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April 16, 2007

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Latest News Media Claim: U.S. Presidents Who Hunt Start Wars

I was watching “Real Time with Bill Maher” the other night and was struck by one of his “New Rules” rules. He ranted about Governor Mitt Romney’s pretending to be a hunter, and then said words to the effect that if we had fewer presidents who hunted, we would get in fewer wars, due to the alleged connection between “cruelty” to animals and cruelty to people.

This intrigued me, so I went back and looked at the record, starting with our first modern conflict, the Civil War (I have counted only real wars, not casual bloodlettings like Ronald Reagan’s debacle in Beirut, or Bubba’s excellent adventure in Somalia):

Civil War, entered into by Abraham Lincoln, a non-hunter.

Spanish-American War, entered into by William McKinley, a non-hunter.

World War I, entered into by Woodrow Wilson, a non-hunter.

World War II, entered into by Franklin D. Roosevelt, a non-hunter.

Korean War, entered into by Harry S. Truman, a non-hunter.

Vietnam, entered into by John F. Kennedy, a non-hunter. Presided over by Lyndon Baines Johnson, who shot deer from his convertible and picked up his beagles by their ears. Presided over by Richard M. Nixon, a non-hunter.

Desert Storm, entered into by George Bush, a hunter.

Iraq/Afghanistan, entered into by George W. Bush. I can’t find any real evidence that W. is a hunter; however, one website claimed that, as a boy, he enjoyed stuffing firecrackers in frogs, so I guess that counts for something. One the other hand, Vice President Cheney is a hunter for sure, and may actually be president, so we have to factor that in.

And so, out of eight wars, only three had hunting presidents involved. Out of ten (or 11) presidents, only four had even the most tenuous connection to making the bunnies sweat.

But I like Bill Maher. He is always angry, and sometimes funny, and frequently has interesting guests.


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John Melvin Davis, 49, will remain in Federal custody while he awaits trial on charges of sending threats and hoaxes by mail
Bigbenr 4/27/07 7:28PM *
John Melvin Davis, 49, will remain in Federal custody while he awaits trial on charges of sending threats and hoaxes by mail
Bigbenr 4/26/07 3:13PM
Post: #1John Melvin Davis, 49
Spider7115 11/28/06 9:01PM
Post: #1John Melvin Davis, 49
Spider7115 11/28/06 10:41AM
Post: #1John Melvin Davis, 49

Oklahoma Nov 27, 2006 (AP)— A man charged with mailing more than a dozen threatening letters containing a white powder to celebrities, politicians and other high-profile figures has been arrested while in federal custody on unrelated charges. John Melvin Davis, 49, will remain in Federal custody while he awaits trial on charges of sending threats and hoaxes by mail.

He is accused of sending the letters to comedians Jon Stewart and David Letterman; Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California; Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer of New York; MSNBC host Keith Olbermann; and Viacom Inc. chairman Sumner Redstone.

Some letters included phrases like "Death to Demagogues" and pictures of victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami, authorities said.

The powder in the letters turned out to be harmless but it raised fears of another anthrax attack similar to the anthrax-laced letters that killed five people just weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The count of sending threats by mail is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Sending false information or hoaxes by mail carries up to five years in prison.

I'm charged up after my appearance with Jim on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday morning. And I'm even more excited that so many of you have taken action in the wake of last week's tragic shootings at Virginia Tech.

More than 50,000 calls and emails have been made to our elected leaders to ask them "What are YOU going to do about gun violence," including thousands to President Bush, Speaker Pelosi, and Majority Leader Reid.

This pressure is absolutely critical if we don't want our leaders to retreat and do nothing after offering condolences.

So thank you! But we need to keep that momentum going. Please support our efforts today.

Why do we have to keep the pressure on? Because every day in America, 32 people are murdered by guns. The same number that was killed last Monday.

A supporter last week had the great idea of asking her friends to donate $32 to the Brady Campaign. So we are asking you to do the same now. Please give $32 today.

Despite the daily toll of gun deaths, Congress has done nothing. And to help your Brady Campaign keep the heat on Congress, we are asking you for your financial support right now.

As a nation, we can do better. And to keep the dialogue going and the momentum building to find a solution, please keep asking the question "What are YOU going to do about gun violence in America?"


Sarah Brady, Chair
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence


i really appeciate and intelligent individual. heck maybe we ought to vote you president, i mean for gods sake you are the only person so far that has done your research thuroughly enough to actually have a valid opinion, if this is an example of how you are about making any case then hell you would have my vote. the gun world could really use a promoter such as yourself, as you said all the stats that the anti's use are the gun related crimes in countries that have restrictive gun laws. they never use switzerland and they dont use the close contact crime rates either. i appreciate a voice of reason.

JA Demko

John Melvin Davis...

Gunkid did all that?


John Melvin Davis, Gunkid, is doing 10 years in federal prison on weapons charges. I heard about the anthrax story on another board.Didn't know if it was the same guy because the gunkid is age 53?


No, just blame the dead people. Wrong place, wrong time.hehe. As a person who lives in a community dominated by a college campus, I would be very leary about drunk childrens with guns in their rooms. They seem capable of doing plenty of damaage without guns.
The problem is things will never change for good, law abiding Americans. Every elected President is in debt to the NRA for NRA votes when he gets into office. Along with all the other lobbies. The silent majority give their votes away for false promises and false hopes.

That coupled with the fact that big business 'owns' politicians on both sides of the house, (you don't think they gamble on one horse in a two horse race do you?), means you better get used to it. Big tabacco, big weapons pushers and big oil have told 'bought' Dems to leave Bush alone. Profits could be hit by political instability. Where's Charlton when we need to see somebody who has really sold his soul to the corporate capitalist devil?? hehehe.

You live in a civilised world where the citizenry are better armed than the police. You live in a civilised world where your neighbour could have a weapon more suited to the battlefields of Iraq than suburbia. You live in a civilised world where corporate greed comes before the lives of your young and innocent.

JA Demko

I used to exchange emails with John Melvin Davis sporadically. They were completely different from his on-line Gunkid persona. In those exchanges, he was always friendly, reasonable, and well spoken. If this is the same guy, he won't get out of prison until he is a very old man, if he ever gets out at all.


It Was A Spiritual Warning

The gunning down of 32 teachers and students at Virginia Tech was a spiritual warning for America. It was instigated by an entity that possessed the body of Cho Seung-Hu. The act of bloodshed was filled with symbolic information for subconscious impact. Its purpose was to shock Americans into turning away from the politics of warmongering, pain and suffering, and to turn, instead, to a path of unconditional love.

"The purpose of evil is to inspire all that is good!"

You should note that the timing of the Virginia killings coincided with the U.S. Supreme Court's decision that same day to ban partial birth abortions, a ruling that many believe will be a first step toward reversing the controversial Roe vs. Wade ruling that makes abortions in the United States legal.

This ruling, by a court stacked by the Christian-oriented Bush Administration with ultra conservative judges, is "an assault against women in terms of psycho-sexual freedoms, choice and personal power."

Be warned that the stage is being set for a new wave of racial and sexual discrimination in America that is already beginning to be seen in the daily news. The Don Imus case is the most recent example.

The old battle of the sexes, pitting man against women, is always visible just before great world wars. "We are on the brink of social discord." These things foretell of World War III, which is a growing threat as world powers square off over issues in Iran.

The suicidal acts by 23-year-old Cho Seung-Hu, were sparked by the rejection of one, if not more than one woman. Police in Blacksburg, where the shooting occurred, said they investigated two separate stalking complaints against Cho by university women during his time at the school.

It was said that the first shooting incident involved the murder of a woman in one of the dormitories following an argument.

Among the many statements in his so-called manifesto, Cho said: "You have vandalized my heart, raped my soul and torched my conscience. You thought it was one pathetic boy's life you were extinguishing. Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people."

Artwork found in Cho's personal effects included delicate drawings of praying hands over a rose and a male angelic figure kissing a tearful female angel in the clouds. The female's face is turned away as she receives the kiss on her cheek. Both drawings symbolize a Christian influence, even though Cho denounced Christianity in his final video messages received at NBC headquarters on Wednesday.

Strangely, just as in the murders committed by Chicago's Christian serial killer John Wayne Gacy, this young man left 33 victims, one marking each year in the life of Jesus Christ. You should note that the news counts 32 victims, but Cho also took his own life, thus claiming the 33rd victim. That he identified himself as a sacrificial victim was significant. As a possessed young man, his life, indeed, was sacrificed by the entity as a means of delivering this powerful message.

Monday's tragic event at Virginia Tech has even more twists within its symbolic spiritual message.

At this time of year young men are experiencing a natural biological calling to sexual union because it is a time of the year when testosterone levels are raging through their bodies. This has often been referred to as the rites of spring, and are still celebrated in many countries with such events as a dance around a maypole and other pagan gatherings. The maypole, of course, represents the erect male penis.

Women of the world are called to be aware of the subtle power they possess over men, and to be sensitive to the vulnerability of the males at this time of the year.

"Women need to understand this power." Truth be told it is the power of the Kundalini, or that coiled force believed by some to be curled up in the back part of the root chakra at the base of the spine.

The symbol of the Kundalini is found in the Genesis story that tells of the serpent that tempts Eve in the Garden of Eden. It also can be found in images of the human DNA coil, as well as the medical symbol of the caduceus, or magic wand of the Greek god Hermes.

Cho slammed us all with a powerful message that should make us take a long look at the spiritual and political direction this nation is moving. The growing threat of expanding our military conflicts in the Middle East with an attack on Iran is one of the most deadly and spiritually troublesome things we could do.

Truth be said the choice for all of us, especially in choosing our next president, will be that of picking a leader that will be soft on war, or choosing another Christian warmonger like George W. Bush.

It will be a choice between hate and pain and suffering, or love.

A wrong choice will mean a global war. It will mean a return of the draft, and hundreds of thousands of young men and women of the same age group that perished in the Virginia shootings could be slaughtered on the battlefield. This is the probable penalty of choosing wrong.

There is one final symbolic mark to this affair that cannot be overlooked. There is a U. S. Senator representing the State of Virginia who offered public words of comfort on Monday after hearing of the shootings. His name is the same as Presidential candidate John Edwards, except he has a middle initial S in his name.

The appearance by Senator Edwards was a subconscious message to everyone that the presidential candidate by that name is the right choice if America wants a president that will be "soft on war" and lead the nation on a pathway of love.

"Edwards is our next to be in the office and he will stand for love when he is introduced to an Iranian wife bonding our two countries,"

"This is a message from God. It is a divine message of love verses ego and war. It is our choice in the next election."

"The whole thing is obvious enough that everyone can feel it."

JA Demko

If you menat that ironically...bravo!

If you really meant that, you are one seriously effed-up person.

Been there-Done that

Presidents going to war; Our present "President" is no HUNTER, but our "VP was"? So suppose out modern day President went to war with no knowledge of hunting or what the end results could be. Do believe a hunters safety course is in order.Now lets see, is a single bbl shotgun or single shot 22 cal rim fire his best choice, 0' I just recall, a sling shot would be better for a beginner.


is destry for real. how is it possible that people can be considered sane that have his view points?


Look you Godless heathens, true Mormons “believe in their hearts” that God provides personal revelations. 80% of Mormons vote Republican BECAUSE Jesus directly tells them too! The other 20% aren’t true Mormons and THOSE are the ones on the “black-list”. Question the party? Question Jesus!! It’s pretty simple.

Black Rifle addict

Hey peoples-Lighten up on the God fearing bloggers here. I have faith, and try to practice what I preach each day. Am I perfect? Not at all, but at least we have insight to what others are saying here. It's the quiet ones we need to be concerned about.


what is with all of the gun haters on this blog, i think they are probes from anti gun orginisation, if you like guns go to http://t-o-s-c.weebly.com it is pro gun and has info on guns, the second amendment forever

Bill (Not Maher)

I'm willing to bet that Bill Maher and others like him never served a single day in the military. If they had, it may have allowed them to view things in a different light.

I can't stand Bill Maher.


It's nice to hear that the
military has a ray gun that work's?
why not mount one on the front of any vehical, and on the lead veh.
to search and destroy,?


It's nice to hear that the
military has a ray gun that work's?
why not mount one on the front of any vehical, and on the lead veh.
to search and destroy,? for roadside bombs or what ever.

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