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June 15, 2007

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Say It Straight

Political correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”—Authorship, unknown, but sent to me by L. Atwill, hunter, former Special Forces trooper, and arbiter of good taste.


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Awesome quote. I love that one.

Steve C

Clever analogy that is undone by it not making sense.

Dr. Ralph

Makes sense to me, which is more than I can say about political correctness. Why is it that a hate crime can only be committed by a white man? Why is my Remington 7400 less of a threat than other semi-automatic rifle? Why are illegal aliens suddenly undocumented workers? Isn't that like calling a drug dealer an undocumented pharmacist? I'd like to see someone pick these questions up by the clean end.

James R

Speaking of L Atwill, whatever happened to him? I used to really enjoy reading his stuff, both with Sports Afield and later with Field and Stream, but he seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth.

Same for Jerome B Robinson. Other than the "Jerry's Tips", we don't hear from him anymore.

James R

Speaking of L Atwill, whatever happened to him? I used to really enjoy reading his stuff, both with Sports Afield and later with Field and Stream, but he seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth.

Same for Jerome B Robinson. Other than the "Jerry's Tips", we don't hear from him anymore.

Black Rifle addict

It used to be called "having good manners", or being "respectful" when I grew up. Most of the "now" generation don't know turd about discrimination. I was called all kind of names when I was a short little fat kid--Wonder how much I could sued for mental anguish?

Peter C

Back in the early 1950s, I went to a small summer camp in rural Maine. We were young teenagers of mixed ethnic background, and it was not uncommon for us to address each other by descriptive epithets that today would be considered damaging to self-esteem, if not downright actionable. We all seemed to have survived the ordeal quite happily, and we correspond regularly and get together several times a year to reminisce about "our terrible ordeal." So, my question is, why are kids (and grownups) today such wussies?


Why rock the boat and jeoparadize your career/marriage/friendships? Join the Wuss Side. We are now taking applications. To join, you must be a white male American aged 18-55 and have attended an accredited institution of progressive learning. Now simply cut off one of your testes and mail it to: 430 S. Capitol St. SE, Washington DC 20003. In about three weeks we will send you your choice of an autographed glossy portrait of Barbara Streisand or Michael Moore's latest film. (Disclaimer: your testicle will become exclusive property of Wuss, Inc. and may be used to impregnate an infertile female couple).

There. You see? The Goat knows. He recognises the problem because he is connected to it. He lives it, and he is uniquely positioned to solve it, should he so choose, and to solve it to his complete satisfaction. He has no need of Ms. Pelosi and her absurd emanations. He has paid her her due, which consists of nothing. He possesses both the question and the answer.


I told you Esteban wouldn't call you back. Now look what you've done! He's run away to the hills to to join up with the Contras!


Dave, I'm afraid you need to start filtering your comments.

Clay Cooper

Canadian Sniper in action
kind of disturbing when you realize he's hittin taliban soldiers.
With a 50 BMG

Folks this is not PC here!


Clay Cooper

When you watch the video, notice the arm flying thru the air and the headshot

Now this is the kind of PC the bad guys know that make them respect us

A notorious former member of the Hell's Angels bikie gang has been arrested at Melbourne airport and faces charges of extortion, blackmail, and outrages against common norms of fashion sense.

Detectives apprehended Terrence "jimmy" Tognolini at Melbourne Airport on Friday night as he returned to Australia from an overseas trip.

Victoria Police said Tognolini was arrested as part of Operation Mensa, which has been ongoing for four years as part of an effort to restore some sanity to Fashion in Australia. Operation Mensa fashion police also seized a large amount of drugs, outsized implants, men's purses, and other outlandish accessories in a coordinated series of raids across Melbourne and other major Australian cities.

"jimmy"Tognolini, 42, of Coburg North, was instructed to "pull his pants up" and was then remanded to appear before Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Monday.

In February it was reported that jimmy had been expelled from the Hell's Angels bikie gang for appearing in club colours while wearing a pink poodle skirt and carrying a huge burnt-orange leather purse.


That is the best quote yet!!!
Too bad we don't know the author; I would endorse him or her for president.


Jack Bohm

Right on the money- describes the left - and the Gun-Grabbers!- to a T.!

Jail, eh? Hmmm... speaks volumes, it does. It seems you missed out on a rare opportunity.

The young fellows who "know their way around the equipment", and "pass muster', so to speak, are thrown up on the pillion seat and carried away to an exciting, whirlwind life as a bikie's moll,or "bitch".

It's just one crazy great party from then on, with madcap bikie runs to the beach, the mountains, gang riots, hill-climbs, and keggers, with plenty of bugs and roadkill barbeque thrown in for good measure, along with every kind of illicit drug and distilled spirits known to Humanity.

There is really nothing else quite like it, with the possible exception of being a pirate on the South China Sea or off Africa's lawless coast.
Had you been diligent in getting your vitamin C, you would now be a Beverly Hills poolboy. Of course you'd have to mousse every night on account of the chlorine, but it's a pretty good gig, all in all. Many of the A-list celebs aren't really as sick and twisted as they appear to be on the Carson Show.
It's damned tough keeping up a pleasant conversation with a lady of culture and refinement when your plate is brimming over with elk manure and the unctuous waiter, heedless of your protestations, keeps dishing out more and more of it.

People talk of the rubber chicken circuit, but I tell you there are worse circuits than that, and may Allah preserve you if you find yourself at a formal dinner on the elk manure dinner ciruit.

Once caught up in one of these affairs, one can really do no more than smile and strive to remain pleasant and convivial while fervently praying that the table will collapse and deliver you from the growing mountain of elk manure before you.

We are in negotiation with PRA to place GCNS elk manure snack items on the Chinese domestic market. Elk manure is already a snacktime hit in China, with black market shipments of elk manure food products reaching Chinese consumers via a number of illicit channels. Volume is expected to explode when mainstream marketing details are hammered out with PRA officials.

GCNS officials wish to take this opportunity to assure American and European consumers that the imminent opening of the vast Chinese market will in no way adversely affect either pricing or availability of elk manure food products in the U.S., European, or Australian market spheres.

Sales of elk manure show strong gains in 48 of 50 states as Americans enthsiastically adopt the tradional Canadian snack food in growing numbers. Low calorie and low salt variants also show strong retail numbers, suggesting that aging baby boomers are not about to be left out of the elk manure craze.

While most medical authorities dismiss claims of weight loss and libido benefits associated by many with consuming elk manure snack products, clinicians seem in agreement that consuming moderate amounts of elk manure products is probably not harmful, and certainly does provide needed roughage and trace minerals while possibly acting to suppress appetite.

Dr. Ralph

Having created this blog I guess you're it's father Dave. Happy Fathers Day! And don't worry the kid will eventually straighten up.

Dr. Ralph

Well HELL YES!!! Just recieved my Fathers Day present and it's a Zeiss Conquest 3X9X40. Austrian glass assembled in USA. Definitly going on the 44 year old Rem 700. This is my second Conquest and I love them. My first outperforms my Leupold Vari-X III and Kahles both of which where considerably more expensive. I believe Zeiss named you their 2005 writer of the year and presented you with a Victory Diavari. Maybe someday I'll have one of those. PC present? No but that's why it is so cherished.

Gay Bob

Don't matter how much ya spend on equipment if ya can shoot to begin with ,if these young guys want to shoot heads up with ya it sounds to me like they may loose their shirt !!
But if they want ya to compete against the whole field your screwed !!!
Simple because the guys that are competing are going to have the added advantage of better equipment !!!!!
If it didn't matter about equipment then there wouldn't be new stuff year in and year out !!!
Guys want all the advantages that they get against the same skill shooters !!In general, you're dead on in saying that skill beats technology, though it is to a point.

I win 300 and 600 yard F-Class in the T/R class with my .308 M700P, a rear sock (which is part of my go-to kit), a harris bipod, and the Nightforce glass consistantly, and juggle between 1st and 2nd overall score with a guy who has a decked out target rifle in 6.5x284 and knows how to use it.

The two of us are friends, we chill both on, and off range. One day we just figured we'd shoot 10 round groups with each others rifles on a 100 yard zeroing target. I shot a .55 with my M700 using black hills 175s, and a .26 with his 6.5 using his handloads; he shot a .26 with his rifle and a .55 with mine as well. We both, just screwing around, got two identical .33 5 shot groups with my LRPT. I'd say we're both consistent, and evenly matched. His rifle will win overall in matches if he does his part, irrespective of my ability. When my M700 is back from GAP, I hope to be able to get .20" @ 100 yards with my 155gr Scenar loads.

FWIW, I rarely use a shooting mat and I don't use one at matches.

For your match, I'd say try putting a Tasco Super Sniper (right at $300 price point IIRC, and a decent value) on your M700VLS. Oh, and get in touch with the wind spirits while your at it...

http://www.flaguns.com Went here and actually liked it. Pretty good forum. Thought I would pass along a good forum.


God Bless whoever wrote this. I remember the very first time I heard the phrase "P.C." back in 1994. It made me want to vomit on the person who said it. I knew instantly, in my gut, that it was a very bad thing.

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