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May 01, 2007

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Aimpoint Micro: Seeing Red Everywhere

A guest-written gear review by Executive Editor Mike Toth


The PR: Aimpoint [www.aimpoint.com] has introduced their lightest—3.6 ounces, including battery—red dot sight. The Micro H-1 version (there are two other types, one made specifically for competitive handguns and one tactical model) is small enough to be mounted on any firearm on which iron sights can be used, and can even be used on a bow. The battery life is 5 years continual, meaning you can turn it on today and it won’t lose power until 2012. (That’s due to the lighting system; it uses a standard lithium 3V battery.) It has Weaver-style mounts, is submersible to 15 feet, and has stop- click adjusments.

The Takeaway: The lack of bulk on this model will appeal to many shooters. As with other sights like this, unlimited-eye-relief, parallax-free sights mean you can get on target quickly and shoot as soon as the dot is on the target, even if the scope isn’t perfectly aligned with your eye. The Aimpoint people had one piggy-back mounted on a riflescope, where it could serve as a quick-aiming device for hunters who jump deer.

The Cost: $650.—Mike Toth


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Seems like a good "tool" for a tactical siuation or competition, maybe not the "typical hunter".

I am personally to attached my money to buy a $650 electronic gadget, when for less money I can buy a scope with a lifetime warranty.


How well do you think it is suited to 50 yard bullseye on a .45 1911?

Mike Toth

Joe: Aimpoint says the R-1 is designed specifically for use on pistols and revolvers, including NRA Action Pistol competition. So, although I have not fired a gun with one of these Micros mounted on it, I would venture that the sight would work well on your .45.

Shawn Schwensen

That would be ideal for mounting on the receiver cover of an SKS (if it was a lot cheaper). It reminds me of special mini-scopes made years ago for the top-ejecting Winchester 94.


That MSRP is just insane. You have to be stupid enough to pay $1500 for a gun to justify putting a $650 aiming device on it.

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A good red dot (or green dot) sighting device certainly facilitates the double tap in close quarters at moving targets.

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Not much on my mind recently. Basically nothing seems important. So it goes. Today was a complete loss.

Theodore Garcia

Just bought one. It would be a nice idea to put small flipup type sights instead of the removable rubber covers which can be misplaced.

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