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April 06, 2007

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The Program: How To Choose The Best .22 for You

Your goal here is to become a better centerfire-rifle shot by practicing with a .22. The best way to achieve that is by shooting a rimfire that simulates your big-game gun. Many manufacturers have rimfire versions of the big guns, and you should get one that matches yours as closely as possible. Here's a list:

Your Big-Game Rifle
Browning A-Bolt
Browning BAR, BAR II
Browning BLR
Marlin 336 or Marlin 1895
Remington Model 7
Remington Model 700
Savage Model 110, 116
Remington 740, 750, 7400
Remington 760, 7600
Ruger 77
Winchester Model 70
Winchester 94
The .22 to Use
Browning T-Bolt
Browning Buck Mark Sporter
Browning BL-22
Marlin 39A
Remington Model 5
Remington Ruger 77/22R
Savage MK-II BV
Remington 552
Remington 572
Ruger 77/22R
Winchester 52B
Winchester 9422


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Jim in Mo.

Do you have all the pieces of that stock? Broken stocks can be repaired!
A little "Accra-glass" can do wonders!


Jim in Mo.

Thanks for the help but a repair may be iffy. I had the broken piece but of course it somehow walked away. The chunk of wood thats out is on top of the stock right at the wrist where the stock bolts to the receiver. I'm thinking anything but a secure fit would be a waste of time. Going to call Rem. tomorrow. The web gave me a schematic but no order form. Not promising.

Jim in Mo.

Just got off line with Numrich and they had everything I needed, stock and hardware all for measely $71. Thought it would be much more especially walnut stock. The only thing they were out of was a new forend piece. Don't need one just thought the colors would match. If its off to much I'll strip both new and old pieces and Tru Oil them both the same.
Thanks for idea.

Scott in TX

I just saw the conversation regarding the Browning Model 81 .257 Roberts magazine. I inherited one of these guns from my Father and of course it is in excellent condition with the exception of a magazine. If you're out there Jerry T, and know of where another of these mags can be found, I'd love to hear about it.

I'm really looking forward to firing this weapon.

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