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January 22, 2007

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One More Sign That The End Is Near

Hillary Clinton

"Let's have a conversation."


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What has she done for NY? Anyone,anyone.....Think hard...I don't know. Indians gave her a name. Eagle that walks.....to full of it to fly..lmao


Hillary wants back in the White House because she was unable to steal furniture and other furnishings when she and Bill left. White House personnel stopped them or they would have taken several valuable items that have been there for many years.
Jesus, that lady would sell the U.S. to the highest bidder; foreign or domestic.


I live in upstate ny outside buffalo. when she was campainignig for senate she promised 200,000 jobs and lower taxes we have lost 200,000 jobs since and we have the higest taxes in the union. I don't think she is honest or has a good plan, does any one know what she wants to do with gun control?

Larry (I hate dykes )Rayburn

I think This butch Bitch should get the hell out of politics, If you think Bill and Algore sold us out, you ain't seen nothing yet!

"Pat" - northern NE Hunter Education Instructor

In 1962 I was given a copy of "None Dare Call It Treason" by a man who gave me a ride when I hitching home from college. My impression was that he was a "nut". Most of us then were sons of WWII vets. Hence, our outlook was based upon their experiences: the great depression and a horrific world at war.
As years passed, I concluded that most American men were generally peace-loving. Viet Nam was a tragedy on my generation but it taught us that war should be either total or not entered and it must be declared by Congress(!) - not a legislative 'police action'. Is anyone satisfied today with the resolution of the Korean Conflict?
If we are driven too far by something like Hillary government, we will do something to return to what I call 'sanity'. It is a shame that we might have to experience, first hand, what we should have learned from history.

I have little respect for the RNC and detest those running the DNC. Perhaps if the dollar were not held as a deity, we would not have to choose between the two richest candidates.

I suspect the NRA would double its membership (I HOPE! I'm one.) if this woman were elected president.

Roger E. Reeves,  Sr.

I thought I had a subscription to a outdoor magazine, but Damn, I punched the wrong key and got a political news cast and a bitching slot that will not be decided for months. Sure hope this is the last we hear of this subject. F&S stream should stick to the type magazine it was designed to be. Look what happened to Sports Afield when they got away from hunting and fishing. There are many other outdoor magazines, who will refrain from subjects such as this. Even Hillary, or Newt or whom ever is the next Pres. could not screw up the USA as Bushie Boy has. But, look out, Iran here we come. Bush will leave this mess for the next President to finish, if there ever is a finish. No way can you win against a bunch of Idiots who rather die than live.

Ed J

I read something a long time ago by an Israeley he said there will be peace in the middle east when the muslims love their children more than they hate their enemies.

Another quote is the worst thing that happened to the middle east was the discovery of oil by Abdullah somebody or other

That should help your insomnia.

Boar Slayer

the first quote it by Golda Meirs a jewish nationalist. And each and every day i pray for the big car companies to start producing a cheap non-oil dependent car so the middle east can go back to the early 1900's when it was just a bunch of wandering tent merchants making war with themselves. And i say the quicker we get out of iraq and into iran the better.


who else is having fun?

Knobloch in IA

My rights to own and operate a firearm is listed in the Bill Of Rights. There is, fortunately, no way to get that amended in my lifetime. My fear, however, is the fact that she hates Israel. Once the nations of the world surround Israel, Armegeddon will occur. We Are In The END TIMES!

GT in NC

I'm amazed at how many comments are posted about keeping your guns so you can hunt. I'm a frequent, avid hunter too but the 2nd amendment isn't about hunting. It's about having the personal means to protect your person, your family, and ultimately yours and the nation's liberty. Look at the British and example think about this very carefully.


I subscribe to the old school that thinks, not feels, that a woman is different from a man. Once we all knew this, but somehow, the younger generation has bought into the idea that equality means women should be men and men should be like women, Nonsense! Even biological science on the brain shows there are innate differences. If you want to prove this too yourself, just try to sit down with a woman and have a long conversation about cartridges, ballistics and what you favor for what game. I know today more woman hunt, but see if you can find any woman who can talk guns like men so often do. This is my simple rational that no woman in power will be good for protecting out rights to own guns and to hunt, women just don’t get it!
This is not off the subject about hunting, it makes a case for the obvious, hunting is a man’s interest, while some women hunt, they will not side with what they do not understand, by nature!

Boar Slayer

Its not just guns were women and men are different. Notice i did not say inferior just different. There are things men cannot do and women can do and vise versa. The feminazi's are constantly assuming that women will only be happy when they are doing everything men are doing even if they arent capable of it. I think a women could be president but women have mood swings and arent as level headed as men, add hillary to the equation and you get disaster. The bottom line is even if Hillary grew a pair (she might already have one) she would not be fit for pres.

rw in ohio

The picture! Is she fighting Monica for position? Did she learn something, like how to get her way--she has got billy tamed down, i quess, but we wouldn't hear about him fooling around any more, thats not newsworthy. She appears to be getting her way, I look at the photo, yes, now we know how she has slurped her way to the top. your right, scary. Watch out male interns, if she would get the top job,would she pay billy boy back. I would think so, Only 1 of many items to be worried about. R.W.

Big Ed

Sorry folks, I've been out in CA for a wedding. Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of intelligent people out there.

A minor point, but I did not post that comment on 1/27. I checked with my better half and 4-year-old. They claim to have no part in it. (Well, the MRS. claims to have no part in it, and the III claims the root beer made him do it. I expect Matt Lauer will be asking him tomorrow if it was recreational use.)

There may be more than one Big Ed, but doubtless, the other one did not win the name on merit alone.

Having now arrived at the point, I suspect we have nothing to worry about in this upcoming election.

The Democrats are floating candidates like beer cans from a capsized canoe on July 4th. The Republicans are hanging back waiting. Times are good, gas prices are dropping. The stock market is soaring to heights it has not seen since September, 1929. Let's all vote for the candidate of our choice!

Jack Bohm

Hilary and most of the Democratic Party should be indicted, tried, convicted and executed for High Treason- any "internationalist" or any Gun control advocate is a TRAITOR!! TREASON should carry an immediate and mandatory death sentence. So far as I am concerned anyone who even suggests making any part of the US government or any of our Sacred Rights in Our Constitution is a TRAITOR!!!

Jack Bohm

oops forgot to include this in my above comment:
Constitution subservient to any UN or other "international" rules, regulations or authorities is a TRAITOR!!!

Albert Sand

Sorry! I did not get back to you sooner on this, But I have to Agree with him, In " IN Short BE VERY, VERY, AFRAID.

Albert Sand

Per my last comment, I was referring to a coment made previously by ralph the rifelman.


They should slap that photo on chemical bottles you keep under the kitchen sink so small children don't drink out of 'em.


Title: waiting for the dildo.


GOD, WHY??? WHY, GOD, WHY??!!!




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