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May 23, 2007

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Quote of the Day

“My God, Warren, why are you taking a cannon like that?”—Larry Koller to Warren Page, on the phone, when Page said he was taking his 7mm Mashburn magnum on an antelope hunt. Larry thought the .250 was just about ideal for deer, and couldn’t see why anyone needed anything bigger than a .30/06 for anything.


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Larry Koller's excellent book on whitetails is still revelant today. Obviously he was a lover of venison and just as obviously knew the magnums destroyed a lot of good eating meat. Bullet placement then, as today, is more important than bullet weight or velocity. In my younger and much dumber days, I loaded some 165 grain hollowpoints in my Dad's 30-06 to maximum velocity. He just about gutted a Texas hill country 8 pt with it and instructed me to "never load that ##@[email protected]#! bullet again!"

Dr. Ralph

7mm Mashburn Magnum? I learned something new today. I see there is also a 7mm Super Mashburn Magnum, too bad Warren page was before my time. Wasn't he at F&S in the fifties?


You guys can take your 7 MMwhat-ever, I will take my 30-06 and with the new Rem Ammo Scricco, kill just as far away a animal as the 7 will, plus less recoil. If going to hunt Elk, want a bullet large enough to do the job, not punch a tiny hole someplace and leave no tracking trail. Use the 30-06 in l80 or 220 Ultra and no tracking required if you hit the right spot, which takes [lots of pratice, and more pratice)

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