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January 22, 2007

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One More Sign That The End Is Near

Hillary Clinton

"Let's have a conversation."


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Greg .

She's a dangerous, vicious, power-hungry woman.

Ralph the Rifleman

OK-I'll get the ball rolling here.
I find senator Hillary Clinton to be a ruthless, and heartless, battle-ready axe that will cut anyone down to make it back in the Whitehouse.
The sad part about it is many Americans actually seem to like her? Sad, very sad...she used her own husband to get where she is today-NOW THAT'S a ROLE MODEL to follow!

Marianne Biskup

I think Hillary Clinton is extremly smart and politically astute. No matter who actually chairs her campaign, Bill Clinton be the one pulling the strings-and he's the most gifted politician this country has seen since LBJ. In short, she's an evil genius. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


-She’s intelligent, but a lightning rod for whatever reasons. Don’t think she’s presidential executive material. Bush W. has been bad enough for eight-years.

-Ability to be elected nationally is poor. Don’t think the Electorate wants to drudge up and deal with the Clinton past.

-If elected I fear she would have to administer by presidential decree in order to get anything accomplished. This possible despotic administrative need is spooky.

-Don’t believe Hillary is Commander-in Chief material. …but then neither has been George W.

Other: Let the Games begin!!!!!!!


Don't underestimate the power of the woman. She has had her eye on this prize for a long time. She learned from the master of do what I say, not what I do (bill) and still probably thinks she knows how better to handle the country than he ever did (remember her failed health plan). The Democrats can't say the economy is horrible (the dow is way up), gas prices are down. Health care is still too high and climbing and the mess in Iraq will be two huge issues the Dems will try to run on. Republicans need to find a candidate who can distance him/herself from the president on these matters and have a realistic plan to deal with both issues. It should be interesting.


In short i feel that hillary is a force to be reckoned with and we have our current president to thank for giving her much of her power.
remeber lifes a hillary


Please don't get them started Dave!

It is bad enough you put her photo on the same blog as the Booth Babes, but then you have to egg them on with, "Let's have a conversation."

That is know as the Post Comment Grenade!!




Is that the best the Democrats have to offer? hhmmm Kerry or Clinton??


Quite frankly, she scares me to death. Even more scary...we live in a nation that may actually support her. I'm already picking spots to bury my guns and ammo.

Dave Petzal

To Concerned Soldier: "Let's have a conversation" is Hillary's line, not mine. She used it on her website when she announced that she was a candidate for President.

What it means is,"You send me your pathetic ravings, which I will ignore, and then I will take what my advisers and researchers think is the most popular course of action with the voting public."

This, by the way, is what you're fighting for.

Big John KS

Didnt she have somebody disapear as in DEAD?

Jerry in KS

She is the LAST person on earth I would vote for and next would be Obama. I don't trust either one of them.


Looks like she shoved Monica out of the way and is waiting on Bill.

RJ Arena

My daughter is a Political Science major, and has an old soul in my opinion. About a week ago I asked her what she thought about the upcoming Presidential race and this is what she said. She felt that Clinton did not have what it takes and that too many would rally against her, so I asked "what kind of woman would be able to be elected?" and her reply was that for a woman to be elected president she should have a military career, afterwards a successful run in business, be married with two children. Her husband should be successful in his own career, but that it be independent of hers. That the problem most voters have with a woman president, is whether she able to command respect and lead the troops during difficult times.I think this is something we are looking for from anyone running for president. Supporting my rights to own/use my guns has to be there too!

Chad Love

Oh, c'mon. What's wrong with naked, coldly calculated political ambition?

JC Blauvelt

She makes you proud to live in NY and be one of her constituents.
Excuse me while I go puke.

Peter C

What a depressing parade of sociopaths, lunatics and mediocrities. On the Demo side we have the Bitch Goddess; Barack Obama, the Personality Kid; the preposterous Algore; the Frenchman Jean Carre; and Joe Biden, Senator Hairplug himself...all anti-gun Liberals. On the right (or nearby), we have a gaggle of RINOs, McCain, Giuliani and Romney. Brownback just announced, but who the hell is he? This is a race that None Of The Above could win in a walk.

A. S. Moeggs

I found out what Hillary was saying here from CNN's website....
It was overheard during a Bill and Hillary conversation...

Hillary: "Oh look Bill, there is my old high school sweatheart,David Petzal."

Bill: "Is he the one you still mumble about in our dreams?"

Boar Slayer

Hillary has no chance. She will lose a lot of the democrat white male base vote. There are many democrats who are not ready to vote women. Unfortunatley, Giuliani is anti-gun so i hope he doesnt win and i dont even know if McCain is a conservative. Its all about Tancredo for me if he runs. i say #1 issue is the border and all the other canidates are beating around the bush on that one.
"a nation without borders is not a nation" R.R.


Remember folks, if Hillary is elected, she'll try & take firearms away but she'll be protected by a Secret Service agent with a firearm until the day she dies. We'll pay for that also.

Ralph the Rifleman

Dave..that looks like the surprized Hillary,which has got to be an act? After living with Billy, I don't think anything would surprize her!!


I think Bill should put something in her mouth.

Mike Diehl

I think if we caught Petzal making the monkey face we'd all discover we prefer to look at Hillary. ;)

On a serious note. I can't see how she'd do a worse job than the current fellow. I predict that even with a Democratic majority in the House, Senate, and (should it come to pass) a Democratic president, you won't see much movement in the direction of "gun control." And that would be a good thing.

The only thing that could induce me to vote for Hillary Clinton would be if the GOP ran a candidate like George W. Bush.


Thanks Dave,
Just what I wanted to be reminded of, putting my life on the line for Hillary!

But I also put it on the line for my kids, parents, friends and of course those who have gone before DAVE!

It is not a perfect system, but it is the best we have right now.

Next time a thank you will suffice.

Keep up the good work.




The woman is a liar, a thief, and a cheat. She'll lie her butt off during the campaign, and she and her tax-raising communist friends will give every dime they can of YOUR money to anyone who will vote for them. She'll cheat you out of every right that you consider valuable (your right to bear arms for instance)if she can. She wants to run this country but she can't even half-ass control her husband. No one in the rest of this world truely respects this woman. Our enemies will laugh their asses off if we elect her. And quite truthfully, they are hoping so hard that we are that stupid. Do we really want to go through the embarassment of the Clintons again? We have got to find someone else to do the job.

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