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November 01, 2006

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A Call to Action

This is addressed to Mss. Brady, Pelosi, Clinton, and Mssrs. Schumer, Waxman, Bloomberg, and all those who wish to rid our country of illegal guns that are killing American citizens. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a real job for you.

It turns out that the foremost American supplier of illegal guns is—the Pentagon! Since 2003, our military has been sending small arms to equip what we optimistically call the Iraqi Army and police, but since the program began, 14,030 of these weapons have gone missing. And these are not deer rifles we’re talking about; the actual numbers are 13,180 pistols, 751 assault rifles (ooops, I meant to say “powerful” assault rifles), and 99 machine guns.

It gets better. Of the 30,251 firearms shipped, the military has bothered to record the serial numbers of fewer than 3 percent, so there’s almost no way to trace what’s gone.

And what are these missing firearms being used for? Not deer hunting or target shooting or even robbery. They are being used to kill Americans. And so I call upon the forces of gun control to do the right thing: We need lawsuits, investigations, raids by the BATFE and scathing public condemnations of…the American military. I would give a year’s pay to see the guys and gals in the BATFE jackets go crashing into the Pentagon and demanding to see their books.

The hour is upon us. The ball is in your court. Now is the time to act. The guilty must be punished.


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Ralph the Rifleman

Well, our government is at it again! Dangerously stupid mistakes like this, and some Americans even wonder why we ridicule our leaders??? Some of our leaders tell us we cannot be trusted to own firearms..incompetence apparently exists at every level.All gloves are off on this one, and I agree with you Dave; heads should roll at the highest office!
Dumb,Dumb, dangerously DUMB!


Ahh, the Pentagon. Apparently it's happy, hoppin' moron day once again in Washington. Will wonders never cease.

Ed J

Deja vu
Elian Gonzalez (I think I spelled that right) rescue. How many small gun dealers were shut down because of poor (?) records? Our government inaction.O I forgot space key.

craig curtis

you know what really pisses me off its not the bone head towell heads for stealing the weapons but our governments ability in chooseing to not keep simple records!!!they know that those guns arent going to be traceable !makes me want to cheat on my taxes


Lets see. First, Dubya (in all his infinite logic) disbands the Iraqi Army: the only hope of keeping Iraq from exploding right after we invaded. Next, he forms the "New" Iraq Army which is compossed of thugs and Fifth Collumn insurgents. To make things ever better, he insists Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds serve mixed together so that the units are too busy killing each other to even make an appearance of trying to police the country. Third, Herr Bush (or some of his cronies) order all the weapons and munnitions seized from Saddam's arsenals (those that the Iraqi mobs didn't take) to be destroyed, never mind that he has just formed a new national security force and experience shows that security forces generally work best while armed. Relizing this little mistake too late, W spends I-don't-want-to-know how much of the money that normal Americans work their fingers to the bone to earn to buy new high tech weapons for the Iraqi forces. Since a huge percentage of the Iraqi security force is really made up of Sunni insurgents or Shitte militias, they use these weapons to kill their own countrymen or, if they have already killed them all, try to shoot at Americans. And since many of the weapons Bush used our money to supply to the Iraqis are of better quality than those issued to American troops, the irony level gets nudged a little bit higher. All I can say is IN THE NAME OF JOHN MOSES BROWNING, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY FOR TERM LIMITS!!!


This post is for Matt. You sound like another Bush bashing liberal. Why don't you stop getting your information from the liberal media and start getting informed on the issues. Unlike what Kerry, Pelosi and Clinton would have you think, we are safer now because of this war. More people die in this country every year because of gangs, than the number of soldiers lost in this war. If liberals had their way, we wouldn't even have guns.

Ed J

This post is also for Matt.
You sure sound like a Bush wacker.1 you say he disbanded the Iraqi. Disbanded alright. Our Airforce, Army, and Marines destroyed it. 2,the Sunni, Shiites and Kurds serve mixed -that is what they want ,not three seperate countries. 3,destroyed the enemies arsenal! why would you want them to discharge it in your direction? By the way we disarmed Japan.
If you favor term limits why do you favor Pelosi, Shumer and company?

JA Demko

Clearly, Petzal, you are one of those Demoncrap, Libtard, Terrorist-sympathyzing, Same-sex Marriaging, COMMUNISTS! Cancel my subscription immediately!!!!!1!!one!!!eleven

Peter C

Matt, to put it as kindly as possible, you are an imbecile. All of your Democrat heroes - Pelosi, Clinton, Kerry, Schumer, et al, are traitors to the Constitutional values we hold dear, especially the Second Amendment. Pres. Bush has his problems, but they are nothing compared to what we gun owners would face if there were a Democratic majority in Congress. Be careful what you wish for, and read Unintended Consequences to get a real look at what being a gun oowner is all about. Stop whining, and face up to the real threat to our rights in the coming election.

Boar Slayer

Living in California i know first hand what can happen to your gun rights if democrats gain a majority.......its not even something youd wish upon your worst enemies.

P.S. Matt you're welcome to return to Canada whenever you want


Gotta love this! Moron boy of a President manages to get us into this mess in Iraq and it's the Democrats fault. WOW! What planet are you bubbas from!!? Let me guess, planet of the Apes? If your looking for a scape goat,look no further. Just look in the mirror. You and your idealogy are the ones that caused all the mayhem and maddness! Spare me the 9-11 crap, wasn't chasing Bin Laden in Afganistan enough?


Hey folks: Have you ever run around in any of the third world countries: There are more AKs and M16s floating around than I ever thought possible.

You can hate the war and the President (that's President Bush to ALL of you) but life with the Guns HATERS mentioned above in control will not be good!

Paul C.

I'm not a flaming dem like Matt seems to be, but -- Why can't I love the 2d Amendment, the Constitution,and all my guns AND hate this war and the president? And why shouldn't this administration bear some responsibility if so many guns go missing under their watch? Petzal, with his tongue firmly in cheek, is spot on.

Mike Shickele

The same thing happens in Canada, and I'm sure other countries as well.
It's been proven that gun control only controls the honest; but then again, how do you expect a government to control others when it can't control itself.
Budgets are a good example, we can't budget like a government can.



Mr. Petzal,

The government is your friend. You don't need to fear the government. We only want to help you, keep you safe, and make your life what it should be. We know what it should be, too. People in general aren't smart enough to know, but we know, and we just want to help you realize what you can become. Please, be our friend. Together, we can make the world so much better, safer, less violent, cleaner, and more controlled.

craig curtis

hillary is it true you smoke a mean humidor? frankly id feel safer with my 10 in. dan wesson under my pillow than having you any where near the white house again .it just aint gunna happen

To Hillary

The scales have dropped from mine eyes. How could I ever have thought you were the Antichrist? Chelsea for Attorney General?

To Hillary

The scales have dropped from mine eyes. How could I ever have thought you were the Antichrist? Chelsea for Attorney General?

To Hillary

The scales have dropped from mine eyes. How could I ever have thought you were the Antichrist? Chelsea for Attorney General?


Petzal in an incredibly intelligent person who hit the nail on the head. I live near chicago, thankfully on the indiana side of the line where my state trusts me, and my wife for that matter to carry our respective pistols. About a month ago I saw the bloated chicago chief of police talking about how the assault rifles that the local thugs have been using to kill each other need to be banned. Hilarious if you think about it because in liberal chicago all guns are banned. How about enforcing the old laws before writing new ones. Sorry if I rambled on, but wanted to share another example.


Who the HELL does Hillary think she is? Let the government be your friend, my ass!! The only part of the government that does half a s**t right is the MDNR. Congrats for opening the Red River Valley to rifles. Screw you, Hillary!!!!!

peach bishop

there will be a time in the near future when the common man will open his eyes and HE will be tired of trading his FREEDOM for this so called security our govt offers. It doesn't matter who wins the election both sides are playing the game!!


I really have to thank Mbaker, Ed, and the other assorted posters here. Your comments were read after arriving home from a lovely,brain-cell-killing day at work and the humor in them truely helped me get some of my soul back. ME? Liberal? Me? Democrat? Come now, anyone who has met me will tell you I make Atilla the Hun look like Ted Kennedy. The reason I am so pissed at Bush is that I have removed the blinders from my eyes and am capable of seeing that his 6 years thus far in office have been DISASTEROUS for conservatives. He wanted to hand control of the East Coast over to an Arab nation, he refuses to address the border situation and completely ignored the fact that MEXICAN TROOPS HAVE CROSSED ONTO AMERICAN SOIL ON SEVERAL HUNDRED OCCASSIONS, he spends like a druken Democrat, he has not done anything to muzzle the ATF (though he is far better than Clinton, who I despise) and I know many gun dealers who are still tormented by those thugs, etc, etc, etc.

Concerning Iraq, I was in favor of the invasion and still am, but I can see that the planning of the war after May 1, 2003 was a royal cluster-f***. Mind you, I didn't get that mindset from the left-wing media but from people I know - regular grunts- who HAVE been to Iraq. Between them, the media, and Bush, I'll trust them any day. Believe it or not, it is possible to support a war but think it could be run better. Pelosi, Clinton, Kerry, Schumer, et al are far from my heros and I guarantee that if the Founding Fathers were alive today, they would place bounties on all their heads. And just for the record, this Tuesday I plan on voting for George Allen for Senate because he is one of the few Republicans in the Senate who had the balls to stand up to Bush's amnesty lets-reward-criminals-with-citizenship program. Or should I just take Bush at his word that illegal alien amnesty represents, real, conservatives values?

P.S. For Ed J: The regular Iraqi Army surrendered long before the U.S. military had the chance to make toast out of them (remember those pictures of hundreds surrendering to unmaned drones?). Unlike the Republican Guard (who were destroyed) most were conscripted at gun-point, hated Saddam, and would have made an effective though highly-supervised security force for the immediate aftermath of the war. If we were able to destroy Saddam's arsenals, that means we were able to seize them. If we were able to seize them, wouldn't it have been better to just use those guns to arm the Iraqi security forces instead of buying new guns to arm them with? As far as Shittes, Sunnis, and Kurds wanting to fight together, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING?! The Kurds have wanted their own seperate country since Gulf War I and should get it. The Shittes and Sunnis both want to keep Iraq together but only so they can control it and kill the other group. Once again my opinion is NOT taken from the liberal media but from people who have been there. To a man they say that mixed Sunni/Shitte security forces are disasters. At best they refuse to co-operate and at worst they kill each other and (hopefully) don't get Americans caught in the middle. A few years of Dubya blindly saying "Freedom is on the march" until he is blue in the face does NOT override a millenium of mutual raw hatred.

Ed J

I forgot about those pictures. Iwas thinking of the Repulican Guard. I still say destroy the arsenal. For example the small arms were mostly ak47's . when they run out of ammo what do you supply them with 308 or 223 rounds?
I've been smoking gun powder.
I was refer to the government.So lets get on the same page. You were refering to the security forces. Right? split the country into three parts and the Sunnis end up with little oil in which case they would take it from the Shiittes. The Shiittes Would fight to keep them out.And where would that leed. AS far as the security forces is concerned thats the same as putting a wolverine and a bear in the same foxhole,Sunnis, Shiittes and Kurds. Yeah

John Broussard

I'll stand with you on this.
Dubbya is a good man and a fair-to-middlin president, but America deserves a GREAT president, and he aint it. I voted for him (twice) because the men running against him were pure dee liars and would have run this Beeeutiful country of mine into the toilete, so he got the nod.

In dealing with Iraq, Iran, and all them other Allah Worshipping Sand Diggers; I thought the whole idea was to blow em to hell and keep em off balance so's they couldn't organize a nuclear/biological threat against the USA.

If that's the case why are we spending so much time, money, and most importantly LIVES trying to get them re-organized? Seems to me that if they are shooting at each other, they aren't shooting at us. Bring them Americans home and let the rest of the world look to Iraq and Afghanistan to know not to F with the USA.

The irony is that way back in 1991, George Bush Senior tried to tell Americans that a tiny country far away that was starving and couldn't even keep the lights on was a real threat to the world's biggest superpower. Ten years later, Osama Bin Laden proved he was right.

Now, what do we do about it?

Don't all you closet liberals start hollering that crap about oil this and that. We're being targeted by people who don't give a damn about oil, money, or anything else. They hate us for the same reason they hate each other - because their bible tells them to hate everything that's not like them. "Conversion by the word or the sword", as written in the koran.

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