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July 11, 2007

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How To Blast A Gecko

Here is what you might call a mini-quiz, except we're looking for opinions, not facts.

1. The Geico gecko is no longer cute. In fact, the little green bastard is getting pretty annoying. Which cartridge would you use to remove him?

2. Due to (global warming, Hillary, end of the oil supply, you name it) society collapses and in order to survive, people are forced to take to the hills, or the swamps, or whatever is available. When you pack up your few essentials, which handgun do you bring?

Go to it.


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Capt Parker

strangle it
make Gekko Skin luggage for GI Joe

Patriot 223, long buffer tube, M68 CCO, beta C mag


1.ruger semi-auto .22 long to kill the obnoxious little lizard

2.1911 for survival

good job on the article dave


Lizard: Louisville Slugger

Survival: Ruger GP100 .357 magnum

Clay Cooper

Where’s my 338 win mag!

225 grain Hornady SST at 3000FPS!

Scott W Hassan

A gecko requires a certain "Panache" so the cartridge/gun combo should too. I recommend a Browning M2 in .50bmg...yum yum get some! For a bad day gun my .480 always comes through...but a .22 ruger single six works too!

Bill in VA

Anything shooting 7 1/2 birdshot for the lizard.

.357 for the woods. I like the GP100 too Jonny!

Emeril Lagasse

if you use an M2 you won't be able to make it into a "Panache"

Jamal "Little Pac " Jefferson

You axks?

Yo, my crome plate 9 lorcin!

L Clyde

1: .22 lr one limb at a time
because he's so painful to watch anyway make it slow

2: 44 special
so I can do his bros in the field QUICK


A 30-06 for the hills,ammo is everywhere and it'll kill anything. A machate for the gecko, more sporting-won't waste ammo-and the're tasty chopped and fried over an open flame!!


For the lizard: Pre-70 Model Winchester with custom 26 inch barrel chambered for the first POP cartridge topped off with a 24X Leupold, shot taken at not less than 400 meters. Don't forget custom stock made from the roots of a three hundred year old Missouri walnut.
For the Hills: Ruger Mark I, five magazines and four bricks of ammo.


“The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down”.


Leave the gecko alone, shoot Asian cockroaches (head shots for marksmanship development) with my .22 Gamo CFX and see if he'll eat'em.

For the woods, my .22 Browning Buckmark and as much ammo as I can carry. Or stash.


Leave the gecko alone, shoot Asian cockroaches (head shots for marksmanship development) with my .22 Gamo CFX and see if he'll eat'em.

For the woods, my .22 Browning Buckmark and as much ammo as I can carry. Or stash.

Trae B.

you just cant go wrong with originals the 44.colt revolver will do fine for both situations.

and i dont blame ya'll for wantin to pop the critter if a lizard started talkin to me i would shoot it to.

Ed J

To dispense the Geico gecko I would use a 22 eargesplitin louden boomer with a full charge of luddites.

Or borrow the disintergrator from the martian on the bugs bunny cartoon.

or sick a pack of Naugas on him.

As to handgun for survival I have only one and that is a Savage Striker in 7mm08. Would be better in 300WSM.


I would use my Ruger 44. carbine for both. It's an automatic so you canshoot quick and it has a red dot sight. It shoots a huge bullet [250 grains] and is accurate enough for survival situations. It is also a blast to shoot.

Sir Fortesue Willmington

"you just cant go wrong with originals"

wheel lock pistol

paper cartiges

 Hiram Maxim

lol auto ruger carbine


For the gecko I would use a 06 for the hills I would bring a 1911 45, one of the best guns in the world. If #2 said rifle it would be the 06.


Isay we do away with those stupid cavemen. Who ever thought that the airlines would let one of themon board??? Or invite them to a party!!!. My 270 would take care of all of them. A 22lr for survuval. Joel


I wouldn't shoot him at all. I have worked for GEICO for 35 years and feel that he is part of my family. Instead you should go on line at GEICO.com and see if we can't save you 15% on your car insurance. Although I would hesitate to write you as you sound as if road rage maybe a factor to consider.


Tennis racket for the gecko.

1911 and a .22 slide.

Ralph the Rifleman

I think Mr.Geico-Gecko is kinda cool, so no demise planned for him.
Now those two demonic squirrels that cause a car crash, they are fair game!

My survival handgun would be a .357mag-GP100.It is powerful enough to kill big game,makes a better self-defense caliber then the .22, and can fire .38 special loads for versatility.

Tom Turner

For the gecko,Id let my cat,"Butch" loose, bye lizard. For survival a S&W mod.19 and Glock mod.27 for back-up. Bye critters and bad guys.

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