June 04, 2007

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Quote of the Day

The thrills experienced by ‘hunters’ whose delight is in turning living animals into bloody carcasses are real enough…The sense of power gives a boost to maladjusted egos….That type of hunter is more numerous than one likes to believe; and they’ve one trait in common—they take no chances of being hurt themselves. The sporting idea that an animal should be given a fighting chance for life seems fantastic to them.”—Alexander Lake, Hunter’s Choice, 1953


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Dean J

I'd settle for folks at least remembering that a bloody carcass produced their cheeseburgers every day.


Yeah, I'm guilty.

Although I strictly follow the code of Fair Chase when I fire I aim to kill. No *harvesting* as in PC.

I certainly don't give any chances to the hairy, mean stuff. They don't accept apologies. I offer none.


Don't forget to yell "Git R dun" after you pull the trigger.

Nothing compares to shake in your leg, the uncontrollable heart beat, and the sudden urge to pee after shooting a big game animal.


"Harvesting" has got to go. When that word pops up in an article I lose all interest in whatever they had to say.
Anyway, what Lake is describing sounds like what we referred to as "city hunters" or "Chicago hunters". You know, the one who is able to positively identify your kids pony or his business associate as an 8 point buck.
Hell, some of them even think a lawyer looks like a quail.

dave s

well im guilty also.as for the bloody carcass, that stays in the garage until there is room in the work dumpster. however the meat is in my freezer! hopefully every year.


Everytime I come across the mention of some idiot mistaking a pony, or cow, or horse for a game animal; I cringe. You hear all the stories of morons shooting livestock, and sometimes each other, while hunting. An aquaintance in Montana had an Appaloosa horse shot by a hunter a couple of years ago. He now moves all his stock close to the house and puts red or orange blankets on those that are in pastures visible from the road or adjacent land. We have all heard about the folks painting the word COW on their family cow during hunting season.

This sort of foolishness is a good case for requiring Hunter Education for ALL hunters. Colorado now requires all hunters born after 1949, resident or non-resident, to complete an approved course. Most states require hunter ed for new hunters. But what about the old idiots? I was not thrilled when I had to go back to take the hunter ed to go to CO a few years ago, but it was a worthwhile experience. One of the highlights for me was the teaching of hunter ethics and how to present a positive image of hunters to the non-hunting public. Surveys have shown that in this country most people don't hunt, but a majority support the right of those who do. Stupid behavior can certainly change public opinion.

Same goes for shooters who do not hunt. We as a group need to harness some of the passion we have for the shooting sports and clean up our collective act. Using your old refrigerator or clothes dryer as a target when dumped in the woods does not qualify as "recycling"! We need to regulate ourselves before the government does. I know I probably just wasted my time with this post since most of the perps probably don't have a computer or read much. Although judging from the stream of rants against Jim Zumbo, I'm likely wrong.

I'll have my elk burger medium well, please. I know which bloody carcass it came from. ;-)

Clay Cooper

Hollywood call us MURDERERS?

And the come out with movies like Hanable.



Who cares what Hollywood thinks? They are mostly liberal wacko's and homo's who don't even know who they are, much less be in touch with reality. Their products and personal behavior bears that out.


And of course we all know conservatives don't lie, steal, commit adultary................right Mtnhunter?


The word liberal is used like a curse word on this blog. I always thought conservative and liberal were used in a different context. i.e. "A conservative estimate..." or "Put a liberal amount of mustard on that dog......"


Mr. B

I didn't think being a conservative or liberal had anything to do with moral fiber either.

I don't think either one, or anything in between, has the market cornered on lying, cheating, or stealing. What most liberals want is to tell all the rest of us how to live and behave because they know what is best for all of us, since we are incapable of making the decisions for ourselves. Read Al Gore and Hillary's drivel. They are quite eloquent and persuasive, however misguideed. That would include telling you and me what guns we can own or not own and disarming free men for some greater good. IMHO the only thing keeping us from being dominated by ANY political body is our arms.

As for the word liberal being a curse word, I leave that to the beholder.


"some of them even think a lawyer looks like a quail."
Well I wouldn't say "Quail" but there is an animal that most Lawyers look like :~)

There's no excuse for shooting farm animals as game, that's as bad as the yahoo around here who shot an Elk a few years back and said he thought it was a Whitetail Deer!

Now an accidental or ricochet hit of something at least is unintentional, but deliberately aiming at and shooting a Cow, Horse or Elk as a Deer? Have these people even seen a picture of a Deer before? Sheezz!


There is no glory in the spilling of blood, but there is honor in how it is done. If I ever stop getting heart-attack excited upon the sight of a deer, any deer, I will quit hunting; and if I ever stop euphorically thanking the Lord upon a kill, any kill, while being also remorseful (even in tears) in Death's face, I will quit hunting. And if I didn't like eatin' 'em, I wouldn't bother shootin' 'em. Chicken-fried backstraps with morels and morel gravy swimming in a sea of homemade wine......Amen, brother!

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