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June 28, 2007

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Musings On Michael Moore

In 2002 film maker and professional pain in the ass Michael Moore presented the world with Bowling for Columbine, a "documentary" on the gun culture in the U.S. that took its name from the shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado. It won an Academy Award that year for Best Documentary, and I saw it, but have forgotten just about all of it, except for one scene:

y That is where Moore "interviews" Charlton Heston about the NRA holding its annual meeting in Denver shortly after the massacre. (The NRA was obliged to do so under the rules of its charter, and much of the convention was, in fact, cancelled.) About the time this interview was conducted, Heston had announced that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and it was obvious in his reaction to Moore's badgering that he was exhausted, uncomprehending, and unable to defend himself. Finally, he got to his feet and walked wearily away.

Heston came in for much liberal ridicule for his presidency of the NRA, and for his "cold, dead hands" speech. But it's also worth remembering that he marched with Martin Luther King in the 1960s, and spoke out against the violence and profanity in hip-hop entertainment, and made a classic speech at Harvard condemning political correctness. "Tyranny with manners," he called it. Heston's insistence on speaking out for what he thought right cost him popularity and it cost him money. He was a man who was entitled to respect, regardless of your political viewpoint.

I'm sure that Moore knew this. He's not stupid, and he does his research. Probably he was possessed by his own self-righteousness. It was one of the cruelest moments I've ever seen on the screen, and it was perfectly in keeping with Moore's methods of operation. He picks on people who can't defend themselves.

Moore's heartlessness was equaled shortly thereafter by the actor George Clooney, who said that because of Heston's association with the NRA he deserved Alzheimer's. We are lucky these people are liberals and therefore filled with compassion for mankind. Otherwise they would be monsters.


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So when all else fails and you need responses as nobody is bothering to read this tripe, drag out Michael Moore. You forgot to mention that Moore is fat.

"Otherwise they would be monsters."

So I guess your next entry will be condemning the monster that is Ann Coulter and her wishing death on others?


Ahh I love when small minded hate mongers stumble across these forms. It gives me a good laugh around lunchtime.

Mr. Petzal,
Continue to post your opinions about whatever issues you choose. I'm glad at least one american out there is brave enough to say what he thinks. In today's world, more and more people are get crucified for thier personal opinions (like ole Jim Zumbo). The fact that this is happeneing in America really worries me.

Anyhow, Im rambling. Mr. Petzal keep up the good work, and take heart in the fact that there are plenty of us out here who enjoy your column. Perhaps were not vocal enough in our support, but we are here, so ignore the small minded voal minority.


"Vocal" Minority. I hate it when I don't proofread :)

Ralph the Rifleman

Moore really is sad person, for he makes a ton of money exploiting other's grief and suffering.
His little dialog with Mr.Heston must have truely bloated his ego--as usual.
Dave-Thanks for reminding me how dangerous people like Moore are in threatening our rights.


I haven't yet seen Bowling for Columbine, but after reading this blog I plan on renting it this weekend, if I can find it. I would hate to make a response to your statement without viewing the tape for myself. On a seperate note when are we going to get the chance to respond to your latest article in F&S, "The Best Ammo For Every Hunt".


Great blog! Hillary, PETA, and bears.As if we didn't have enough already to worry about w ehave idiots like this running around.


As mentioned above, there are many of us, too many to count and more, who enjoy your perspective and musings. Not mention your highly evolved sense of humor.
Not sure which, the traitor or the assasin!


The sad thing is that Moore is just the tip of the iceberg. For now, as we speak Democrats are attempting to limit free speech by constraining talk radio. Thier message and (lack of) logic doesn't ring true to the majority of people in this country and thus, are setting forth to stop any sort of opposing opinion. Think of that when Clinton wins the Democratic nomination........

Peter C

I notice that your first respondent didn't have the testicular fortitude to attach his name to his drivel. Typical liberal...post an anonymous missive and run. Michael Moore is an embarassment to humanity. It's probably not his fault; most likely he was one of those overweight, unpopular kids with a C average, who didn't want to undress in gym and always smelled of stale urine and Cheetos. Now he's a phony populist, and can probably afford a garage full of Bentleys. What a country!

"I notice that your first respondent didn't have the testicular fortitude to attach his name to his drivel."

The last time I posted here under a online name I got so much hatespeech (with lovely usage of all the four letter words) coming my way I realized it wasn't worth it to use a name. You people are insane, you see hatemongering everywhere except in the one place you should; in the mirror. I can only hope that for the good of my country you people are a very small minority.

Petzal, aren't you even a bit ashamed at what you do to generate interest in your blog? How are you elevating the discourse, how are you encouraging civil discussion, how are you using this pulpit to better our nation?

Ed J

"for the good of my country you people are a very small minority."

Your country? We're "hatemongers"?

"Petzal' how are you using this pulpit to better our nation?" Well for onething he's allowing you to express your opinion.


Dave, thanks for elevating my awareness of propaganda and how dangerous it can be. Leni Riefenstahl was an artist with a camera; Moore is a smart ass junior high kid with a video. Both are dangerous.

Benny C

I saw Clooney make that statement on Leno's show. I remember the clowns in the audience actually laughed at the comment that Heston deserved the debilitating disease because of his affiliation with the NRA. At that moment I wished the same affliction on Clooney. What goes around comes around. We shall see if Mr. Moore goes to Cuba when he needs medical attention for his morbid obesity. We should be so lucky.Live free or die. God bless America.


Recently i read something MMoore wrote about gun control. Automatics being the topic. Something like real hunters would not need automatics or pistols so both should be outlawed.
I responded to him by email at his website and received back no response, my take, MM can only write somehow he never learned to read. I'll condense what I sent him and hope it comes out here.
I hope after the next elections we do not lose any more gun rights. Gun registration is what occured in Poland right before Hitler stepped in and confiscated all of them. Those registed that is. If not for those left in the hands of patriots they would have been left with no means to resist. Our own revolution was successful only because the Patriots were armed.Limiting gun ownership will never prevent criminals from having them. In my opinion we should all be required to have arms in our homes and to qualify with them. I would rather have any kind of firearm at the ready than a rolled up newspaper with Michael Moore's words in it. Believe me when a "Hunter" saves your Bacon it won't matter a bit if he uses a Rifle, Pistol or Automatic...
I read all of your articles David, Thanks, I too admire Mr. Heston, it's unfortunate people like Clooney say things like that, makes you wonder where there coming from. I wouldn't wish Alzheimers on anyone.

Paul Brinkley

The first poster does not know the facts or did not watch the actual "ambush" of Coulter by John Edwards "take charge wife". She did not wish death on anyone, but instead said that if wishing death on people is OK(as done by a certain liberal) then it must be OK ~IF~ she decided to do it. Don't twist the facts, Just state them.

Charlton Heston Should have punched Moore in the nose.

N. Wright

DAVE & other fellow hunters/outdoorsmen!

It's funny when I think of M. Moore and what a low life he is I think of an idiot professor I had at Ringling School of Art & Design. This guy would literally get your blood pressure so far off the scales it could easily make you think you were about to have a big one...and yet- the second post by this no named person above just really makes me think its HIM! Maybe not- I know there are lots out there like this kind...

Dave- maybe you should add to your blog- or maybe you don't know this...M.Moore did an interview on late night one time (I think Lettermen) and was asked how he did his DOCUMENTARIES and what he thought made them so successful... His response (I will not quote as I would hate to be blamed for making something up but it went something like this)
Compared to most documentary filmmakers I take creative control and use creative freedoms to make mine...

HEY M. Moore- there is only one problem to making your documentaries that way! It's no longer a documentary.... It's a fictional movie..

But of course - the left buys it, hook, line , and sinker!

Nick Wright
gf, ny


It appears that a lot of people on this blog, Petzal included, throw the word "liberal" around as if it were the absolute worst thing they could think of to call someone and can barely stomach spitting it off their tongues. Relax a little. Keep in mind that Moore is just trying to make a buck by making not so shocking events out to be disturbing and revelationary "breakthroughs" in modern American culture. Just take this movie for what it is, just another film from Hollywood by some guy who wants his 15 minutes. If he was serious about making a real, fair, and open minded documentary, he would have to totally change who he is. It's pretty easy to see that this guy doesn't know the first thing about the true gun culture of America and would rather not go through the effort of putting out an even partially true depiction of the people who own guns and don't abuse that privelage.


To the first poster, you’re welcome for the defense of the 1st Amendment.

Now, STFU and let us have our 2nd Amendment.

If you don't like what Mr. Petzal posts, don't read his blog, exercise your American right to go somewhere else.



N. Wright

Yes, there IS a big difference between a liberal and the far left...
I "left" out the word "far"

Mike Diehl

I don't think we can assume that Moore was aware of Heston's condition or the degree to which it had affected Heston's cognition. This looks a bit like the usual witch hunt.

Frankly I think Moore's films are funny. I'm pro 2ndA but I laughed at the scene where he opens the bank account. Lighten up guys; it's not worth having your BP elevated just because someone said something with which you don't agree.

Clooney said something stupid & offensive. If we hanged every person who said something stupid & offensive there'd be no one left in the US. Frankly I think he gets more cache when people make a fuss over him than when people ignore him.

That said, have a great weekend you-all.

Matt Mallery

David Petzal,

Keep up the free speech. The leftists would love to silence you as is evidenced by some of the posts on this blog.

Michael Moore's latest hate letter to America is "Sicko" in which he exhibits his usual hypocrisy. He complians in the film that the inmates at Guantanamo get better medical treatment than Americans. Maybe this is becuase the ACLU and Amnesty International and other anti freedom groups make sure that the terrorists get culturally sensitive meals and are basically treated like kings down there. How about we use a .45 to rid ourselves of every inmate in Gitmo and use that money to help people in the USA?

Further, Moore should realize that obesity is the cause of so many health problems in the USA. He, being an obese man, is a hypocrit because he is putting a strain on American health care just by being who he is. He is a ma without a country.

Sigfredo Flores

Forget the gun crap coming out of Michael Moore mouth, Let see where he take his kids when they are really sick, I' ll bet its not Cuba! Don't waste your money (DO NOT SEE SICKO, TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY...

Charles  Benoit

Dave, keep up the good work! I really do enjoy reading your blog everyday. Doesn't bother me one iota to read what the trolls have to say.

Moore & Clooney are entitled to their opinions as well as my right to boycott their movies and tell others about what I think of their viewpoints.


From a hunter, gun owner, die-hard supporter of the 2nd amendment, and proud liberal:
You guys are scary. You point to a few liberals and condemn us all. If we try to express a left-leaning viewpoint that we believe is consistent with the sporting tradition, you shout us down.
There seems little point in trying to have any real discourse. It's sad.

There, I've said it. Now you can all call me a hippie, commie, gun-hater.

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