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January 22, 2007

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One More Sign That The End Is Near

Hillary Clinton

"Let's have a conversation."


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Bradley Clarke

I scrolled down the posted comments and I really can't add to the vicious attacks upon a deserving witch and have it posted. But I will add that if I were a Democrat; Bill Richardson would be the only legitamate candidate out of the lot who have declared their intentions from that side of the aisle. Our problem in the USA is the ones who should be President and could truly lead, won't stand up and put themselves and their families thru the BS it takes to be elected. It doesn't take the righteous to lead our country in a prudent manor. Only a fuduciary of our constitution.

Boar Slayer

If i were a democrat i would have to go with lieberman. Even though i guess he's not really a dem. becasue they gave his primary to 'red' lamont who thankfully got defeated by the independant lieberman

Mike Diehl

I'd vote for Obama unless the GOP nominates someone who isn't a moonbat -- that pretty much writes out any GOP RINO wackjob emanating from south of the Manson-Nixon line.

David Bevil

I lived in Arkansas the entire time that Clinton was governor although I never met anyone who said that they actually voted for him. Hillary was, and is the boss and we are in deep trouble if she is elected. Take a look at San Francisco and their lifestyle, that's where we are headed. I am former police officer and have spent almost my entire adult life either in police work or as a social worker with disadvantaged youth; the last thing we need is to become more liberal while at the same time curtailing what the midstream people want to do or feel that they should do. We will see guns banned and drugs legalized if Hillary and her crew are empowered. If one notices Hillary and her ilk are far less tolerant of opposition than the so called conservatives.


alright, let's not stoop to the liberal level of letting emotion get in the way of rational thought. i don't like hillary either, but let's stick to the cold hard facts about her lack of qualifications. thanks for being BIGGER than them

 juggernaut jenkins

now that i have turned 18 and will have a choice of who are next president is i must share what i have learned in the last couple years. first, there is no one worse human than a polititian or lawyer on this withering rock we know as earth. they all cheat, steal, stab the backs of their own people, just to get to the top. people like bill clinton are the reason why people like osama bin ladin were never stopped before they can harm our country. then has the ba*#! to tell the American people that he tried to tell us. the shame of it all is that the state i live in (new york) always votes dem. so we have no shot at getting a republican from us(because after GWB, no one wants another right wing person in office...understandable) don't count the old battle axe out, she's got enough women to care about voting....and if she gets in god help us all


Hillary is scary- but not near as scary as the fruitcake we currently have in the White House. No one will be able to clean up his messes quickly, but others are certainly more qualified than Hillary.
As a hunter, I have a legitimate question. What bill has Hillary wrote or supported that affects me a s a hunter? Don't say some B.S. like anti-armor piercing bullets either...I want to know real examples.


I'm from Western NY state. Hilary is a carpet bagger & a liar. She was asked point blank during her election campaign if she was planning on a run for the presidency. She said she was only concerned on getting elected to congress??!! If she gets elected as Pres, hold on to your guns & your wallet, she'll want both.

Sportsmen for Clinton?

My dislike of her politics is great enough to rate a dedicated website. I bought the URL the day after the election in '04.


In our house she's referred to as "The Demowitch" "Evil lurks within The Demowitch"

Darrell Brooks

We are in trouble if that woman is elected. Everyone should watch the Clinton Cronicals, and get your eyes open. Bill and Hilary are two of the most evil people in the world. They will stop at nothing to get where they want to go.

bill ingram jr

she a nut case like slick willie if we vote her in we all are crazy


Why don't we teach her how to hunt? How about letting her sit in a duck blind and bust some milliards? You will love it. Instead of pushing her too hard and painting her as an evil, we need to remind her that hunting sports men and women are also important voters for her campaign. I don't care either they are gop or democrats.

Michigan Patriot

Hitlery has too much dirt on her.

The "woman" issue: Many women will vote for her just because she is alleged to have a vagina. These women who say "she's so empowering!" I ask "Where is her experience?" A 2 term senator? A shyster lawyer? ...and the fact that she didn't leave Bill after Monica-gate and his other alleged affairs. This should turn some women against her.

She's a known liar: One word - "Whitewater" When asked about all the paperwork involving her with the Whitewater scandal, she replied that she didn't know where any of it was, when, in fact, she was fully aware that all of those papers were hidden in the White House personal living area of the Clintons when they lived there.

Why is her Masters thesis under lockdown? Because she touted the virtues of a socialist form of government?

Why do people close to the Clinton circle keep dying under "mysterious circumstances?" (Vince Foster ring a bell?)

Why does she insist on pre-screening all interview questions prior to giving a media interview, and OK or nix the proposed questions?

Just scratching the surface here, but if she were to get the Dem nomination, I think her opponent would have too much of Hitlery's own mud to throw at her.

Dennis Tatum

I think she would be the worst possible president for the hunting,fishing,shooting, and outdoor sports in general.

Mark Doughty

Hilary tninks she knows more about running our lives than we do. Children, health care, redistribute the wealth, on and on as the Liberals all do. What a shame people are so brain washed as to think she has done any thing. Look at the record. Nada. Lies and BS.


Another Clinton in the White House? You must be kidding. Didn't anybody learn anything when Bill was in the WH? Remember the gun ban, high capacity ban, high-caliber ban, etc...? Who do you think will be pulling the shots? Of course, Bill.


She is the ultimate baaad coffee breath person.

Peter Pan

I am a proud Democrat and plan to vote that way in the next election, BUT it will not be for this psycho!


Lets ask Vin Foster and Ron Brown what they think of her.(oops, I forgot)

Steve M

I'll repeat (somewhat) what I said the last time the spectre of gun-banning politicos darkened this blog: No politician would dare offend a 10-million member NRA. Get the freeloaders to get off their butts and ante up the $35 for a membership. Sign up you spouses and kids. REPENT! THE END IS NEAR!


In response to David Bevil's post: If Hilary is elected I hope to god they make drugs legal, it's the only thing that will help us get through her being president, plus then we get to be victims too.

In response to Doug's post as far as being a hunter goes and what affect it will have on you, there's more to gun rights than that, but, you can go to this link http://www.ontheissues.org/Domestic/Hillary_Clinton_Gun_Control.htm#8 and see her stated (such as it is) position on guns. Remember the politics involved, these will only be partial & limited statements. Remember Mr. Hillary's statement that he hunted all the time, but no one could ever find a hunting license issued in his name and he had to borrow a gun for the photo-op when he was campaigning against guns.

There seems to be no one available in the Democratic Party that doesn't want to severely restrict gun ownership rights that can afford to run for the office (unless someone here wants to loan them $100-million). Republican Party seems to be as bad. We're screwed as far as a President goes next time around.

Charles Y

Isn't it bad enough we had to deal with her sorry a$$ husband who rode on the tails of Reagan's administration?? People give him credit for all of the good things to happen during his presidency but they forgot most of that was the culmination of Reagan's doing. Please...the only thing Clinton ever did for this country was give away our sovereignty and show us how one can have a 'good time' in the White House. Now people want Clinton Part Deux (more like DUH)?! Haha no thanks.


Vilisack Dem former Gov of Iowa. Moderate with good, decent values and beliefs, went fromsmall town rural Iowa mayor to state gov. Good man, common sense,. No, I don't work for him I vote independent (lean Democarat) but plan to vote for him in priamry and then election. We need a person like him.
Look closer at him hes not teh pretty boy or girl witht he nice smile or the "big time polician" on meet the press every week. He's the "radar O'reily" of policitics, plain, decent honest and much more than meets the eye.

Lee Kinard

I don't understand how we ( sportsman ) let the democrats ( antigunners )get in. It's going to be the worst thing that could happen to hunters and gun collectors since the constitution was written. She will sell her soul to the devil to get elected. So American sportsmen, watch out.

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