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April 30, 2007

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Mayor Bloomberg, Buy Those Handguns

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to have become the gun-grabbing poster boy of the year. For some months, he has led a campaign among his fellow mayors to crack down on handguns, and has used the shootings at Virginia Tech to fuel his rhetoric.

(The Mayor’s own record on public safety is anything but unblemished. He recently vetoed a ban on aluminum bats, which was overridden by the New York City Council, and his police department tends to fire more ammo than is tasteful into innocent people.)

I have full confidence that whatever Mayor Bloomberg wants to do will be just as irrelevant and ineffectual as all other efforts at gun control. But there is one thing he can do: If the mayor is really serious about public safety, why not simply buy up all the loose handguns with his own money? Bloomberg is worth between $13 and $16 billion. With that kind of money, he could offer a real incentive to all criminals and prospective mass murderers to hand in their hardware. For example:

“I will personally give $1,000 to anyone who turns in a functional handgun, no questions asked, in any city in the United States. There will be no limit to the number of guns you can turn in.”

Now let’s say the Mayor is willing to part with $10 billion. That means he could take 10 million handguns off the streets (if ever there were that many) and still have $3 to $5 billion left over to buy himself the White House. There would hardly be a handgun to be found in America. The next time a potential mass murderer walks into a gun store, he will come out with an aluminum baseball bat, because that’s all they will have.

Non-gun-owning acquaintances ask me why anyone needs more than a few firearms. I say to you, the American people, why does anyone need $15 billion? It is time, Mr. Mayor, to stop the rhetoric and put your money where your mouth is.


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I see that you chose to launch a personal attack on me rather than address either of my posts directly. The facts of Waco and Ruby Ridge are quite clear. Research them. These two events happened while President Clinton was in office and Janet Reno was Atty. Gen. This is also a fact. Please address these points.


((((Waco and Ruby Ridge are quite clear )))This will go down as one of the ATF'S biggest blunders ever! Not President Clinton! I think a unwritten rule in the BATF for all agents is if you get caught framing someone. You must lie and deny. Never admit when you are caught in a lie. ( Lie and Deny)Never admit you have lied. Lie & Deny.If I began writing to all of you everything I know about this Con ( Fabrication ) the ATF has created. I am sure many of your jaws would be dropping!

I am sure some of you think I am crazy. President Clinton punished those responsible including Ms.Reno.I feel at this point you have an agenda, as you are beating a dead horse issue because YOU son't like the CONTENT of some posts here.
Wha twill it be tomorrow?

Old Bull

Actually, I've been there and have the scars and T-shirts to prove it. The first casualty of war is the plan. No plan ever lasts more than minute after contact. Now please get back on topic and answer JasonB.
One more question. Is the sky falling?


((((OLD BULL)))) Your petty jealousy of people with a better lot in life than yourselves is pathetic.

So the paint is peeling on your AMC 4x4 Eagle and the power's gone out in your trailer, huh?
Who are you hating for dinner? Won't someone hep a brother out heah? And you only wish you could afford a Gremlin or afford to live on your own, even in a trailer.
You just wasting bandwidth with your idea of comedy. You know, for all your posturing as open-minded and tolerant people, you have a nasty habit of stereotyping.
And usurpers of the Constitution of the United States is the Bush Administration Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Feith, et al. You probably enjoy having your freedom taken away. The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do. "His Greatness Joseph Stalin , Premier of the People's Socialist Soviet state, 1941-1953 " (Revalidated by Katherine Harris, Florida).

Old Bull

Please, enlighten me little Ben.
Also, you are doing the syntax thing again. Watch your sentence structure. Or are you having a hard time translating the Socialist Rhetoric Handbook?

You really are a moron. Go back to your prisonplanet masters.


((((Or are you having a hard time translating the Socialist Rhetoric Handbook?))))
Better yet, let's use the successful nation of Britian for our model and OUTLAW private possession of firearms, thus saving circa 6000 U.S. lives per year! How about we instead talk about how Hitler armed EVERYONE in the "aryan nation" instead?
He did think guns in the hands of just every nut was a bad idea.
Proving even a monster gets it right once in a while.

William Giordano

Ban Bigbear. He [ or she ] is daft.


Anybody want to talk about Hitler's love of outlawing firearms? And lets not forget what happened to Australia. Socialism to the rescue, confiscation of firearms and lives saved.

Old Bull

'Lil Ben, Did I just enter a battle of wits with an unarmed man? (No pun intended)
I really wish I could take you serious dude, but you are just cracking me up. Please take your meds. and quit the mouth breathing rant.


Now, that's funny!


Pointing out the truth is Wrnog? LOL! if so, what do you call Sunday mass?
I post stories, if you dont agre with them you can refute the words. I have noticd you cannot, so you must attack the messinger. Lame. WHOOOWEEE, what a load ! Its time to stop all this darn poppycock, it’s downright disgusting to listen to lets all huddle together like muskox and cover each others arse game.
What a bloody handful of noisy juvenals with the Rush Limbaugh complex. You just like the others. they mean to me on the other boards.YOU the spewer of know nothing blather that caused everyone to laugh.This is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave, and I want it back.

Old Bull

'Lil Ben,
I think I see where you are coming from. With Socialism, Mayor Bloomberg would not have billions to do a grand apiece on buying them, we could just have them confiscated. Brilliant!!
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm leaving my corner office, in my new car, and heading to the house. (which is paid for) God, I love this country!

Now I ran into political idiots and oppression! . I find it odd that you accuse

others of being robots when in opint of fact you yourself was simply repeating the same reply

over and over and over and over and over ... Why are the BushBootLickers so scared of truth? What a pathetic attempt to shout down those who question lies.

The anti-bunutse, and anti-dem posts ARE getting a little ragged around the corners. There are MANY hell a veritable plethora of topics that we, as in ALL of us, need to concern ourselves with in this new century. Times are growing short for many of us that come here, and other than trying to drive the point home where it unfortunately NEEDS to be, there is or are other ways to do it... and other topics that at times may have as much or more relevance.

Not a criticism, or bustin yer chops but a smorgasbord of topics is much better and more palatable than just the TWO topics you center on. You are better than that and I KNOW you have the resources at your command and the smarts to educate and inform many a person on things of importance rather than or in conjunction with, bushy bushy bushy.
Show us ok? Get the word out but round it out at the same time. Bush for a large part is a done deal, and will be gone from the stage in short order. It doesn't matter who the prez is we all know that, the movers and shakers behind the scenes can and fairly regularly DO accomplish just as much and many times much MORE than the president does by nefarious usage of the rules available to them in their little backroom committees and crap. At this time I believe those are the folks we need turn our attention to, while keeping a sharp eye on bushy junior just in case the worthless draft dodging WAR CRIMINAL gets us deep in the crap. I understand the obsession with bush et al. I couldn't hate a political figure more than I do bunutse and krewe but we are prexching to the choir to a piont here. Albeit we, well a couple posters in particular, ARE getting the point across ad naseum but that IS what it takes for seemingly millions of sheep so called AMERICANS and their internet "leaders".... hahahaha.... I am proud that we have and hopefully continue to shine the light of publicity to the many acts which bushie boy is forcing on us ala patriot act, homeland security, TSA etc etc etc... it shows that we aren't sheep like another board I can think of, well... many other boards actually because the other other board will not suffer the sheeple to discuss politics basically AT ALL. Forget the voluminous RULEZ one has to hurdle JUST to make a post but get a little snot on yer nose ANYWHERE on the internet and all of a sudden you are UNworthy to post there at all. All that said, we need to round out our discussion tableau for a more productive discussion board and to survive and thrive and GROW.

Dan Mc

Exhibit "A" for why to stay off of drugs.

Old Bull

So tell us how you really feel. Just one last question. It deals with, gasp, the original topic. If Mayor Bloomberg actually offered to buy guns at a thousand bucks a pop, would you lean a little towards capitalism and sell a few; or would you give them up for nothing?
Just trying to round out the tableau for a more productive discussion. Please forgive me for quoting you.


It bothers me that you thugs ase offering what I percieve as half truths and misinformation as educational material for the benefit of those who want to learn the truth.
Doesn't matter what you explain your motivations to be, the above is precisely what you'll get . BS!
NObody "counters" my posts with anything but poppycock. EVER. Discussing certain issues, with certain people, is like trying to teach a pig to sing; It wastes your time, and it irritates the hell out of the PIG.


Thats right, nazi. Self reflection is good for the soul. I am not arguing with you NRA THUGBOTS to fuel the flames of the raging fire, nor am I arguing with you to stroke my own ego. I am offering a contrary views in the interest of accuracy. I abhor misinformation with an unrivaled passion.
I have no tolerance for those who would have us believe the earth is flat. And I have no use for people who misrepresent the Democrat party I dearly love. Whooo Hoooo!~ Go Capt Cave Man! Maybe you hadn't noticed america going down hill? American children die in SCHOOLS BY GUNS !!! Die real purdy for the cameras! Hello!!! The GUNS are flowing like CANDY APPLES!! Or is that too much common-sense for you?
that's cute. I have not heard that 666 times before from right wing parrots like you. SQUWAK! SQUWAK!- Republican Parrot-. Which right wing website did you copy-and-paste your thoughts from? The Radio waves ans white bone devil talking Ok OK.Thats why Culture Club and Boy George Sold Millions! Millions!! The Tyranny of Gun Control? How to Liberate America’s Families; Your Money or - Your* Life: Why We Must Abolish the Income Tax; and Tethered Citizens: Time to Repeal the Welfare State.).

Old Bull

Are you singing?


Now here's where you just embarass yourself. Really. Every time you post you prove yourself an ignorant jackass.

Old Bull

You're preaching to the wrong choir here Sparky. I know, let's even it up a little. How about a spelling contest....


Now, now, now let's not get off track again.
OK. I believe the two-headed boy in the tent is real. what is your point? I have no idea what you are trying to say here. I doubt you do either stud.

You republican gun nuts are really easily brainwashed, and the sad part about it is that your own party is brainwashing its own constituents.

Go ahead. make a comment about how I "worship Micheal Moore" and how "evil liberals are ruining this country." hehe

And please also disregard the fact that the President got us into another Vietnam, and the fact that there is A FULL SCALE CIVIL WAR GOING ON NOW. CHILDREN SHOT IN OUR STREETS!!!

Whatever the NRA tells you, right?

((((How about a spelling contest....)))) like teh see me cross dress? want a link?


Nothing teh say?You couldn't possibly pretend to be a NRA 2A supporter any more than an ape could pretend shoot a gun. Even with opposing thumbs its beyond your cranial capacity.

Old Bull

So I guess steering you back to the original blog topic is a moot point then.
Well, if you can digress, then please allow me. Earlier this afternoon, you mentioned dinner. I had grilled whole venison loin, fresh asparagus, morel mushrooms, and a wild rice pilaf. Are you ready?.... Wait for it.....The deer was shot by my daughter with a custom rifle that I built for her. I picked the asparagus and morels after I shot my turkey this spring. And the wild rice was harvested during a waterfowl hunt.
Wow, it feels good to go off topic. I can almost see where you are coming from now. Thank you Ben, and have a good night. Sweet Dreams.

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