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January 22, 2007

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One More Sign That The End Is Near

Hillary Clinton

"Let's have a conversation."


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my goodness, it certainly appears that lots of people have an opinion about hilary clinton.


based on the number of responses to the picture, I'd say you all have a *(_( for her.............

Tommy boy

No way she could b worse than Bush and the Rep. Congress we just had

Tommy boy

Bunch of gun nuts only reason you look at this picture is that she's better looking than your fat a*(*() trail park common law wife.....


Amazing how much more intelligent the articles supporting her compared to the moranic replies from the right wing sheep, I mean people.

Ralph the Rifleman

Tommy Boy-
How did you guess?

How could she be worse than Bush???????????

Ralph the Rifleman

I get it, unknown blogger, lets vote HC in office because you hate GWB's record...lets not measure her competence or stand on issues. ....yea, that makes sense.

I don't mind her stand on issue and do not like Bushs stand on issues or his performance in office

Bob Bartels

Lets see what has GW done, got us into a bad situation in Iraqi, bad planning in Afghan is allowing talaban to regain control, lied to America about Iraqi/9-11 connection, violate Bill of Rights in MANY ways, divided America with political crap, ruined the historic relationship between US and rest of World, massive budget def that places our economy in very vulunurable position to other countries, allowed huge loss of jobs overseas to China/Inda, allowed biggest gap between top 5% wealth and rest of country in nations history, allowed massive corruption like Enron to go with no real reforms, and the list goes one. Sorry but unless you have blinders on GW is one of the worst Presidents the US will have had.

No I am not a Democrat but a THOUGHFUL, INTELLIGENT Republician for the past 40 years and have HATED to see what has be fallen my part for the last 10 years.

Ralph the Rifleman

In the history of mankind, including the conquering Vikings, could not achieve what you claim GWB has...my opinion, of course.
But remember 9/11 has changed alot for America, and whether you believe George W. has done a good job or not, we have not been attacked on our soil since.
Don't forget when HC was runnning the whitehouse with Billy, he was the one who dismantled our secret/spying cababilities.
Now if you have actually been a,"THOUGHFUL, INTELLIGENT Republician for the past 40 years" do you really believe a fairy tale about peace without power? Have you forgotten about the cold war years? I haven't-I lived thru them, and if there ever was a threat of our safety it was thru those years.For most of the World it's "business as usual" and the only image the World wants from us is $$$ it speaks many languages.

Joseph Hodge

The problem with Billary, is that you cannot tell where she stands on any one topic. She is willing to say and do whatever it takes to get her into office. When it comes to the Clintons, people either love them or hate them. I just hope that enough people hate them, because i honestly think the republicans are going to have a hard time getting back into the oval office for a few terms.
If she is elected, it will very very bad for hunters and gun owners; dont doubt that for a second. There is nothing that the left would like more than to take our guns and our outdoor sports. Dont beleive me? Just look at their track record in the past 30 or so years.

The good news however is that i dont feel she will even get the chance to run for the white house. She has some fairly popular competition comming from her own corner, and although they would be no better for us as responsible gun owners and outdoorsmen, they would be better for our country IMHO.

A couple reasons she would win are as follows:
-Too many people are turned off by the Clintons and their horrific scandels.
-Many men would not vote for her for obveous reasons
-Many women would not vote for her because of the way she handled her husbands adultery, and the way she caries herself as a cold, lifless vampire completely void of feelings and wormth.
-Democrates always find a way to steel defeat from the jaws of victory (thank god)

Joseph Hodge

By the way, its a very poor showing of class for the leftest Hillary trolls on here to be throwing insults around as they are.


Never underestimate the stupidity and the ignorance of the voting public ... the Dems (and the HSUS) distinctly prey on that to put themselves in power. How do you convince people to vote for what might be uncomfortable but right and good for the long term of this country, versus what makes them feel cozy today, even if it hurts them tomorrow?

I consider the dems as the "feel good" party and the Republicans as the "Tough Love" party.

I am afraid .. very afraid of what will come in the the next few years ... not just with hunting and fishing and gun ownership but with the rapidly escalating entitlement/give-me society we are creating - a society that will self destruct from its own weight. It's being led by the dems.

If terrorists could see past their death wish and 40 virgins they would just funnel money to Hillary and Co. Blatant large scale terrorism just brings us together against a common enemy, but supporting an internal faction that will eventually lead to self-implosion? Then again, maybe they already know that. And if they are smart there won't be any incidents to change the playing field for the elections.

By the way, violence against dems is not the answer - it just smears our good cause. Exposure, education, and communications are key, but it's a tough route.

I hope we get our acts together soon.

Geez Dave! ... look what you started!

Joseph Kiesznoski

Hillary as our stste senator has done nothing to help the people of New York, but herself.She may be intellagent but lacks Class,Common Sence ,and a moral background.Her and bubba made a mess the first tme ,Please not ag

Roger E. Reeves,  Sr.

Ok guys: This is going no where.Lets talk guns and hunting,something we all enjoy. We hear enough Bull on TV, its time we talk about something really important. Tell us about your past years hunt and the gun you used.Bet its a lot more interesting, at lest I think mine was. As I hunted Wy and MT and was successful in the animals I was hunting. Just hope and pray I can go again this year and enjoy the great outdoors.If lucky enough to pull the trigger on the game I;m after that will be a bonus. Good Hunting guys, and its not in DC.

Big Ed


Boar Slayer

This post is about hillary not my favorite gun or were i hunt. but reeves i wish i could go hunt some politcians....ted kennedy wouldnt last long thats for sure.
oh and to Bob 'Barely There' Bartels i could waste alot of time and space destroying your baseless rant but ill just stick to saying that in order for the taliban (not talaban)to regain control they would first have to lose it (thank you bush). Also as far as dividing the country Bush won 52% of the popular vote in 04 hardly what i call a unified country and finally who cares what Europe and the rest of the world think. Were number one. You cant get higher by looking down.
"I would rather have my genitals slammed in a car door than vote for her"-JA Demko past topic involving Hillary never forget those timeless words


The beast will take the DNC nomination, Kerry has already thrown in the towel, as I'm sure he's found that most of his backers from the last campaign have already dumped their money into the Clinton coffers. The Republican party needs someone with ideas, and a track record of getting things done. His name is never mentioned, and I'm not sure why. I believe if there is any hope for the GOP, it lies in Newt Gingrich.


The one thing Hillary has always done, when in the spotlight, on her own,is a self destructive episode.
She is not the type to be "managed" or "handled". Her first hurdle in this cycle was that she was forced into the race early by Obama. She managed it poorly. As defectors mount, she will sharpen the knives. When the press starts attacking her as the front runner losing ground, she will pounce.
Hillary's ambition is only out done by her temper.
If the Dems really want the white house, they need to forget these Hillary(woman) Obama (Black) feel good fantasy's and get behind a Bill Richardson type. Alas, they never will as the party is controlled by old hippies, Hollywood and other assorted moonbats.


I know I'm probably going to hell for this one but, the very FIRST thing that popped into my mind was the thought that BILL FINALLY TALKED HER INTO IT!!


Ms. Hillary is the reincarnation of Jiang Qing, otherwise known as "Madame Mao".


BBB= Bigmouth Blonde Bag I don't trust her


Yes, I feel if Hillary is elected as president it will be a sign of the Apocolypse. Who's to say the anti-Christ has to be a man? I feel Hillary has the devil in her hip pocket. Clinton did a nice cover up for her by allowing the Monica mess, diverting the media's attention from Whitewater, which was Hillary's mess. We may as well let a snake in the Whitehouse. She wouldn't be the "first female president", but the the first devil incarnate as president. Who ARE these people who believe in her??

Barry Gumbert

I won't make any personal attacks on Hillary Clinton. My comments are directed to all those who believe that they can control crime and terrorism by regulating weapons. This is pure fantasy. Morality cannot be legislated. Take away all firearms, and criminals and terrorists will use bombs. Take away everything used to make bombs and they will use something else, swords slingshots whatever. We must regulate the people who might want to perform crimes. Not the instruments they use.
Also remember that there are those who make their living inciting fear among the uneducated. I read the recent article in F&S about 50 Cariber rifles. I went to the web to check them out closer and immediatly found a web site claiming that the 50 cal rifles (they specifically mentioned the Awesome .50 M107 Barrett) are being purchased by terrorists and will be used to shoot down planes. Of Course they want donations to help stop this threat. Donations that go directly to someone's pocket. Remember guns don't kill asshole do.

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