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May 29, 2007

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Bringing Home The Bacon

Hit me with a hammer
Wham bam bam
What good am I
Without my ham?
—Roy Blount

One of the more interesting cultural phenomena in recent weeks is the uproar over the 1,051-pound feral hog shot on May 3 by an 11-year-old named Jamison Stone. To make things more interesting, this Paleolithic porker was taken with a customized Smith & Wesson .500 revolver, a firearm at least as huge and fearsome at the swine itself.

Like most of what goes on today, this is all very baffling to me. Young Jamison finds himself a celebrity even outside of hunting circles—why? The pig is the least glamorous of our game animals (and no, it is not the new whitetail, at least until one grows antlers). Does this mean we’re finally tiring of Rosie O’Donnell and looking for a replacement? Is it the size of the swine? The age of the hunter?

About the .500 S&W. I can distinctly remember when the .45 ACP was thought of as a veritable cannon, and the .357 magnum was considered so terrifying that only FBI agents were manly enough to shoot it. Yet here is an 11-year-old shooting something with one hand that kicks as hard as a .338. I shot a .500 S&W when it first came out in 2003, and it reminded me of the time when, as a kid, I tried to catch a 12-pound shot put.

Does this mean we can look forward to 9-year-olds taking Cape buffalo with .577 Nitro Expresses? Seven-year-olds dropping elephant with .700 Holland & Hollands? Where does it all end?


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Ed J

Different than calling a coyote, huh.


steve c you are retard that isn't a dere


If my weak math is right and you enclosed a square area with 2 miles of fence you get 160 acres.

If you make a circle you can bump it to a whopping 204 acres.

What ever happened to fair chase?


your math is exactly right, the pig was shot in a 200 acre pen...shameful really...

Clay Cooper

When I was stationed in Alaska, I help run the Base shooting range for recreational and competition shooters.

In spring of 87, the 454 casual started showing up on the range. Generally purchased by individuals with little shooting experience. I would walk up to them and ask them if there gun was for bear protection. Of coarse eveyone of them said yes. My response? Sir in accordance with both Federal and Alaska state regulations, you must remove the front sight. They would look at there front sight with total confusion in there eyes. Then they would finaly ask why? Your going to use that for bear protection right? Yes they would say. Your going to shoot that Grizz and it’s going to walk up slap that cannon out of your hands and shuve it up your $%^&! That front sight is so big you can turn the gun over and use it to plow corn!

Clay Cooper

I watch the hunting channels a lot and when a Texas hunt comes on, I would prefer to watch the View. Hey lets see if we can get IMUS on that show. Shooting game over baited area? TEXAS YOU WIMPS!

Clay Cooper

When to come to handgun hunting, I’ll stick with my Ruger Super Black Hawk 44 mag. Hornady XTP 240-grain cast and 24 grains of Hodgens 110. If I knead a nuke strike, I’ll get my 30-06! My 338 Win Mag is still close by. Never really needed it.

 Disabled/handicped Rocky Mountain Hunter

You guys have said it all, nothing needs to be added, other than his stupid parents need a lesson in safety common semses.

Clay Cooper

Hornady 240 XTP and 250 grain cast. Best in in my 44 mag

By the way

Hornady's new 30 T/C offers reduced recoil, smaller size and more performance.

Here we go again! 150 grain bullet at 3000 fps.

Hell I can do better than that with my 30-06!

Steve Carter

On the subject of that kid handling a 500 S&W... I was started shooting when I was six and I was shooting a 30-06 pre '64 Winchester witha steel butplate using winchester 220 gr RN bullets and also learned how to shoot a 357 magnum with full power loads by the time I was seven. By the time I was 8 I could handle my dad's S&W mod 21 in 44 mag better than most police could. The fact that the kid was using a 500 s&w doesnt alarm me, in fact it seems probable... what alarms me is the fact that it was a custom gun. I have found on the internet some info about the family and they are not exactly relatives to Bill Gates, so letting your 11 yr old son run around alone with your custom pistol is just asking for trouble. I wasn't even allowed to go to the range by my self till I was 16.
As to the size of the Hog, I don't feel that it was photoshopped. I have seen penned hogs that looked bigger, but there is no way that this animal got to this size without human intervention(feeding it, etc...). Lastly, with a pistol that size I could see unloading the cylinder into the hog, just for good measure. Sixteen rounds being fired is a bit much. The cylinder only holds 5 rounds... so that means that the kid had to have shot and reloaded a total of 4 times (3 cylinders times 5 rounds equals only 15 rounds, so he had to have loaded again). I give props to the kid for killing such a large animal, but I definitely cannot say that he is a good hunter for it... too many rounds fired and not enough kills. Lastly, this was stated before, those parents definitely needed a huge lesson in safety.

people think that us kids cant handel big recoil im 13 and 105 pounds and i shoot a 300.mag like a 243.so why dose nobody belive

Christopher Ferguson

I am not an avid hunter, but I do believe in sportmanship and not making animals suffer unduly. This was as poor a lesson of sportmanship as you'll see at any little league or kid's soccor game, except the negative perception of guns and their owners this piss-poor shooting demonstrates erodes my rights as a gun owner

Mike Diehl

My $.02.

I saw another photo in which the kid, animal, & tree were of much close size. The one featured here makes the hog look like a rhino. It looks like an altered photo to me.

Hog hunting. Whatever. Not my cup o' tea. Kid doesn't shoot well enough for all the Great Moral Authorities out there. Ho hum. Much ado about nada of any particular importance to me.

Yeah, I practice alot and strive for clean kills. No, would not hunt a big animal with a handgun, and I'm not willing to call "foul!" on people whose kicks don't align with mine.


I'm 15 and i trap hogs, and I can honestly say that the biggest I've gotten was 300lbs. i just had to give the kid some points because those suckers are mean in the trap, but running acros one that big in the open? I'd be too busy climbing a tree to shoot it 16 times! also what parents in their right minds gives a kid a .50 S&W? Just a year ago did i start shooting a .357 mag.


After going to monsterpig.com i relized that in the main photo, all they did was have jamison sit farther back from the pig, which was closer. so in fact the pig is actually smaller than it appears

Black Rifle addict

Going back to the web site and reading the comments made by the J's father, it seems like they are concerned parents to me. As for being "sportsman like" behavior? I believe the father should have been backing up the boy with a rifle/or shotgun slug to put the animal down more quickly.
Remember how Dave was slammed by you all on the wounded Buff article?


latest articles on this pig/kid/S&W.500 fiasco relate that Jason is getting a part in a Hollywood movie about Hogzilla as a result of his kill and his father's publicity stunt. Some people will do anything to get fame and fortune for their kids. (e.g. Britney Spears mom) Anyway, a 150 acre trap enclosure is not my idea of fair chase. nuff said.

Bama Dave


Fred the Pet Pig!!!!

The old Gunslinger

I grew up on a farm in the south, and we always had a couple huge hogs we killed after cold weather. Our hogs we in a small fence of hog wire and were feed all they wanted. Killing day came and my Dad would put food in a tough and the hogs would come in a run ( about 500 lbs each), he would shoot one of the hogs between the eyes with a 22 rim fire rifle, the hog immediately hit the ground. Someone in the group, jumped over the fence and cut the hogs throat with a butcher knife to finish him off and get a good "bleed". Then we attached a rope or chain to hogs legs and drug him to the vat for cleaning etc. I did not see the l000+ lb hog the ll yr old killed, but if was shot proper between the eyes he fell. Now a wild hot is another story, doubt you always get a between the eye shot on them. Anyway, I will hunt Elk, Deer and Lopes and let the hog boys have they fun at target pratice.

Clay Cooper

The big boar was hunted inside a large, low-fence enclosure and fired upon 16 times by Stone, who struck the animal nearly a half-dozen times during the three-hour hunt.



Give me a break!

One shot with a 30-06 180 grainer, is all it would have needed!

If the gun kicks like a 338, then use a 338!

Reminds me when I was in Alaska

The guys that I hunted with after they wounded their bear would ask me,

Clay can I use your 338 Win Mag?


I’ll back you up!

If you cannot hit with your rifle, what makes you think your going to do any better with my rifle.

I got the right tool, FOOL!



Clay Cooper

There is a major disconnect with those thinking that a handgun can replace a good rifle. I would ask those sighting in their super mags if they’re going to use it for bear. All said yes. I would then tell them that Alaska State regs say they must remove the front sight. Why they ask? Going to shoot a bear with that, right? Yes they would reply. That bear is going to spit that bullet out, slap that gun out of your hands and shove it up your but! That front sight on your 454 is hell on the hemorrhoids!

They all opted for a good large caliber rifle instead.

Imagine if that hog had an attitude?

Never mind climbing a tree. It would bring the tree down with one bite!

if it took 6 hits to down the hog over a 3 hr period, thats not hunting, its a shoot or pratice for a ll yr old. His parent needs stringing up for allowing a kid to hunt in such a manner.I hunt and pratice a lot so that I can kill my game as a rule with l shot. How that animal must have suffered for those 3 hrs while the child played cowboys and indians. A fenced in hunt is not hunting, its called a canned hunt, which we nowq have to many of. Hunt fair chase or go to the range and shoot targets, but don;t pratice on live animals. I;ve nt seen teh 1000 lb picture, just read abut it, but unless a fatal shot, that hog took a lot of lead before he went down. Does anybody know, if he had his father finish him off with a final shot to the head? We need young hunters taking our places, but they need to be taught the correct way to hunt, and from all accounts, this sure was a bad lesson for any kid.

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