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April 27, 2007

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An Echo of Virginia Tech

Yesterday, I was at a gun dealer in Connecticut and we were talking about Virginia Tech. He told me the following story.

“The other day we had a young man in here trying to buy a pistol. He was poorly dressed, acting strangely, and had no driver’s license. I said we couldn’t sell him anything without some real I.D. and him going through the regular handgun-purchase process. He asked if he could take a handgun instruction class. We said no. Then he started leaping up and slapping some of the displays hung from the ceiling.

“At this point we asked him go outside and have a little talk. We told him to take himself away and not come back, ever. He argued, but he left. Then we called the cops to report the incident. When the squad car got here, the cops said, ‘Oh yeah, we know about him. He’s a nut case, he’s on medications, and he’ll probably be back, so watch for him.’

“Just at this point they got a call that our friend was down the road tearing up someone’s property, so they had to roll. So now we have to watch out for this guy, and what do we do when he shows up the next time?”

I said that I didn’t have an answer.

And apparently no one else does, either.


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Did I upset you? What I meant was, if something were to happen in a Gun Store, then the Gun store owner would be more then prepared to handle the incident.

Are you really a gun owner? Or are you just cruising the Internet bored at work on you lunch hour?

Come on Biged, you can tell us, we are your gun nut friends???


People say I am paranoid because I own a gun, what the hell do I have to be paranoid about I own a gun.




Right-wing knuckle-headed thugs. These actions would not be 'jack-booted storm troopers' from 'The Government' intuding into your lives and 'taking your freedoms away'...they would be true citizen-patriots enforcing the U.S. Constitution and the laws that spring thenceforth. No one has the right to deprive others of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness just because they disagree with their publically-stated political views. Do we now live in a dictatorship? Will we all have to bow down to Chancellor BUSH as he rants about the various enemies of the state and sputers 'Amerikkans Prevails' while we all render the mandatory oath and racist hand salute to the sole righteous party of truth and power of god? I used to be a registered Republican...many years ago I realized that the party lost its way and became a mockery of itself. Register as a Socialist and refuse to be shacked by Party lines.Listen teh whzat hillary clinton has teh say and vote for ms clinton fur amerikkas future.

Old Bull

To Bigbenr,
Calm down son, it's going to be Okay. Now take a deep, cleansing breath and get back on topic. Also, please refer to me as a knuckle-dragger, not a knuckle- head.
Mr. Petzal,
Great stuff, if I may quote you from an older article, you really are keeping them "snorting and farting in confusion".

Dave in St Pete


You've shown the "colour" of your stipes. Go back to your social paradise Mr. Yellow European.


I see you have refused my advice to put a pot on your head to ward off the mind altering thought waves.

St. Pete outed you before I could, but you're pegged as a "Brit". (pardon me while I take a good shot of whiskey to get that foul word out of my mouth)

GB certainly does have proper laws regarding civil liberties - Ha!

I was there in 1985 during the Brixton riots. The MOD (National Guard) blockaded the whole region with tanks and automatic rifles within 12 hours. Martial law was the rule for the next two weeks.

Pakistanis are treated worse than dogs by Englishmen, and the Thames smells like a sewer.

Take your socialist rhetoric back to whatever mental institution you've escaped and leave free speech to free men.

Back to the thread.

Cho shot himself to death. I doubt any law could have deterred him. He feared no penalty we could offer. He was a tortured soul who took a cowards path.

There were heroes in that building else there would have been even more dead.

In the aftermath we ask ourselves how we could have prevented this evil from happening.

The sad painful truth is that we can't.

Old Bull

Well said.

Ralph the Rifleman

Well said JB..._well said

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