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December 20, 2006

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The Twilight Of The USA, Number One

(Being a collection of gun-related items, running more or less weekly, that proves The End is near.)

Portsmouth High School, in Portsmouth, RI, refused to use a yearbook photo of a student dressed in chain mail and carrying a sword. According to the school, the photo was not in keeping with its zero-tolerance policy toward weapons.

The school mascot is a Revolutionary War soldier carrying a musket.


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Dave M

Sad, but not new. In 2000 my son chose as his senior yearbook picture a photo of him with his yellow lab and his shotgun. It was refused based on the same type of policy. Ironicly, the one they accepted showed him in his baseball uniform with a bat on his shoulder. I guess that 34 oz. wooden clubs don't qualify as weapons.

Peter C

Typical east coast, Liberal, P.C. garbage. If the Minuteman depicted on the Massachusetts quarter ever showed up with his musket in Concord or Lexington today, he'd be carted off to jail or to the loony bin for an attitude adjustment. This species of P.C. gooniness is not confined to the east coast, however. Several years ago, the University of Arizona's Wilbur Wildcat mascot lost his pair of single actions, along with his holsters. Too violent, don'tcha know?

Ralph the Rifleman

I wish I could be King for a day, each time one of these totally dumb examples of "over emotional protection" rules surfaces. Our society has one of the highest divorce rates in the World, but we worry about zero-tolerance toward weapons? Our priorities are screwed up,lose our hold of a chrisitian FREE worshiping society just to over compensate in another area of lost priority. SO, do I sound bitter? I don't think so, I just remember how living used to be, I don't recall many car jackings, when kids wanted to a be a cowboy, or cop, when they grew up.

Chad Love

Well, to be honest if he showed up today dressed as a Minuteman and toting a musket, don't you think he probably SHOULD be carted off to the loony bin, it being 2006 and all?
The real question in my mind isn't the BS zero-tolerance policies (and I'm all too familiar with them, my wife is a HS teacher) but why the hell would a kid want to take his high school yearbook pic in chain mail and a sword? That there is a foolproof formula for involuntary late-adolescent celibacy...


Another reason why I love Kentucky. My senior photo was one with a Mini-14 in my hand and a Single Six on my side. Nary a word was said about it (class of 2001).

Peter C

Chad, the whole Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a loony bin. According to Chapter 180, the 24-page set of new gun control laws passed in an overnight session in 1998, historical reenactments became illegal, as did graveside rifle salutes at veterans' funerals. It was only through much political arm-twisting by veterans' and historical groups that these provisions were modified. It has gotten so silly in that benighted commonwealth that a Revolutionary War flintlock musket, carried at Bunker Hill, was taken from its glass display case at the MA State House, fitted with a trigger lock, and returned to the (locked) display.

"Typical east coast, Liberal, P.C. garbage."

There's nothing liberal about this. This is just plain old knee-jerk stupidity. You really need to drop your bias and start seeing the world as it is. Stop looking for things that just aren't there.

This article was referenced on another website on 08-Dec-2006 . There were close to two hundred comments about this. Not anyone there saw this as having anything to do with liberals or conservatives.

I remember plenty of times in my schooling where the adults were just mind-numbingly stupid but that had nothing to do with them being conservative or liberal.

Chad Love

Wow. OK, I stand corrected. You're right, sounds like a guy in a three-point hat and knickers would probably be the sanest person in that state...
On a somewhat related note, my senior year in college at OU I was coming out of a night class (in Dale Hall for all you Sooners) when I was confronted by a black-clad member of the OUPD SWAT team who told me and everyone else to stay in the building, it was locked down because "a gunman" had been spotted brandishing a weapon just outside the building. We were trapped there for three hours, complete with live media coverage, until the "gunman" and his assault musket were subdued. Turns out some woefully uninformed person had witnessed a history professor carrying a replica musket into his early American history class.
In Oklahoma that's good for a chuckle and two minutes on the 10 p.m. news. In MA sounds like that'd be good for 5-10 in the klinky...


We can't have pictures of a sword or gun in a photo, we may damage a child forever. We can't kill poor little animals. We shouldn't eat meat. We shouldn't tell people they are dumbasses. This PC crap is out of control. My new years resolution is to stop it. I may offend some people but tough sh*t.


I'd like a link to the other website that posted this story. It would be interesting to see some of the comments.

JA Demko

I'd ban pictures of swords and chainmail and such willfully obsolete catamitery too. We live in ye age of ye gonne. All those who cling to such fripperies of an era since past deserve to be smackt downe moste righteously.


Not to be mean, but that's retarded. Chainmail and a SWORD are against policies, but a guy with a GUN is not? People need to wake up and really think about these things!

And what kind of dope thinks this event is a sign of the decline of the USA? You probably also thought Elvis Presley was the anti-Christ because of the way he swayed his hips and sang that rock and roll. Personally I have far more faith and hope in my country and I think of all the things we need to be worrying about, this is at the bottom of the list. But nevermind me, carry on with your distracting the masses from what really matters.


Sorry to double-post. I guess I don't understand why everybody thinks a PICTURE of a gun is harmful. A principle once took a gun magazine from me at my high school (I'm a sophmore in HS), and I bitched about it, they haven't bothered me since. I think we need to stand up or we're gonna lose all our gun-owning priveleges because of political looneys. PS, I live in MI, and we have fairly lax laws as to OWNING guns, I love that, people like in Maryland, I would be sooo angry at government if that happened where I live, or on a national level.


I have to side with the school on this event, and I give the benefit of the doubt the school admin misspoke on “weapons”. Chain mail and a sword are buffoonish.

Usually, I damn school administrations to Hell. It seems easier to hold a Black Mass in a public school than to have a hunter safety course nowadays.

There is a story on the front page here that does get me believing that we are seeing the twilight of the US but it isn't this one about a high school yearbook picture. It's the story about the end of Winchester's manufacturing in the US. It seems that every day one more company is outsourcing good American jobs in exchange for crappy minimum wage Wal-Mart jobs, something that is just unsustainable in the long run if we hope to keep a viable middle class.


Last year year-book had a senior portait of a guy holding his 870. It seems that the P.C. sh*t has stopped at the walls of this high school. We have F&S, Petersens Hunting, and American Rifleman in the library. But the censorship has gotten onto the computers. I can't even go to the Mathews bow website because it is listed under "weapons/violence". Same case with the Remington, Savage, and any other "dangerous" website.

craig curtis

Tex are you sure about mi. gun laws , i think their about the same as most every other state ,your not old enough to appreciate being able to purchase without a ten page questionare. if mi. is relaxed our gov. must be dressed in drag !!!!! Ford why dont you get off your but and do something about the cencorship????????


I remember when sending a mail order for a handgun and getting it back in the mail was legal! NO paperwork!
And my son's school in PA is just as crazy, pictures of guns get you suspended but the band carries rifles for football games and the school mascot is an Indian with a tomahawk, and the whole football team has pictures of spears on their helmets that if they had on anything else would get them suspended!
What happened to sanity?


I remember back when they were first doing the state quarter thing. As soon as Sarah Brady (remember her?) saw that the Massachusetts coin would have an evil assault musket on it, she pissed and moaned to have it changed. Amazingly, they didn't listen to her. See y'all in the gulag!

Bird Dog

Personally, my favorite story about PC zero-tolerance policies run amok is the girl that brought a tray of brownies to school on her birthday and ended up getting expelled because she brought a kitchen knife to cut them with.

Apparently, she ran afowl of their "no weapons" policy.

How ridiculous is that?


How can a school suspend a person for having a pearing knife in school and yet have plenty of weapons in biology rooms, aka scalpels? I'm more scared of a scalpel than a butcher knife.


In reference to Ralph the Rifleman | December 20, 2006 at 01:12 PM , Does "Freedom of Choice" ring a bell?


I honestly think that the school has a point. I make chainmail, and I think that not allowing a sword is bs. However, I can forgive the school for not allowing the gun with all the school shootings ect.


Righte on, J.A. Demko! Indeed we live in ye Age of ye Gonne, and Rightfully so: ye noble knights- clad in mail and handy with sword- withered swiftly upon ye Vast Sulfurous, Leaden Onslaught bestowed upon them by ye very Serfs Whom they royally stiffed! And I'll be a sonne of a bitche if I'll suffer their return to mastery!

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