June 05, 2007

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Quote of the Day

The psychology of the hunter was a complex matter. Although he wanted to kill the bear more than he wanted anything else in the world at that moment, he loved him, without ever having seen him, He loved him for what he was, and for what he made of the hunter who could take him, and for the life he lived and caused the hunter to live….In a way this coldly proficient man, this leader of other men, was like the bear. He was admirable in his stature, but dangerous to tamper with.” –Roger Caras, Monarch of Deadman Bay, 1969


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Black Rifle addict

Interesting...I think I shall read this book.
Dave,Isn't Caras an anti-hunting advocate?

Dave Petzal

To Black Rifle Addict: Caras, who is long departed, was a rabid anti-hunter, but Monarch is nontheless a book worth reading.

Clay Cooper

Alaska BEAR tales
by Larry Kaniut
Many bears have gone to bear heaven because someone misinterpreted its false charge, and there are many men who have been chewed on by bears because they assumed the bear was only bluffing.

During my 4-year tour (1986-90) at Eielson Air Force Base Alaska, I’ve been asked how many bears have I taken. I had hundreds of chances. I had my crosshairs on many with a round in the chamber of my 338 Win Mag with Nosler 250 grain partitions loaded at 2800 fps and a harvest ticket in my backpack. An easy one shot clean kill everyone. I never pulled the trigger though.
Why you ask?
The beauty and respect of one a Hunter to the other (the bear) perhaps? Most of all the cost of having it mounted I couldn’t afford and I knew in the back of my mind that if I did pull the trigger, the hunt was over. I wasn’t ready for the hunt to end, never. I wanted more days to hunt, just to be out there. Even if I came home empty handed, it didn’t matter. The awesome power, to watch a Grizzly role rocks the size of my ATV like a basketball, hunting for rodents. I never have taken a bear until I moved back to Arkansas 4 years ago.
Most of all, being on a mountain ridge, setting on a giant rock overlooking the endless landscape where perhaps no man ever walked.
To watch a snow flurry on a far mountain ridge and feel the Lord setting next to me enjoying what God has made.
I may have came home empty handed,
but my mind is full of awesome memories
It is a experience, I’ll never forget!
Clay Cooper


Quite an eloquent letter, Mr. Clay. Thanks for the vision...............took me along for a look too....

Steve M

Is this the same Roger Caras that described the breeds at the Westminster Kennel Club show? I thought he was anti-hunting.

dave s

very fine writing clay! i was with u on that mountain for a minute. and trust me your images of all those bears, will last a life time!

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