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November 08, 2006

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A Bold Political Forecast

Well, the election results are in and the Republicans have taken it on the ear. The House is firmly Democratic, and the best the GOP can hope for in the Senate is a tie. For a while, at least until mid-January, we are going to hear the obligatory noises about cooperation, reaching across the aisle, and working together. And if any of that stuff has a chance of actually happening, then I am Nicolette Sheridan.

No, the next two years are going to be about payback. Old scores are going to be settled. Dubya is going to wish he was interned at Gitmo. And among the things you can expect to see are some really onerous gun-control bills.

Whoa, you say. Haven’t the Democrats learned that backing gun control is bad for political longevity? Why yes, says I, but they don’t care. They have to do it. It’s in their genes. It’s been so long since the Democratic liberals have tried to pass a really stupid, futile piece of firearms legislation that they’ll fight to get their names on the very first one that comes along. It makes them feel good.

And for you and me, the word to remember is the acronym BOHICA:

“Bend over, here it comes again.”


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Ralph the Rifleman

I'm praying for a miracle.....and buying ammo*. Just in case* you speak the truth.


Gun control with Democrats is a truism. The Party believes its a voter issue as some Baptists believe in total immersion. Oddly, I see congressional politicians becoming overall more conservative. Many of the Democrats voted in last night aren’t very liberal. I think Nancy P. will have her hands full keeping a Democratic House all in line.

I would like to believe more will be done for the shooting sports in access with Democrats running Congress. GOP wasn’t a friend to hunters and anglers. For Democrats to be against hunting and fishing access is like being against Mom and apple pie. Even Schumer and Hillary claim to signed on to The 2005 Open Fields Bill.

For us shooters in NY, we got Spitzer as Gov and Andy Cuomo as NYS-AG in office: Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dum. No telling what mischief those two characters will do.

See you on Campus!


Buy extra ammo and hope the republicans come up with viable candidates next time. The dems will drop the ball, they always do. George W.'s life will suck the next two years.


Time to get your heads out of your posteriors! You all would be wiser to read the NEW blog by Bob Marshall for Field &Stream, called the GREEN SPORTSMAN. Time to be more than a 1 issue voter. Democrats are not going to ban guns anymore than Republicans are or should I say were going to ban abortion.Both parties have had more than enough chances to do either.For ones that don't understand they are called wedge issues. Used to shore up their respective political bases. But, the issue of gun control has been one heck of a money maker for the NRA. Wake-up my brother sportsmen!

Ed J

Paul sounds like a customer for a certain bridge.
How long before my 22 rimfire gets classified as an asault weapon again?

Congressmen vote and pass laws to get re-elected not for the betterment of their constituents. Now we get to watch it again.


I agree with part of what Mark pointed out, if you pay attention to positions that some of the newly elected Democrats have taken on issues that relate to hunting and gun-ownerhsip, there is reason to be optimistic.

I think it is healthy for the party to hear the voices of individuals such as Heath Schuler, Bob Casey Jr., and Jim Webb.

They may ultimately move the debate within the Democratic party in a more positive direction.


What they say to get elected and what they do once they are in office are two different things. Everyone of those "Moderate Democrats" Owes Nancy P. Big Time.


Ever since Klobuchar got voted to Senate, the only thing I could think of was her wanting me to register my awesome 10/22. Life will suck in Minnesota


I live in Illinois and this is not a gun friendly state by any measure which is hard to understand unless you look at Chicago. When you look at the Windy City it is indeed scary. Here in the sticks I suggest that one buy ammo, reloading components and an occasional weapon of your choice with the operating mechanism most likely to offend my neighbors north of I-80. Oh, and pray for strength.


Politicians have a vested interest in being popular; popularity gets them votes. They want to stay in power. It is not an uncommon malady to want to gain and hold power. I trust neither party for that reason. To really effect change we must change the perception of hunters/shooters by the larger society. Stupid hunting accidents, hunting videos where the hunter whoops and hollers like a friggin' idiot because he just killed an animal, hunters sitting around the local coffee shop talking and laughing about the deer they had to shoot 5 times or the one that they hit but couldn't find (grrrrr!!!), firing range mishaps caused by carelessness and stupidity - these hurt the public perception of the hunter. Involvement in conservation programs (if nothing else, getting your hunting club to get out and pick up trash), promoting firearm safety programs with women and kids - these will help us. When it becomes more popular to own a firearm and use it responsibly, politicians of both parties will warm to the pro-gun public.

craig curtis

Paul i give the bleeding heart liberal trash 6 months and their going to start dancing and peancing we need to stop the violence !!!!! get the guns 6 months homy were not paranoid or delusional just sick of fricken democrats f$#@&^$ with our sport and way of life kapisch !!!!!


There is one important caveat that we should all be cogniscent of - the dems taking the house and the senate was a protest of the current administration by voters.

Constituents sent the president a clear message in these mid-terms that the war and policies (particularly foreign) don't align with the public/voters. With that said, there are democrats who were elected in districts that are usually republican strongholds (VA Senate race for example.)

To remain in power, the dems elected in republican districts will have to more accurately reflect their constituent interests or in the next cycle - those seats will return to Republicans.


Post Script to all: These Democrats were voted in by whisker marginsas were the GOP winners in most cases. There's no mandate expressed just threats newbies and oldies will be voted out if they don't produce.

Think both Dem's and GOP's are sweating their careers. The Electorate is pissed off and disgusted.

Can't wait to see the Games played in the next two-years.

Mike Diehl

The blog opinion and most of the comments are the same old crapola:

Doom and gloom forecast. Do your best to coach the expectations. Be a jerk and say something snyde about liberals. Find some lame-assed way to caste an obvious defeat as a victory.

I'll give you an alternative forecast.

1. The only pols who will be advancing a gun control agenda for two years will be local jurisdictions (read: big cities).

2. No anti-gun legislation will make it out of any U.S. house or senate committee.Call me an optimist, maybe, for thinking the Dems won't be so stupid this time around.

3. The only national politos even talking about it much will be Republicans engaged in *pre-emptive retaliatory WHINING.*


Yes, well the GOP did it to themselves. What with refusing to support border security, spending like druken Democrats, standing by Bush as he continued to "stay the course" into disasterk, etc. Like columnist George Will said, the Republicans lost this election not for supporting conservatism but for abandoning it. Hopefully, the next two years will see the Dems get drunk on power and make asses out of themselves. That means talks of impeachment, attempts at gun control, etc, none of which should have a chance of passing since numbers on both houses are very close (note to the liberal media, the Dems do NOT control the Senate. It is split 49 Dems, 49 Republicans, and 2 independents, one of whom usually votes Republican). If the Republicans get their heads out of their collective ass and tell the neo-cons to go to hell, they stand a good chance at taking the House back in two years.


Why not wait until the Democrats actually propose something rather than run around with Chicken Little routine? I haven't heard anyone say anything about gun control, mainly because there are countless things that need addressing first.

Scott in Ohio

I hope Dave Petzal is wrong. I've been very frustrated with both parties. Years ago I started to vote for the issue and the person, not the party. I hope that the Dems learned their lesson two years ago about keeping their hands off our guns, but like "Mark" (Nov 8 post) There's NO WAY you can say the GOP has been a friend to the outdoorsman.
You want to make a diffrence? Go out and do something for the issue. I bought a rifle for my 11-year old son yesterday and we're both going to a hunter education class this afternoon and the following two days. Next month my wife and I will host a neighborhood get-together and serve duck breasts and venison to our guests. Hokey maybe, but I know I've changed the opinions of several of my neighbors and co-workers about responsible gun ownership and hunting.

John Broussard

Okay, I'm in...

Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House, wields enormous power. She will decide which bills come before Congress on a daily basis and how they are sent to committee. She is also onehundred-ten percent anti gun. She has an anti gun voting record that Diane Feinstein would be proud to claim.

If the hunting/gun owning community fails to organize a strong grass-roots campaign immediately, we are in for some hard times indeed. That isn't being "Chicken Little", that's just good politics.

The GOP lost this round because of how they have handled Katrina, the border, the war, education, healthcare... everything that matters to low income and minority voters. The Dems look more promising to a (slim) majority of people right now, and gun owners are going to take part of the fall for that. It aint right, but that's how it goes sometimes.

Now, before anyone starts slinging mud my way;
1. I'm a Libertarian and have been for over twenty years.
2. I think Teddy Roosevelt was the greatest president America has ever known.
3. I hunt, fish, and build my own guns (muzzle-loaders).
4. I served in the Navy, and have never rescinded my oath.
That's where my stick floats.


I honestly think that we are going to see a more sympathetic Democratic party when it comes to the issue of gun rights. They have been taken to the cleaners too many times on the issue, not to have learned something. They have absolutely nothing to gain from advocating further gun-control.

Now I am sure that we will see a few of those who represent the larger cities pushing for licensing and the like, but the truth is that if Republicans represented these districts they would hold exactly the same positions. Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of voters in these districts favor these policies.

I voted for the Democrats this time around because I want to see a different direction in Iraq. At this point in time the lives of our brave men and women in uniform trump all other concerns. Should the Democrats decide to advocate further gun-control, there will be another election in two years.

Jack Bohm

Pray Bush vetoes any gun control measures. With Pelosi and the rest- Conyers who might become chairman of the Judiciary, etc- expect some really idiotic bills to come down the pike. Wanna bet those pinheads will declare my Ruger 10/22 to be an assault weapon? How about claiming that my Brownings- a BAR Safari and a Gold- will be labeled as such too?


Just something I'd like to put out there for the hardcore Bush supporters. You've spent the past six years telling Democrats to suck it, that you didn't give a damn what liberals want. If someone treats you that way, giving you zero consideration, how does that make you feel? Are you going to bother thinking about that person's feelings if you are in a position to affect them by some decision?

If you truly care about gun rights, then start caring about what liberals want that has nothing to do with guns. Bend on those things as if you don't, there will be a time when Republicans will be able to nothing but suck on what the Democrats put out there, and if you have been nothing but dicks up until then, you'll get nothing but dick in return.

JA Demko

Why does it have to be RKBA=GOP=Conservative? RKBA should cut across party lines. Discard the idea that everybody has to share your entire set of beliefs and we'll start to make some real progress on rolling back the existing gun laws. You should be just as happy every time a liberal or a gay or a soccer mom buys a gun as you are when somebody from your circle of friends buys one. Spread enjoyment of the shooting sports. Educate people_that doesn't mean call them demeaning names_in what guns are all about. Once upon a time in this country, gun laws were a non-issue at the federal level because ownership was so widespread one party couldn't calim to represent the interests of gun owners. We should be working on making it that way again instead of setting ourselves up to lose a bit more every time the GOP gets hammered in an election...'cause you know what guys? They are periodically going to get hammered.

Mike Diehl

"Hopefully, the next two years will see the Dems get drunk on power and make asses out of themselves."

Why would anyone *hope for* that? Here's what I hope for:

The Dems get a clue and move to the center. The GOP get a clue and abandon the neocon "bare winner takes all so stfu!" people who have run the show and start letting people like Snow, McCain and Giuliani set the GOP agenda.


Dear Nicolette,

I enjoyed watching you wash your car on "Desperate Housewives." Might I suggest you make a video wearing similar attire while you caribou hunt, ala Cindy Garrison? (hehe)


"The Dems get a clue and move to the center. The GOP get a clue and abandon the neocon "bare winner takes all so stfu!" people who have run the show and start letting people like Snow, McCain and Giuliani set the GOP agenda."

It would be absolutely wonderful if the two parties came together and started thinking about what was best for the country instead of the best way to stay in power and screw the other in the process. However, I relize that I am more likely to see a Martian mowing my neighbor's grass than to see that happen, so thus is the reason I put the making asses out of themselves comment. By the way, if you really want McCain or Giuliani setting policy, perhaps you should take a look at how they have voted on gun issues.

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