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April 30, 2007

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Mayor Bloomberg, Buy Those Handguns

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to have become the gun-grabbing poster boy of the year. For some months, he has led a campaign among his fellow mayors to crack down on handguns, and has used the shootings at Virginia Tech to fuel his rhetoric.

(The Mayor’s own record on public safety is anything but unblemished. He recently vetoed a ban on aluminum bats, which was overridden by the New York City Council, and his police department tends to fire more ammo than is tasteful into innocent people.)

I have full confidence that whatever Mayor Bloomberg wants to do will be just as irrelevant and ineffectual as all other efforts at gun control. But there is one thing he can do: If the mayor is really serious about public safety, why not simply buy up all the loose handguns with his own money? Bloomberg is worth between $13 and $16 billion. With that kind of money, he could offer a real incentive to all criminals and prospective mass murderers to hand in their hardware. For example:

“I will personally give $1,000 to anyone who turns in a functional handgun, no questions asked, in any city in the United States. There will be no limit to the number of guns you can turn in.”

Now let’s say the Mayor is willing to part with $10 billion. That means he could take 10 million handguns off the streets (if ever there were that many) and still have $3 to $5 billion left over to buy himself the White House. There would hardly be a handgun to be found in America. The next time a potential mass murderer walks into a gun store, he will come out with an aluminum baseball bat, because that’s all they will have.

Non-gun-owning acquaintances ask me why anyone needs more than a few firearms. I say to you, the American people, why does anyone need $15 billion? It is time, Mr. Mayor, to stop the rhetoric and put your money where your mouth is.


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Earth to moron,
I'm just a "typical liberal" that gets his talking points from Micheal Moore.

I'm on my way to a Cindy Sheehan worship-fest (because we liberals blindly follow whatever Mrs. Sheehan says.) You can call me anything you want, just don't call me a conservative or a republican hehe.

that would be crossing the line toad


Bigbenr cracks me up.

[S]he isn't an English Major for sure.

Very amusing posts!!!!



Feds Accuse Alabama Militia of Planning Machine-Gun Attack on Mexicans
Tuesday , May 01, 2007


Five members of a self-styled Alabama militia were denied bond Tuesday after a federal agent testified they planned a machine-gun attack on Mexicans. A sixth man accused of having weapons and explosives components in his home was approved for release.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Armstrong said he could not grant bond because of the agent's testimony and the large number of weapons — including about 200 homemade hand grenades and a launcher — that were seized in raids last Friday.

"I'm going to be worried if I let these individuals go at this time," the judge said.

The five are charged with conspiring to make a firearm.

Law enforcement authorities, meanwhile, continued to look for additional weapons that could be linked to the group, including in a local cave.

Adam Nesmith, an agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, testified that the five men planned an attack on Mexicans in a small town just north of Birmingham, and went there on a reconnaissance mission April 20.

Nesmith said one of the men told an informant that the group, which calls itself the Alabama Free Militia, saw government agents as "the enemy" and had a standing order to open fire if anyone saw government agents approaching.

The sixth man is charged with being a drug user in possession of a firearm. A federal agent testified they found two rooms loaded with guns and possible explosives components, including fireworks, ball bearings, primers, mouse traps, light bulbs and fertilizer.

A lawyer for one of the men has said the case has been overblown by authorities. He said his client began stockpiling items partly because of the scare of the Y2K computer glitch in 2000.

Chuck Adams

Great idea! Let's see - 2 rugers =$2,000. I'll buy a Hammerli. 2 cheap .45's will net me a Les Bear. I could go on for ever.


I bet someone has beat me to it, but I felt it was my duty as an American to forward this post to Mr. Bloomberg with this heading:
I'm sure you have seen this by now but I just thought I would forward it along anyway. I agree with David E. Petzal on this issue and I also believe you have no authority to try and govern beyond your jurisdiction (NYC)."
(post attached)
You nailed it Dave!!!!
ROCK ON!!!!!!!!


Did you here the one where a woman on an Italian train confronted two pickpockets? (Last week)They killed her with an unbrella. Good thing they didn't have a pistol. Someone could have been seriously injured.


Here are your words:

"if you dont agre with them you can refute the words. I have noticd you cannot, so you must attack the messinger. Lame."

Now I ask you, isn't this exactly what you did to me when I tried to point out that the Clinton administration was guilty of some of the same things that you attribute soley to the GOP and conservatives in General.
If you can't admit that you are guilty of exactly the same behavior that you condemmed in your above quote, then that proves you to be irrational.
Also, who specifically did Clinton punish after Ruby Ridge and/or Waco? You said Reno, but, I'm not aware of any punishment she suffered. And if you won't acknowledge that Clinton had any responisbility for those events, what about his missile attacks on Iraq? or the mess in Somalia? Any mistakes made by a liberal President there?

Ralph the Rifleman

Have you considered the "Best of the blog" special edition? Some of these writings are priceless!


As for those NRA types and National Review "chickenhawks" who were so quick to criticize the men(and women presumably) students at VT who didn't rush the attacker or who criticize the gun ban on campuses across the Commonwealth, it is worth remembering former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark in his magisterial "Crime In America" (Simon and Schuster, 1970)-" a society where each person carries a weapon to defend himself is one bordering on anarchy-not democracy. The fastest gun survives- not necessarily the law abiding person but the psychotic or the criminal" Thi is the same sort of nonsensical argument that said if the passengers on the 9/11 flights had guns to confront their hijackers, they might have saved the day( that's all we need- shootouts at 30,000 feet!)
When will common sense prevail and America join the ranks of democracies(Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and France) that tightly limit gun ownership???



The value to wearing a pot on one's head is twofold.

First, the pot does indeed tend to ward off the mind altering thought beams eminating from space (and, of course, controlled by American Republicans).

The other value is that others are given a sort of visual clue as to the wearer's mental status.

Simply put, when one sees another person walking around wearing a metal pot on his head and spewing nonsense about socialist countries in Europe being democracies worthy of emulation by free men, they can automatically feel compassion for his illness and not condemn him for stupidity.

You really should try wearing the pot.


Adding to the pile of idiots, Newt Gingrich has blamed the VT killings on "liberalism," giving the NRA branch of the Reich Wing a brand new bumper sticker: "Guns don't kill people. Liberalism kills people." And before 24 hours had elapsed, Rush Limbaugh, expert on everthing from painkillers to Parkinson's Disease, implied that fewer kids would have been killed if they just weren't so slow getting out of the way.

Yes, folks, this is why it's called "compassionate conservatism."

Peter C

Why is anyone responding to this person? He or she is quite obviously mentally disturbed, psychotic and delusional. There is no point to even attempting a rational dialog here. This is the result of de-institutionalizing mental patients back in the late '60s and early '70s. This is a pathetic person, and you only feed his/her illness by responding.

Black Rifle addict

Serious questions for you. Have you had anything published, and what is your favorite reading material (political, fiction, non-fiction)? Just curious for the sake of conversation since the subject matter on this blog tends to go in every direction, anyway.

Old Bull

Thank you Peter C.
Goodbye Ben, we are quite through with you now.


((((Goodbye Ben, we are quite through with you now.)))) You tyhuch a funny nazi.


My local Walmart is among those across the country that stopped carrying long arms. Now they have aluminum baseball bats locked in the cabinets... I wonder if they'll grandfather pre-ban aluminum baseball bats.

Black Rifle addict

I was sincere in asking you my questions, and you chose to slam the comment made by Old Bull.
I had hopes in seeing some intelectual side of you that was possibly being kept from us with the evidence of your angry writing.
I know that I am part of the gun owning population, but we don't all think alike as you may believe.
I take nothing personal here, but it seems you have which is why it is better for you to not own guns.This is your choice because of the system in which we live in. Not a perfect system, but at least one of choice.


Interesting point about at least 3 shootings that were stopped by people with guns (Appalachian Law in VA, Edinboro PA, and Pearl MS) -- the people who stopped the perpetrator did not shoot. It wasn't the "wild west." The perpetrators went on to be processed by the legal system. It puts the lie to Ramsay Clark's image of the basic good character of much of our citizenry -- including those inclined to carry guns (as if such desire to carry renders anybody suspect).

As for a shootout at 30,000 ft -- maybe that would have been preferable to the destruction of the world trade center or the partial destruction at the pentagon, together with the concomitant loss of life.


one word for bigbenr: DUMBASS!!!

Troy S.


I'm amused at what this person is posting above! I'm guessing his moniker conveys his love of London? As in England? Are you a freakin' Brit? Hate to break it to you, pal, but your redcoats were squashed flat by the free and liberty loving forefathers of those posting sane advice in this column today.

You "sound" and "write" just like Stephenapoulos, Clinton and Reno.

Its no wonder the sage advice you have been receiving today isn't registering in that overinflated head of yours...

Troy S.


"BigBenr" should think of it this way...if those of us who carry concealed weren't around when his hiney gets in a crack, the only thing he has to protect himself with is his overused 1st amendment right to hold forth on a topic he decidedly knows little about and a heavy book full of useless laws.

Throw the book at the perp. I'm sure the crook will really care!

matt p

You (and most liberals) think that democrat & demomocracy are interchangable not so!! Even more distirbing I the fact you & your's think this is a democracy!!
It most DEFINATILY IS NOT and was never ment to be!! It is and will ALLWAYS BE A REPRESENTITIVE REPUBLIC !! And thank GOD it is so the loudest and most uneducated in this country won't be able to strip us law abiding citizens of our constitutional rights (even yours, to spout non-sense ) . Now let's all sing a verse of THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC for bigbenr


It never ceases to amaze that the "girliest" of men among us, those who send others to fight illegal wars but who did everything in their rich daddy's power to avoid fighting in one themselves and, those who make their living sitting on their fat asses endorsing the former chicken-shits and otherwise mouthing off, are the first ones to point a finger at someone else for not being as "manly" as they imagine themselves to be. If these idiots are so manly, why aren't they out loading trucks, raking concrete and installing iron on high-rises?

Sexual ignorance and repression has, over millenia created mindsets and monsters that tend towards various perverse expressions.Take the Catholic church and it's penchant for pedophilic priests.The exterminition of females primarily, as "witches" during the Middle Ages? Recently, Amish girls were murdered, the little boys spared. The Christian community lauded the Amish for showing the world, "dignity", by "forgiving" the murderer for killing little girls. Little was said about the gender-defined targets, or why he targeted them. What about Hitler, our favorite Christian? One shining example of "righteousness", and "manliness", and "power". One of most reliable monster- mindsets is the American-style, bland accessment of females as (secondary), sex-objectified, or politically or financially "profitable" to males, and thus also expendable, entities. We are told, that it is the "proper role" of females to support males. For carrying on the "bloodline" for "breeding". Males over the world are considered more "valuable", and, this is the sad lie. The "provocative, deceitful female " has been identified as causal; origin of everything that can be victimized without consequence. Bought and sold. Enslaved. Chattle. But mostly brainwashed. Pity that. Maybe Emily jilted or ignored Cho Seung-Ho? He wasn"t getting any, no doubt. Neither was Hitler. The language of beauty; of peace; of equality as "persons"and the culture that supports these concepts...will perhaps flourish again. We do not yet know when or where.

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