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April 30, 2007

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Mayor Bloomberg, Buy Those Handguns

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to have become the gun-grabbing poster boy of the year. For some months, he has led a campaign among his fellow mayors to crack down on handguns, and has used the shootings at Virginia Tech to fuel his rhetoric.

(The Mayor’s own record on public safety is anything but unblemished. He recently vetoed a ban on aluminum bats, which was overridden by the New York City Council, and his police department tends to fire more ammo than is tasteful into innocent people.)

I have full confidence that whatever Mayor Bloomberg wants to do will be just as irrelevant and ineffectual as all other efforts at gun control. But there is one thing he can do: If the mayor is really serious about public safety, why not simply buy up all the loose handguns with his own money? Bloomberg is worth between $13 and $16 billion. With that kind of money, he could offer a real incentive to all criminals and prospective mass murderers to hand in their hardware. For example:

“I will personally give $1,000 to anyone who turns in a functional handgun, no questions asked, in any city in the United States. There will be no limit to the number of guns you can turn in.”

Now let’s say the Mayor is willing to part with $10 billion. That means he could take 10 million handguns off the streets (if ever there were that many) and still have $3 to $5 billion left over to buy himself the White House. There would hardly be a handgun to be found in America. The next time a potential mass murderer walks into a gun store, he will come out with an aluminum baseball bat, because that’s all they will have.

Non-gun-owning acquaintances ask me why anyone needs more than a few firearms. I say to you, the American people, why does anyone need $15 billion? It is time, Mr. Mayor, to stop the rhetoric and put your money where your mouth is.


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I might even jump at the $1000. Turn in a couple of cheap handguns of mine and use the money to buy something new. Could even look at it like an investment. Buy a bunch of High Point 9mm and trade them in. That is about the only way you could get any money out of a High Point anyway.



I guess The mayor pissed in your corn flakes this morning.

Each gun you own has a purpose, that is what I tell my Fiance'.......


Weapons Buy-Back Program, worked in Baghdad, until we payed them to much for AKs and RPGs and they went out and bought two for the price we paid them for one!




Mayor Moron can't afford to pay $1000.00 for every handgun turned into the city of new york.

Hell, I've got a couple of guns the mayor can pay me 1000.00 apiece for and then I can go buy shiny new fancy handguns.

Where do I sign up?

Peter C

Why would Bloomberg want to spend his money buying your guns when he could buy the presidency and then take your guns?

Dan M.

Yes, Mr. Mayor,

I'm sure the criminally minded will be the first to comply with your proposed bans. Of course.


Why is it that cities with the most onerous gun laws have the highest crime rates? Because law-abiding people are deprived of the best means of self defence.

JA Demko

I think we need to begin an immediate, and very high profile, campaign pressuring Bloomberg to do just that.

Dan M.,
As a city dweller, I think it's important not to confuse cause and effect. Is the crime rate in large cities high because of "onerous" gun laws, or do large cities make "onerous" gun laws because of high crime rates. I would argue for the second.

Mike M

A succinct expose' of anti-rights hypocracy! That last paragraph is solid gold, Mr. Petzal! If Bloomberg did this, he would still be dangerous, but I might be able to respect him.


Jolly good for mayor bloomberg. We need mayoers standing up teh the NRA "Thugs" politicians.


It is well documented that disturbing questions remain over the incident at Columbine. It is clear that authorities had prior knowledge of what was going to happen. Observers were in the area hours before the shooting took place. Articles from the Associated Press stated that ballistics from Columbine show that six of the thirteen victims were possibly shot and killed by Jefferson County SWAT.

9/11 was an inside job
this was a psy op to induce fear and panic
OKC 9/11 amish school killings katrina vt shootings - NO ONE WILL STOP THEM - WAKE UP AMERICA!!
The U.S. of A hs been sliding down the slippery slope towards the pit of tyranny for nearly 30 years now. Somehow a shocking portion of our citizens believe that the Constitution and Bill of Rights only apply to people who swear an oath of fealty to whichever 'conservative' point-men and women are appointed by the Republican PArty 'base' operatives.


Somebody needs to put a 15 day waiting period on your 1st Amendment rights.

Perhaps by then, you will have forgotten the foolish stuff you are posting.


Until then, put an aluminum pot on your head so the mind control beams won't hit you so hard.

They're making you sound a little disturbed.

I have an idea..lets bring prayer into the schools, stop corporate greed, and girls having babies at 14....oh, I forgot this a GUN NUT blog!

Somebody needs to put a 15 day waiting period on your 1st Amendment rights.))))))) Silly Toff.


This deal of attacking law abiding gun owners with oppressive gun laws is nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction to a problem that would be better handled by enforcing those that are in existence already. Again I criticize the liberal court system; but hey, it is much easier to go after the citizens than it would be to go after a bunch of lawyers and judges. Oh and what do you call a lawyer with half a brain?---------------------------------Your Honor.

Black Rifle addict

This is a bigger issue then just taking guns away from law-abiding citizens.
We cannot change our fundamental rights, as it were, overnight for the condemnation of a bad act. Pretty soon for the "better of society" one could justify taking all our rights taken away.


How about the ATF and FBI's attacks on Ruby Ridge and Waco? I believe those two events took place under the radical left-wing liberal Clinton era. What "Conservative Point Men" appointed the idiots responsible for these attacks against Americans and the Bill of Rights?


((((radical left-wing liberal Clinton era))))Umm, yes!
Not so! Not so! Ha Ha right-wing paranoia in contrasting attrocities.Me just saw this comment at a right-wing blog, and its so much a lie.In other words, censor anything that doesn't confrom to the Conservative agenda. Spare me the wounded Republican line, okay? The GOP are the ones who for the past 7 years have been running roughshod.Your sarcasm is duly noted. Lets abolish democracy now !
Rights arent important especially other peoples so lets give those up - you go first - dictatorship is worth it - at least you know where you stand with a dictator ?
I say bring in a benevolent dictator abolish the constitution and set up a gov like iraq had before we attacked its government. People are being attacked in the USA by police and in Iraq as well for protesting the war. The 911 questions are all but missing from the major media, while the GOP dupes squuuuawk "liberal media"..crapola.. Silly me I ASSUMED the other fool could speak for himself - Guess I was wrong - truth is " I have you pegged" TROLL - you make it a habit to jump in then spring the attack surprise - frankly it makes you a WORLD CLASS CLOWN - ignorance = knowledge right? - thread jumping and changing the subject while keeping people ignorant to the fact that you're someone else is your MO troll - funny how it always goes down. just change the subject and HOPE you can beat me on that one - if not just change it again . Didn't fit in with your jump-in spinmeister tactics of trying to paint me as a nutty liberal. Criticizing and poking fun at your detractors is cool? You are full of crap and you are trying to spin your way out of it by any underhanded means possible . Chow Babe!

Black Rifle addict

To JasonB-
The point you make is valid, and Bigbenr will not have a logical leg to stand it to explain it. He doesn't get that our system of government will hold agencies responsible for their poor judgement(which I do not want to simplify the mistakes made by the government agencies in this case by saying poor judgement!!)
I am not an expert on socialism, but the way Bigbenr continues to talk about it, he seems to give the impression that we would have just as much freedom to state our opinion as he does today?
I guess I don't understand why he, and other socialist thinkers, just move to another socialistic country?


((((I don't understand why he, and other socialist thinkers, just move to another socialistic country?))))) Socialism works in the United States and has gained strength for the Democratic Party for many years.People want Socialist policy.The RIGHTWING is dead and over with beaver.You are grasping for Dolphin nuts. Are you even listening to yourself? YOU ARE the true cowards within our midst, AND YOU WILL BE THE ONES largely responsible for the ever deepening of the chasm that divides us all and likely will eventually lead to ALL our downfall, imprisonment and/or deaths once geedumbyas homeland in-security and un-patriot acts are used to further demonize us and eventually label the hardcore among us as enemy combatants or finally terrorists for refusing to turn in our evil home computers. It is people who care like that who are hated the most .bet you never thought it would come down like this, eh?
I sure didn't and many still can't accept the FACT that it has.you made your beds comrads . Must be a lovely joy joy world you live in where nothing is wrong therefore nothing should be discussed and changed for the better.

The mockingbirds sure look lovely joy joy on the lake this time of year, don't you think?


(((Silly me I ASSUMED the other fool could speak for himself - Guess I was wrong - truth is " I have you pegged" TROLL - you make it a habit to jump in then spring the attack surprise - frankly it makes you a WORLD CLASS CLOWN - ignorance = knowledge right? - thread jumping and changing the subject while keeping people ignorant to the fact that you're someone else is your MO troll)))

What in the heck are you talking about? I've been a reader of this blog for months. I have subsribed to Field and Stream for over a decade. I usually don't feel compelled to post here, but sometimes a comment is so ignorant that it begs for a comment. So I obliged. No part of my post was a personal attack on you or called you names. Why did you feel that you had to stoop to that level? Would you have the courage to call me names if we were to meet face to face? I doubt it. Debate can be interesting when two people can exchange their contrasting opinions civilly. It's obvious that you're not capable of that though.


Yep jason, I need to quit confusing you with the facts. You remind me of that old joke where the man is caught in bed by his wife and he says, "Are you going to believe your lying eyes or listen to me." I knew when I posted that people like you would pick the parts you wanted and ignore the rest. I was just hoping that the F&S members with open minds (anyone other than you) might read and realize there is more to the story than your self-serving, prejudiced version. I believe the correct terminology for that is "research" ! It's all part of his ancient Illuminati scheme to dominate the world.

Old Bull

Dude, settle down. The laughter that you hear is not the voices in your head this time.
I'll jump in and defend your freedom of speech, but you are going to have to work on your sentence structure a little first.


Greetings, my children! You have been called here to recapitulate the principal steps of our new program. As you know, we had hoped to have twenty years between wars to consolidate the great gains which we made from the WW II, but our increasing numbers in certain natal areas ia arousing opposition to us, and we must work with every means at our disposal to precipitate WW III WITHIN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS. This IS IT..THIS IS IT!
Of course the good and noble Republicans would never do such a thing, everyone knows that. RIGHT! It has often been said that the first casualty of war is the truth and we know that to be true. We have been down this same road before and seen this same scenario even before George, the puppet, Bush was elected president our government had no excuse for invading a sovereign nation, so we invented one, 9-11 was the answer. The government of Afghanistan nor the government of Iraq had anything to do with 9-11, but were blamed anyway.lurking behind the scene are the NEOCONS pulling the strings to start these wars. The evil bastards, and that is a kind word for what they are, have their eye on, first, the Middle east and eventually the entire worlds oil, and most of the world’s leaders are co-conspirators in their plot. Now they are trying to start a world war between the Muslims and the West.

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