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January 25, 2007

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Why The British Shoot Shoes

I’m indebted to Brian R. Peterson of our Los Angeles office for this one.
Savile Row is the London street that is home to most of the city’s bespoke (which is British for custom) men’s clothing stores, and for 200 years, the firm of Gieves & Hawkes has been among the most famous of these.

G&H offers a shoe called the Buckshot Brogue. It's a dress Oxford wing-tip that has little perforations in its toe. But with a difference.


In order to achieve a non-symmetrical pattern to the tiny holes, G&H shot a shoe from a distance of 12 feet, thereby probably breaking at least 12 of Britain's strange laws. The pellet pattern in the shot shoe was transferred to a computer, which adapted the pattern to left and right shoes.
They’re $400 if you’re interested in buying a pair. [Gieves & Hawkes]


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I hope they were using #8 shot. Anything larger? Well, that would simply be gauche. BTW, I know a guy who did the same thing, but forgot to take his foot out of his boot before he pulled the trigger. After that we called him "Lefty."


There is nothing more stylish than looking like you shot yourself in the foot.

Mike Diehl

About 20 years ago as I recall there was also an American clothing distributer selling "shogun washed" jeans. They'd blast the jeans and wash them a bit to give them a fashionably hard-used look... and sell them for a couple hundred dollars.

Some people will pay for anything.

Mike Diehl

Heh. That should be "shotgun washed" -- perforated -- not cut to fit with a katana although I suppose that also would give them a hard-used look.

Chad Love

I'm sure I'm like most of you in that I buy my dress shoes from places like Payless so I can afford to drop $200 on boots (and worth every penny, of course) but I have to admit that's a pretty neat concept for the chi-chi wealthy guys out there.
I'm sure most of the urban post-modern hipsters would appreciate the fashionably ironic statement of wearing a shoe patterned with what most of them consider abhorent instruments of a less enlightened and thankfully (at least in the UK)dwindling culture.
Personally, I prefer the as-yet-unreleased campfire-melted or dog-chewed patterns, neither of which I require a retail outlet to obtain...

On an unrelated note, hope you stocked up on those Ulfrottee longjohns, Dave. If today's NYP article is true, you may need them. Here's hoping the Swedes don't muck anything up, I think it's a pretty good product as is. Maybe they liked that one article you did on my beloved 6.5x55.




Those are some outstanding shoes. How is the trip to the SCI show coming along?

Would those $400 shoes be strong and comfortagble enough to withstand the long days at the show?

Please upload some pictures of those nice mounts and the trophy wives!!!

To bad Petzler's foot wasn't in there (or mouth) at the time


The guy who made the last comment works for the Clinton Administration!

GLN Admin

I have a suggestion for the next line: shoes with teeth marks. Make it a specialty item for the Washington, D.C. crowd.


For $400 One should get his very own shot pattern, not a duplicate.

JC Blauvelt

Tom, It is TOO (adverb) as in Too bad... Not to (preposition )as in, To go...

Shooting ones self in the foot used to be a derogatory term. Now it is a status symbol. Another sign that the end is near.

Boar Slayer

Hey i can to that to any of ur guys shoes for just $1.25 if anyone is interested



Thank you for the correction but the authors nane is "below" the comment!

JC Blauvelt

Sorry. My mistake. Tom can spell.

Bunch of gun nuts, think a big gun makes you a man

Chad Love

You are correct, sir. We're all just compensating, which of course begs the question: why are you here? Don't you have some world music to go download or something?
Be gone, troll.


Thank you Chad for being politically correct. Any man or girly man that cannot sign their name should not ba part of this blog.

CHad Love

Chad Love, sounds like a name fore some guy at a bar in San Fran if you ask me

Girly man

Girly Man, Girly Man,

Chad Love

Apparently my spelling-challenged doppelganger (CHad Love, huh? Creative of you...) is taunting me. I probably shouldn't have fed the troll in the first place. My bad. Sorry, guys.


Things are getting a little strange here. Whats the subject for Monday Dave....panties for outdoors gal?


Now that is just plain dumb.



Ralph the Rifleman

"Now that is just plain dumb."
Couldn't have said it better...

Jim Dicken

Hey JC, my wife has a gun, my daughter has a gun, and my mother has a gun and all have killed animals of some kind for the table so its not just us guys..LOL


Not to change the subject fellas, But I think this is part of a British conspiracy to spread propaganda against Dick Cheney. It is called the "Nice Shot, Dick!" line. They have hats and shirts too! Cheers!

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