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December 19, 2006

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The Gun Nut: Top Five Posts Of 2006

The unsung hero of this blog is a young man named Nate Matthews, who not only runs the Gun Nut, but the entire Field & Stream and Outdoor Life websites as well. He puts things up and takes things down, and is the one who decides when a rant has run its useful life.

He also suggests rants, and this morning he came up with the idea of my picking the top five of the year.

“P**s off,” I said, filled with yuletide cheer, “you want it, you do it.” And by crackey, he did. Here are Nate’s Five Favorites, with short comments by myself. To paraphrase Tiny Tim,

“God help us. God help us, every one.”
1. What Gun Would You Use To Kill A T-Rex?
It will probably turn out in the face of future paleontological research that T-Rex was a veggie eater who knitted comforters and attended church regularly. Killing one would be like blasting the Easter bunny. T-Rex was around for something like 40 million years, but we will be lucky if we last another 40 (years) as a species.

‘Cheer up sad world,’ it said, and winked. ‘It’s kind of fun to be extinct.’”— from Carnival of the Animals

2. A Not-So-Sad Farewell To The Crocodile Hunter
This generated more comment than any other rant and caused lots of people to lust for my blood. I’m sorry Steve Irwin died, and sorry for his wife and kid, but he should have realized that it was time to grow up.
3. The Gun Nut Challenge
A gratifying number of you (7,500) took the quiz, but entirely too many of you got entirely too many correct answers. So next time, no more Mr. Nice Guy. If you want to get a perfect score on Quiz Number Two (coming soon), you’ll have to be John Moses Browning.

4. How To Write An Anti-Gun Editorial
Just trying to be helpful.
5.  The Death Of Winchester
This was my very first post, and not much has changed. The Model 70 and the Model 94 are still defunct, and despite much rushing about and optimistic dithering about reviving it, Winchester’s New Haven plant is equally dead. I’ve been told by multiple sources that Browning will be announcing a Model 70 made in Japan by Miroku, but Browning denies it.
Anyway, that’s the best for this year. If you don’t like them, write in your comments to Nate and tell him you lust for his blood.
Editor's Note: Hey, at least he didn't give out my address.


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I appreciate the Blog, keep up the good work!!!


I enjoy your blog as well. Keep stirring the pot. It keeps us all on our toes.

Ralph the Rifleman

Not bad choices Nate..I am not a blood lust blogger, but Dave may change that in 2007? One never knows!

Mike Diehl

So is Nate Matthews the guy we contact to have you replaced by Demko? ;)

Dave Petzal

To Mike Diehl: He da man.

JA Demko

Nate Matthews is da shiznitt. He very amiably asked me to just kick it down a notch when I would have dispatched nanotech-enhanced attack weasels to eliminate me.


This is one of the best blogs on the web and I appreciate it very much. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas with peace and goodwill to all. Keep your powder dry and your blades sharp. May all your projectiles fly true in the upcoming new year.


First, Outstanding Blog!

As I am no longer dodging bullets and now teaching young men and women about the Army, I do a few things religously everyday,
1. PT
2. Drink Coffee
3. Check E-mail (read work)

Great Job and Keep up the good Work,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

May your stocking be so full of ammo, reloading supplies and GUNS, that it has to be delivered by a UPS Truck!!




Love the blog, keep up the great work! Merry Christmas! Thanx!

craig curtis

so the little wipper snapper 's the one that does all the WORK here!! should have known ,daves probably got some sweet young sexretary typing all his posts too?????? well done people all of you on daves staff are top notch . but ive found one glitch in the system when i go to the F.A.S. site to log in rarely is daves current subject posted their ????? better get the web guys to keep up with the blog guys . merry christmas to all of you c.j.c.

Willie D n TN

Dave, This is the first time i've ever "bloged". You are one of my favorite outdoor writers. Why? because you shoot leftys. There are only 2 or 3 other writers I know of, and you all have some great guns. Bought a Win. M70 lefthand 2-3 years ago, allways heard great tales of Model 70's. It was a piece of junk. Started to use it for a trot line weight, but had too much time and money in it. Back to factory once, gunsmith twice. Still wanted to drive it in the ground and tie my dog up to it. Then I found Ruger M77 lefty. It took a little work finding its load. Sub MOA w/200 grain A-frames. Brought a great bull back from CO with it(311+ in. and lots of backstrap). Keep up the good works, I'll "blog" more often.

al the infidel

Back to work. Nuff refried fecal material. By the way I finally sighted in my mini-14 the right way and what a surprise, it shoots 11/2" groups with 45 grn. Vtips. From what Iv'e read this is a christmas present for me. It's a bitch when ya get the old aged twitch and ya can't blame the gun cause the coyote is still sucking air.
Keep plunking the keys, ya still get a passing grade. happy 2007

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