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April 30, 2007

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Mayor Bloomberg, Buy Those Handguns

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to have become the gun-grabbing poster boy of the year. For some months, he has led a campaign among his fellow mayors to crack down on handguns, and has used the shootings at Virginia Tech to fuel his rhetoric.

(The Mayor’s own record on public safety is anything but unblemished. He recently vetoed a ban on aluminum bats, which was overridden by the New York City Council, and his police department tends to fire more ammo than is tasteful into innocent people.)

I have full confidence that whatever Mayor Bloomberg wants to do will be just as irrelevant and ineffectual as all other efforts at gun control. But there is one thing he can do: If the mayor is really serious about public safety, why not simply buy up all the loose handguns with his own money? Bloomberg is worth between $13 and $16 billion. With that kind of money, he could offer a real incentive to all criminals and prospective mass murderers to hand in their hardware. For example:

“I will personally give $1,000 to anyone who turns in a functional handgun, no questions asked, in any city in the United States. There will be no limit to the number of guns you can turn in.”

Now let’s say the Mayor is willing to part with $10 billion. That means he could take 10 million handguns off the streets (if ever there were that many) and still have $3 to $5 billion left over to buy himself the White House. There would hardly be a handgun to be found in America. The next time a potential mass murderer walks into a gun store, he will come out with an aluminum baseball bat, because that’s all they will have.

Non-gun-owning acquaintances ask me why anyone needs more than a few firearms. I say to you, the American people, why does anyone need $15 billion? It is time, Mr. Mayor, to stop the rhetoric and put your money where your mouth is.


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Dr. Ralph

Just for you Roethlisberger.Today the front page of my Tennessean (the Nashville paper) says "Massacre may benefit bill on guns". There is a bill to allow those with concealed carry permits to go armed in state run parks and the feeling is that VT has caused people to realize they have a right to defend themselves against criminals and/or crazies... and that the vote this week will allow us the freedom our constitution gave us. The RIGHT to bear arms.


Conservatives who are using the situations to attack the executive branch of the government because they hate Bill Clinton, Janet Reno and Liberals so much their brains leak.
In the 1939 case, U.S. v. Miller, the Supreme Court found that possession of a firearm is not protected by the Second Amendment unless it has some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia. No gun control law brought before the Supreme Court or other federal courts ever has been overturned on Second Amendment grounds.

If it could be done (which it can’t) I would like to see the elimination of all handguns and any long gun that can fire more than three rounds. They weren’t even that far when the 2nd Amendment was written, and it still allows real Americans to hunt and defend themselves from Negroes, Arabs and Liberals.

But it is the third issue, behind hunting and self-defense that is the Jim Dandy of them all. They want their handguns and assault rifles for the coming revolution to overthrown the stinking liberal socialist government. How far does one lead an F-16, a B-52 or an artillery shell with a pistol? Where exactly is the best place to aim at a Abrams A1 tanks or a battleships with an M-16? Revolutions are not supplied from gun shops but from ship containers full of armaments from other nations and dependent upon which Armies go to what side rather than what can be bought at gun shows. Which brings up another point. I would like all gun shows made illegal. For if you have evergone to one, you know they are the hottest breeding ground for the most violent Right-wing extremists in the land.

Joe Da Yooper

I think that Mayor Bloomberg represents all the other liberal trash out there like Hillary Clinton. Liberal trash whose only talent is to comb their hair so the horns don't show. It is unbelievable how dumb some people are. If all guns are ment for killing people, then all kitchen knives are to stab people with and all swimming pools are for drowning in. Mayor Bloomberg is obviously someone with far too much money and not enough common sense. Take guns off the streets and responsible, law-obiding people will be defensless against ruthless criminals who will damage this nation out of evil, legally issued gun or not.

Joe Da Yooper sounding off like the stupid beast represents the rightwing thinkers and minions.


I think bigbner writes on blogs to hear himself talk. If you notice most of these blogs are his and half the time he just writes and writes even with out a response to him. He just needs to shut up and get out of this blog. Guns rule!!!!!


The sad fact is that Hillary and Company have hijacked the word Liberal.

Being a Liberal is a good, honest, American trait. When I think of famous Liberals, I think of Thomas Jefferson, Edward Abbey, Hunter Thompson, Henry Thoreau, Theodore Roosevelt, and David Petzal.

Words like "ban", "control", "restrict", and "confiscate" are not the trademark of liberal thinkers. Those are the words of Facists. A true Liberal would never allow himself to be controlled by governmental bureacrats, for his own good or anyone else's.

When I hear people like Hillary Clinton called a Liberal because she wants to put more governmental controls on American Citizens, I laugh out loud. Anyone calling her a Liberal obviously doesn't understand her politics or the politics of free Liberals versus Facist Communism.

We have not had a truly Liberal leader in office since JFK.

Legal Beaver#1

Hillary is a very dangerous person to our freedom in America.


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