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November 14, 2006

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Take The Gun Nut Challenge

Editors Note: We think it's a safe bet that few people in this world know as much about guns, bullets, and shooting as our rifles columnist, Deputy Editor David E. Petzal. After all, he's covered the subject in our magazine for decades. But maybe you think you're a better man for the job? Then prove it, by taking his 20 question quiz.

After answering each question you'll be able to see the percentage of quiz-takers that got the question right, as well as the number of people who've answered the question so far. And, of course, you'll find your score.

Click here to begin.. And good luck.


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Peter C

On Question 15, you said "the only country in the world" not to have a national proof house. Do such countries as Ghana, Montenegro, Afghanistan, etc., have national proof houses? Inquiring minds want to know.


Great test! This is great stuff Dave! Keep up the good work!

Can't wait to read more!



ron shaneybrook

i see over and over again hunters using 300 mag and other big guns for deer , antalope and elk.
my son who is 14 and my long time hunting buddy and myself bagged two antalope,two 5 point(we only count one side in montana) muley bucks ,two muley does and two 5 point elk this season using 243 and 22-250 rifles with kill shots from 75 to 250 yards
little or no meat damage,and all but one elk was killed with a head shot.
my advice to hunters is put the cannons away and learn to shoot.
ron shaneybrook
ulm montana
[email protected]
my advice to hunters is put a


I only missed two so I guess I'm an "almost expert". Beats being Rummy, though :)

craig curtis`

i did alot better the second time weeeeeeee! thanks dave im humbled beyond repair


Well If you want to be tyranical and judge people by writers, maybe they do need to start before age seven..:-)

Big Ed


Thanks for the challenge! A couple of the questions were sorta iffy, the countries question comes to mind. But all in all, it was a good test.

Big Ed

Cowboy Blob

I get a server error on the second question every time. Great quiz.


quiz crashed after submitting my answer to question 1. Not running correctly.

Can't wait for it to actually work - this is what happens when hunters decide to go digital during the rut.


20 out of 20! Only a couple were complete guess. would I lie?


I have to cry foul on the “Satan” answer even though I saw a very expensive single barrel trap gun stuffed in a 55-gal trash drum at a shoot thirty some years ago, and I was told by a very reliable source he saw a high end Ithaca SKB o/u sail like a Frisbee pass skeet center stakes from Station five.


Great quiz! Only made a 65 so, thanks for breaking my pride..... I guess.

The Editors

Hey everyone, we finally figured out why the quiz is running so slowly (and in some cases not at all). We're stuck using the same servers as People magazine for these kinds of quizes/polls, and right now they're running their "Sexiest Man Alive" poll. All that traffic is slowing us way down. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Are you hinting that we need to start a David E. Petzal write-in campaign?

Animal One

I scored a 70! Not too bad for a 40 year old "little better than brain dead" guy. I missed mostly the really obscure questions, like hunting from an elephant. (That really hasn't been in my firearm education) ((and that's why I can't have Dave's job)) I do question #15. Are you telling me every backwards 3rd world nation on the planet has a "proof house"? I don't buy that. Boost my score to 75. Keep up the good work, Dave. It's always good to keep learning from "The Master"!!!

H. S. Burnett

I would like to dispute the answers to one of the questions on the gun challenge. Though I thought that the question on whether a too long a neck would be dangerous was a trick question – since I thought the neck length would prevent it from loading (no loading, no danger) I will not dispute your answer since you gave a reasonable explanation. However, I believe that your answer to the question concerning whether the United States is the “only country in the world” without a government proof house is simply wrong. I admit that I haven’t done an extensive survey of all the countries/governments in the world, but I would wager that many countries don’t have proof houses. Many countries have barely functioning government’s at all – in the Sudan, Congo, Nepal, Uzbekistan or any number of African, Asian, former Soviet controlled Republics and maybe even some South American countries – I doubt that proof houses are at the top of their agenda or the one agency that is functioning. I am a philosopher by training – language is key – and he did not ask if the U.S. was the only modern, industrial democracy without a proof house, or the only country with a significant firearms manufacturing industry, but rather the “only country in the world.” I’m open to being proven wrong – but I’d want to see the data.

H.S. Burnett

Rowlett, Texas


well, if i didnt have a real job, like dave here i would know alot more about guns and ammo because i would have alot of time on my hands. i work for a living.


Fun quiz. I missed one question due to that shrewd and coniving mastermind Petzal throwing a curve. I tossed a coin and of course lost. Nevertheless if given the time which is shared by guns, kids, and horses I plan to develop a challenge test specifically designed for David E.
(Over the years I always figured the E stood for Einstein). As an old elk hunter the story about Dave assisting Ms Casey was the more realistic I have ever read.

craig curtis

sexiest what ? dont tell me this publication is in any way related to ,or god forbid owned by the same people that publish people magazine??? say it aint so editors !

Dave Petzal

To Craig Curtis: Yes, Field & Stream and OUtdoor Life are owned by Time/Warner, which also owns People, but not for long. They are keeping People and selling us--and a lot of other magazines.

G.B. Ross

I have to agree with H.S. Burnett of Rowlett, Texas. I am but a lowly engineer, but words are still key. At least three of your questions are poorly worded such that a person with reasonable reading skills will likely not arrive at the correct answer that you intended. It's up to you to find them and fix them.


i want your job dave...i got 100% and im 16,dont hunt either


Hey Dave, I have a quiz.
Which of the following 3 companies was not bought by one of the other two?
a) Remington
b) Parker
c) UMC
annnnnhhhhhhh, wrong answer Dave, its not Remington, its UMC, THEY bought Remington eons ago. I saw that little bit of misinformation in your article on cheap ammo. So, since I doubt if your bosses are giving your job away, could you use a proofreader? Maybe you could keep me in mind when you give away the Browning, I promise to take good care of it, not sell it, and I could hit some targets with it, since I'm not affected by Satan (what a bogus answer that was, sounds like it came from someone who spends too much time at a benchrest). Oh well, I really enjoy your blog, when the new owners take over, don't let them deepsix it.

Dave Petzal

To G.B. Ross: I would be much indebted if you would point them out to me. There will be more of these quizzes, and I would like them to be worded clearly.


Re: the question of Maggie's drawer's.

Maggie's drawers are literally a reference to a young lass (and patriot) at the time of Paul Revere's ride. Revere had to be rowed across the river to start that famous ride - and Maggie's drawers were used to muffle the sound of the oars in the water.
There are a number of references that mention this, but see "Patriots : The Men Who Started the American Revolution" by A.J. Langguth for one.

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