .577 Tyrannosaur.

Blue Ox

That's 'believe'. sorry.

WA Mtnhunter

If you turn the rifle around and use the business end, the .257 Roberts could put on a max-mollywhopping....permanently!

Blue Ox

Yeah, true. You could only do it once.

Dr. Ralph

I think the sand errrr.... Arab is shooting a Ruger Express Rifle. Maybe .458 Lott? Yeah video games are fun but when I was growing up my neighbor got the first one. Pong. Not exactly a big thrill. Cool game dude, want to shoot some hoops? Now they are so good kids don't even want to see the sun. Hell the spoiled brats in my neighborhood play online with each other and do it from their own houses. What are you doing son? Playing with Brent. Where is he? Oh he's at his house. We're online playing counter strike. Great... virtual friends.


Loved that short clip of Abdul getting his butt kicked by the rifle! Couldn't tell just what it was though the stock shape does suggest either the Ruger M 77 or a Kimber bolt action. I have fired some pretty powerful (up to the .458 Win Mag) rifles myself and never got whacked about that badly! I will say it did look like the guy was flat out scared of the weapon to start with, that might well have contributed to the butt kicking he got!
Back to the video games subject though; it is still the parents perogative and responsibility to set limits on these things. Use those 'Off' switches and get the kids off the couch and down to the pond! Set the example by not 'vegging out' in front of the idiot box or the computer all the time. Remember to keep the outdoor activities within the skill level of the kids and to make it fun not an ordeal.


Thank you Tom W.

You are exactly right.

Whe I say things like that, I am a peta supporter or an america basher. We have made our beds and now we can only hope to get some sleep in them; less our heads be chopped off before we wake.

Arrogance, Greed and those who feel they are elite because of their perceived wealth are the reasons video games have taken such a hold on our youth.

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