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July 11, 2007

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How To Blast A Gecko

Here is what you might call a mini-quiz, except we're looking for opinions, not facts.

1. The Geico gecko is no longer cute. In fact, the little green bastard is getting pretty annoying. Which cartridge would you use to remove him?

2. Due to (global warming, Hillary, end of the oil supply, you name it) society collapses and in order to survive, people are forced to take to the hills, or the swamps, or whatever is available. When you pack up your few essentials, which handgun do you bring?

Go to it.


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Capt Parker

a .303 for a little limey bastard

Capt Parker

9mm or 45, one using easily available parts


I would bring a .44 magnum revolver to the survival party and I'd probably use the same revolver to wipe out the lizard. It may be overkill, but the annoying lizard deserves it.


.17 on the lizard and some optics to watch the red cloud, give me the dirty harry for the peice.

Clay Cooper

O’HELL, everything I have is over caliber for that little green bastard! Even my Ruger Mark II is too big!

I just have to turn my German Shorthair Pointer on the little shit!
She loves lizards; they’re so crunchy and juicy!

That little green bastard about as annoying as headon, apply it to the forehead!

And for my survival handgun? My Ruger Super Black Hawk 44mag!

255 grain cast with 24 grains of Hodgens 110 behind it!



1. Wouldn't waste a bullet on the little twurp. Squash it with my boot.

2. I don't put much store in handguns, but I'd likely use a .22 Ruger auto or revolver....whatever was a good deal and available.


1. i'd use a .17 because the lizard is little and i'd want a bigger splat than a 22 would give.

2. don't use much for hand guns but i would like a 1911 .45

Mike Diehl

The Geico gecko is a cartoon. So in good toon fashion, I'd probably blast him with an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator fired from a really big gun.

If I had to head for the hills with one handgun it would be a Ruger Mark II or Mark III in .22LR. I could carry at least 1500 rounds for it and still have room for all the other adventure gear.


I would use my 12 GA. Mossberg Pump with 3 in. #4's on the lizard, cuz I don't want to miss on the 1st shot.

I would take my S&W Mod.629 .44 mag. revolver to the woods, with my Ruger P90 .45ACP as a back up.

Aaron Pape

i'd use a 7mm Rem Mag on the lizard. That'll teach him.

I'll take my Taurus Raging Bull in 44 mag. Ammo is widely available and it'll stop anything.


Glock 17. I know the 9mm is small, but the Glock is durable and requires very low maintanence and is a great all weather handgun.

Ozark Hillbilly

Mike Diehl

That Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator just might take out the Universe?

That Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator, Don't you think thats a little over kill? just might take out the Universe?

I’d stick little green bastard down the barrel of my 12 ga and shoot the moon! NASA Shuttle Gecko!


Ammunition is getting so expensive I would prefer to dispatch the little lizzard with an old shovel.

If by survival you mean hunting for little critters to consume, I would opt for the Ruger .22 auto. If survival means keeping big critters from consuming me, I would much prefer a .44 mag, also a Ruger.

David Loeffler

1. For the geko I'd use a .22 CB Long.

2. Handgun for survival would be a 45 Colt, Ruger or Freedom Arms. Light loads for little stuff and heavies for stuff that bites back.


1. .308 165gr Accutip......fun, fun, fun!

2. Sig Sauer P220


Cartridge? I can understand the rage, and the desire to unleash holy h*ll on the little green bugger. But, my best friend and I used to hone our marksmanship on the real thing here in South Florida, using the trusty BB. It's a matter of scale, my friend.

Dr. Ralph

Now I remember what started my love affair with this blog. Truly meaningful and interesting discussions such as cartridge selection for the Geico gecko. Unfortunately I can think of no cartridge small enough to inflict the necessary pain and anguish required to even the tables with the critter. Fortunately I am an airgun enthusiast and have hollow point .177 caliber pellets. I believe my RWS 34 could remove his tail and rear legs, leaving the upper torso intact... after watching him pull his bloody entrails around for a while I'd put him out of his misery. Maybe.

Survival handgun? I guess my Mark II, as it would provide food and I could carry thousands of rounds but any handgun is a pretty sorry weapon in a firefight.

Dr. Ralph

Beat me to it Steve!


I have to admit, I like the idea of just letting the gecko go on the screen porch with Duke (our Cat) out there. It usally takes him about 2 days to finally kill the damn lizards.

Since my wife would go with me we would have a 1911 and a Ruger MIII with a red dot site. One for 4 legged critters and one for the 2 legged ones!

Peace :-)


Paintball marker and a soda straw up the whazoo for the lizard. What happens after 200psi?
The 1911 or S&W .357.


Ford F150 with all terrain Bridgestones is my choice.


Dave - Can we discuss the Afflack Duck next? Please!



Richard: the Duck gets a CO2 fire extinguisher enema. No charge for the service. Then we let it lift off.

Steve C

1. Save a bullet and leave the gecko alone

2. A .22 Calico with 10,000,000 rounds of ammunitions.

Keith Fullerton

When I was a kid and only allowed a Red Rider BB gun, I found that if you unscrewed the barrel and loaded the tube with a small handfull of pebbles, it made a great scattergun for frogs. Much more fun than BBs and that's what that little smartass lizard needs.
For survival in the wilds, a .357 does the job on big game including two legged but you have to have some kind of .22 for small game and birds and because the ammo is light enough to carry plenty.

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