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March 22, 2007

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Two posts ago, on March 20th, a commenter named Lewis informed us all that Hoppe’s, maker of Hoppe’s No. 9 gun solvent, and other stuff, was going out of business in June, due to high operating costs and environmental concerns. He sent along a link to something called usnewswire.com that supposedly carried the story. It all sounded very believable.

But I was puzzled, because an old firm like Hoppe’s going toes up would be big news, and I hadn’t heard a thing. I clicked onto usnewswire and couldn’t find any mention of it. I spoke with a friend who edits a magazine about the shooting industry, and he hadn’t heard diddly. I called Bushnell, which owns Hoppe’s and was assured that Hoppe’s was in fine health, and would be around for some time to come. The only change was that it had been moved from Oregon to Kansas.

In other words, reports of Hoppe’s death were greatly exaggerated, and if you spread them on your garden they will make your roses grow. Never believe anything you hear, especially if it comes from the government or a major corporation or a professional sports team. Never believe anything you read in a magazine.

One of the things I’ve learned in this business is, if you want people to believe your lies, you have to make them whoppers. You want something so outrageous that people could never believe you were making something like that up. So here are a few. Have fun!

Chuck Schumer to shoot at Camp Perry
Hillary Clinton supports “right-to-carry” laws
New York Times admits in editorial, “NRA was right all along”


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1 more DAVE:

Dave Petzel for President!!!

So I guess you can now add "investigative reporting" to your resume!!

Ralph the Rifleman

WOW Dave..you have given the phrase "piled higher and deeper" a new meaning!
ps-thanks for getting the goods on Hoppes too.


Here is another one.

Senator Dick Durbin to promote marksmanship in junior high schools with free ammo, rifles and qualified instructors.

Charles  Benoit

Thanks for the due diligence on this update! Glad it was false.
Charles Benoit


I saw a Bigfoot riding a Buffalo yesterday, folks.

Peter C

Speaking of hogwash, have you ever written a column about the "vaporware" displayed every year at the SHOT Show? I'm referring to those really neat new products that finally get into production, if ever, perhaps three years after they're first premiered. We gun buffs love our new toys, and it's cruel and unusual punishment to be shown a working model of a new product, and then discover that no dealer or distributor has ever heard of it!


My wife voted me "Most Responsible Husband of the Year."

Ed J

I see Dave prefers to get his info from the horses mouth. The rest of us (non writers) seem to have a penchant to get it from the other end of the horse.


The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one-
Adolf Hitler
how true how true

dave s.

due to the over population of whitetail in mich. the dnr has opened the season to all 12 months!....great news about hoppes'...I NEED MORE AMMO!

Frank Lopez

"Chuck Schumer to shoot at Camp Perry "

I don't know if he is going to be shooting, but they hypocrite does hold a NYS/NYC CCL! His only problem is that he believes he should be able to have one, but you shouldn't!

Pastor Thos. B. Fowler

Hurray for Hoppes...I love the smell and reliability of Hoppes so much that I might request a good ration of it to be sprinkled in my casket, so that my shooting brothers and family will see me off with that great old familiar scent of a life well lived, and my barrel clean.

Pastor Tom Fowler

Blue Ox

Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.


Arkansas'liberal Democratic senators will no longer vote in lockstep with the likes of Teddy K.


To Dave S, above:

Does Chuck Schumer really hold a CCL?

If so, he's in good company with other hypocrites like Rosie O'Donnell, who helped sponsor "The Million Mom March," against handguns, but later hired a HANDGUN-TOTING SECURITY GUARD TO PROTECT HER ADOPTIVE CHILD.

Hypocrisy is a fashionable vice, particularly among gun-banners...


Hey Dave...... Trying to make a comeback from the Buckstix.com thingy? Glad to see that you are doing a little investigative work before blogging it.;-)

Roger Reeves

If we all would check the facts before we open our big mouths,the hunting world and gun ownereship would be much better off. Most of us mouth off without knowing what is fact and fiction. Is kinda like the old saying when building, measure twice and saw once. Now help needed on GUNS: any of you guys have problems with Black Powder guns, using Pyrodec Pellets (2-50's) and Powerbelt bullets in a 24" bbl gun? I have a CVA Hunter bolt action B/P rifle and after the first shot, a lot of residue is left in the bbl, which prevents the reloading difficult. There is enough residue left in the bbl that I cannot get the 2nd bullet to go down as far as the first one. Kinda worries me, as may cause problems in firing or worse yet, a blow back into my face. Impossible to carry a cleaning rod and patch along into the woods and if 2nd shot needed to finish off a animal, need to reload fast. Any suggetions will be appreciated.Someone suggested I discard the Powerbelts and go back to a cronical pre-lubed bullet.Need some expert advice, please. Roger Reeves

Roger, could be the 209 primers are pushing the pellets up a little before they actually ignite. I understand that you can buy primers that aren't as hot or try loose powder. I'm no expert but have read about this happening to others. Good luck.

Roger Reeves

Thanks for the advice: I think I will go back to loose powder and Pre-lube Buffalo bullets an see if they work better. This Powerbelt is suppose to eliminate my problem, as the little plastic cap on end of bullet suppose to make air tight seal and all the powder burns up, but for some reason it don't. On my T/C Hawken, side lock I did not experience this residue built up and I used the Musket caps verses the #ll primers.CVA suggested I carry some dry patches with me hunting, and after l shoot to wet a new ,dry patch in my mouth, and run that down the bbl???? who in this world wants to do that when they need to re-load for a 2nd shot if needed. Also, what if that patch comes off in the bbl, I'd have a hard time getting out with -out a patch puller???I thought that was kind dumb advice. Something is causing the un-burned powder (pellets) to remain in the bbl. Suppose I need to do some more expermting and find a cure befor B/P season comes in. I really need this problem solved, as where I hunt this season, will have a split B/P season with a total of 5 weeks B/P hunting and I sure want to take advantage of it after Christmas till lst Sat. in JAnuary. Again, thanks for your advice. Roger


The barrel cleaning method you're referring to is commonly called "spit-patching" and I've done it for the last few years. Using loose triple 7 and 200gr T/C Shockwaves I've got some sub-MOA three shot groups but like you said, who the hell wants to have to clean the barrel after each shot, especially in the woods?

I've since swapped out breech plugs in my Knight to one of their PowerStem models that's designed for the .52 caliber Extremes and the crud has been cut down enough to where it's scarily easy to load. If you haven't tried them yet I'd recommend testing some of the Triple 7 pellets (or any other propellant for that matter) as they're cleaner and a little hotter than their Pyrodex counterpart. You could also try the Remington Kleenbore orWinchester Triple 7 primers as they're not quite as hot as a regular 209 and may cut the crud a bit. In my experience the T7 primers were a lot easier on the breech than the Winchester 209s I use but didn't do as much for the barrel fouling, plus I couldn't get my groups under control with them.

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