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July 17, 2007

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Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in their Homes,

It’s doubtful that any special-interest group in the United States of America has been portrayed more unfairly than hunters and gun owners. The reasons are too numerous and sordid to go into in this limited space, but suffice it to say, when I opened a package the other day and saw a book inside called America Armed: Portraits of Gun Owners in their Homes, what came to mind was the acronym BOHICA—Bend over; here it comes again.

But I was wrong. This coffee-table book is the child of Krause Publications, which puts out (via its imprint F+W Publications) the Gun Digest. So it seemed highly unlikely that they would be doing a hatchet job on us. And they didn’t. What we have here folks, between two covers, is that greatest of rarities, a fair picture of who owns guns.

The author is photojournalist Kyle Cassidy, and he spent two years, traveled 15,000 miles, and visited the homes of over 100 people who own firearms. He took their pictures, with their guns, and asked one question: “Why do you own them?”

The answers are very brief, and include about every reason imaginable, but high on the frequency list are: “Because I can” and “Because I choose not to be a victim.” And a lot of these are very serious guns. There are black rifles, and suppressed guns, and full-auto guns, and sporting rifles, and antiques. They are owned by rich people and poor people, creepazoids and all-Americans, the normal (whatever the hell that is) and the somewhat out of kilter. In short, everyfreakinbody.

And a startlingly high percentage of these people have cats living with them.

Armed America is $30, and will be available on August 1. www.armedamerica.org


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Gay Albert

Looks like Democrats need to resort to nonsense-spam to try to get their "message" out, whatever that message is. They must not be able to generate enough interest in their anti-American causes to sustain their Billary for President website.

Half-naked Greek Shepherd boy

LDSG: The Buddy Hinton Years

As his drug habits demanded ever more of his attention, Buddy's on-stage performances, along with his behaviour toward his fellow band members, began to rapidly deteriorate and he began to miss more and more gigs until the point was reached where the other band members were forced to make a decision.

Next: Keith Moon?

Rocky Mtn Hunter

If you want a cheap silencer for your rifle, go buy a small cheap lawn mower muffler and clamp it to end of your gun muzzle. It does work. So for firearms in my home, I have a Carry Permit, my handgun goes with me wherever I go, even where the sign says NO. I don;t feel safe without it. At 11 oz the 380 Kel-tec is light as a pocket knife.When hunting a 357 or 44 mag goes in my shoulder holster( along with my hunting gun). AS for gun history, the mfgers predict that more firearms will be sold in next 20 years than at anytime in history. We have been brain-washed by the Bush clan that we goona be hit again to scare us to vote GOP in 2008 and to justify his mistakes.The 20-30 age group will buy as never before. As for Hillary, like her or not, she WILL be President come Jan. 20-2009. AS for her taking our guns away, thats bull, she will have her hands full getting us out of the mess Bush has us in. The entire middle east hates our guts, she is not about to try a gun control other than to enforce the laws on our books now.She is surely not that stupid. Give the woman a chance, she's by far smarter than anyone else running or trying to run. For sure the GOP has no one. O, the ex-mayor of NY thinks he's smart, but what has he done for man-kind, other than give a prepared aricle by a speech writer on the 911 situation.After nearly 7 years of Bush, even I could do a much better job. All he's done is try to scare the people to death about his mess in the far East. His sole mission was to declare War on Iraq, as the word was that Saddam tried to kill his Dad, Bull.If Saddam was smart enough to take our the twin towers, then he was smart enough to take out Daddy bush. The 90 's were good years, like Bill or not. the 2000Ks been Hell under Bush. If Hillary can return us to the prosperty of the 90's then by all means lets give her the opportunity. Yep, she's smart, and knows how DC operates. Don;t think she can screw up the US anymore than it is now. Don;t be brain-washed by the GOP that she's gonna take our guns, pure hogwash. They have no agenda other than to try that. A gun magazine I received today,( for FFL dealers only) predicts that she will win and that our guns are safe, and more will be sold in next 20 yersa than anytime in history. AS for me, I will buy what I want and can afford. Few hunting years left in these bones, and there are a few calibers I want to try in the Rocky Mountains. Good hunting guys, don;t worry about someone other than a crook coming after them. Buy a safe and keep them safe, all but the one you gonna carry in your pocket.Don;t brag to anyone about the # of guns you own, as never know who is listening and will pass this info on to somone who will steal them if given a chance. I had a neighor do just that, and his home was broken into twice and all his guns taken. Plus, if you own several guns, never keep them all in same place, hid in different areas. Rather be safe than sorry, especially if you have some non-replaceable firearms, such as the one Grandpa gave you.Again, never leave home without your protction, especially after dark or traveling alone,.Again, if my pants are on, so is my gun. If no pants on, a pump is near buy. A l8" bbl, pistol grip makes a great home defence weapon. Have a great hunting season and protect your name sake firearm.Shoot-um-straight and often, as that next hunt could be your last. Enjoy the great outdoors, if you lucky enough to fill your tag, thats a bonus. Way down South, it GUN country.

SD Bob

I own guns for several reasons: Because I can, protection, to shoot targets, to shoot animals, because I can, because I have room in my gun safe and because they are marvellous pieces of art. My brother likes to shoot my guns but he collects Camaro's. If I had his money I would collect Merkel side by side shot guns and double rifles used to shoot elephants. That's a pretty good reason right there to spout out about how proud I am to live in the USA. It's about freedom of choice and no one telling my brother, myself or you guys out there what we can chose to collect.
Good day!


I saw a lot of dogs on the website. Maybe the book has more cats...?

Larry Rayburn

Why do I own guns? I own guns because to me, even the so called black guns are a thing of beauty. I am always amazed at the ability of a fire arm to stand the amount of pressure that they are exposed to every time the trigger is squeezed. Also, a good hunting rifle such as the Remington 700 BDL is a work of art, the way Remington marries a fine piece of metal craftsmanship to a beatiful piece of walnut for the stock. To end this posting, I just want to say I own guns, because they are thing of beauty, and craftsmanship.

"If you want a cheap silencer for your rifle, go buy a small cheap lawn mower muffler and clamp it to end of your gun muzzle. It does work."

Right or wrong, that will land you in jail in any state.


Rocky Mtn Hunter. Who is this nut job! Do you have a memory?! You are like the SUBJECT'S in England and Australia. I don't see why you wear a gun, you got you head stuck so far up your ass, you couldn't see to shoot or defend yourself. If everyone thought like you, we could kiss our right to keep and bear arms goodbye in about 3 yrs. Wake up! I'm from Evergreen, Col. and I' ashamed to see someone even saying Rocky Mtn Hunter.!!

Mike Diehl

While agreeing with RckyMtnHunter and other that the alleged threat from Hillary is overblown, and the alleged usefulness of neocons and social conservatives is also overblown, I would not be so convinced that Mrs. Clinton will be president in '09.

I haven't found any reason to vote for her so far, nor for Obama. Right now I'm leaning to Romney, Bill Richardson, or Fred Thompson (should he stop messing around and actually jump in).

Rocly Mtm Hunter

Michael; Thanks for those kind words. Does not take a Idiot to real between your lines. When in the H--- did you become an expert on anything or anyone. Its Idiots such as you the reason I do not hunt Colorado anymore. Your state rapes us NR with a 5 to 9 day tag, and,allows you Res. a token fee. I now go to a more friendly states which allows a NR to hunt the entire season or till tag is filled.AS for a side arm, my head is not up my ASS as yours appears to be. Just Ask those hunters in Wis. if they wish now they had a side arm? So take your state and stick it where the sun don;t. Hopefuly you enjoy the smell as sure you full of S----. Will be my last resort to hunt your state again, due to A-- H----such as you. And a Merry Chritmas to you and the rest of your lousy state.If you don;t know, there are other states in the Rocky Mountains, who welcome us NR and our mega $$$ we spend on a months hunt. For what its worth, I;ve killed one or more of all the big game in the Rockies.I know a guy who has to be your brother who lives in Pubelo, Co. as his mind thinks same as yours. One tract.


if you want total freedom vote ron paul for president.
check him out at www.RonPaul2008.com

Dr. Ralph

Amen hs... Michael, RMH can't help himself. He lives in the South and has been brainwashed for 72 years that the Dumbocrats are the little man's friend and all good rebels vote a straight Demo ticket, and all Republicans are rich country club golfers who've never worked a day in their lives. Like the Neanderthal his kind will soon be extinct. Dr. of what... let me say it first ol' gunslinger down south!

Will Becker

Alright Derek,I suppose you think black is white and white is black,and water runs uphill? How could anyone be so brain washed?

Links,  Riverbank, CA

We sat around the table with our Bible study group last night, and a great comment from one of my friends stated that: very possibly one of the reasons that our nation is not attacked on our soil is the fact that we have the right to bear arms, and an enemy would not be able to combat that degree of firepower


Dr. Ralph
there is a common misconception that all of us that live in the south vote democrat, i have lived in louisiana my entire life, parties are pointless, it doesnt really matter to many of us here what party a candidate is from, we vote for the person, unfortunately we have a largely undereducated population that is easily influenced. as to why i own guns because i can, because my great great grandfather fought for his freedom, because i belive in the constitution and serve to protect it as did virtually every male in my family, i belive that i have earned the right to own whatever kind of [email protected]#$ gun i want, to own

Dr. Ralph


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