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October 25, 2006

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Get Trigger Happy: Meet Remington’s X-Mark Pro

The Remington 700 trigger is one of the most maligned and abused pieces of machinery created by the hand of man. It is actually a brilliant design, but it fell afoul of clods with small screwdrivers, no mechanical ability, and no sense. And lawyers. Years ago, Remington included directions for adjusting the Model 700 trigger with every rifle, but enough people botched the job that the company was forced to set the triggers with so much weight of pull and so much sear engagement that an accidental discharge was impossible. And so, of course, you couldn’t control the damn trigger.

It was an unhappy situation, especially with outfits like Tikka and Sako and Savage selling guns with superb triggers. So Remington has done a redesign, taking full advantage of machinery that was not in existence when the Model 700 trigger was born, and they have come up with a doozer, the X-Mark Pro.

Although this trigger looks the same (superficially), it is a complete redesign. Because all its little parts can be finished so smoothly, the factory can adjust it for up to 45 percent less weight-of-pull than the 700 trigger and still keep it safe. The safety blocks both the sear and the trigger, and if it’s still too heavy for you it can be adjusted lighter by any authorized Remington repair center. As it comes from the factory, The X-Mark Pro has a dead-clean release. No creep at all, and manageable weights. I tried about a dozen rifles with the new trigger, and liked every one.

Remington has also addressed the other weakness of the 700 mechanism--its susceptibility to rust. The X-Mark Pro is coated with a Teflon/electroless nickel finish (similar to NP-3, if you must ask) that is pretty much impervious to rust. And, by crackey, you can retrofit the X-Mark Pro. It will function in any Model 700 or Model Seven rifle.

Terrorists lust for our blood. Fools are running our country. Hillary looms on the horizon. But take heart--this is truly good news.


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Mike Shickele

As I've said before, when it comes to savage, other companies have to stand up and take notice. If the don't, they'll go out of business.
Remington is taking notice; obviously they don't want savage to walk away with the whole market.
Even though they can be retrofitted, I think that I'll stick with my stock triggers that have been worked over. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


Keith H.


Will this new trigger be standard on all Remington rifles? When will it be available to the general public? Thanks for the info.

Doug Detz

Just what we need days before the November 6 elections, an outdoor editor stating "fools are running our country". No wonder you've got Hillary on the brain. This isn't the first time I've read leftist comments by F&S editors in their blogs. These sort of comments do a disservice to all outdoorsmen. If you think the "fools" now are doing a bad job, heaven forbid the Dems win the house & senate majorities - you won't have to worry about writing a gun column much longer.


The demoncrats won't take our guns away. Not through gun laws anyway. What will be the end of guns and hunting as we know will be a lack of places to hunt and shoot. Public land continues to disappear, private land is getting leased up and gun ranges are under attack from noise ordinances and lead contamination. These are the areas we need to be concerned with. Hillary will lose to Oprah's man, Sen. Obama, (D-IL). The Republicans need to find a viable candidate we can all get behind and quit stepping in crap at every turn.
By the way, congrats to Remington for reworking the one weak spot in an otherwise wonderful rifle.

Ralph the Rifleman

Dave P.
Looks like you have done it again! Must you always excercise your right to free speech?
ok-sarcasim aside,it sounds like a nice factory trigger. I wonder if they will retro fit it on an exisiting rifle?

JA Demko

"Demoncrat." "Leftist."

Yep, every time I see terms like this, I'm as happy as that proverbial pig to be pro-gun. Get it through yer skulls, doods, we ain't going to win anybody to our side through name-calling.

JC Blauvelt

Nuts. I was making good money adjusting the factory 6 to 7 lb trigger to something managable. Good for Remington. Savage left everyone in the dust with the Accu-Trigger.

O Garcia

This is good news indeed. After lending the 40-X trigger to the XR-100, now Remington takes care of its main product.


What's a "dood" ?

K Welch

Where can I get these instructions for adjusting the standard 700 trigger?

K Welch

Here's a nice article that seems adequate...


aren't southern dems some of the strongest proponents for the preservation of our shooting sports and heritage?

while the GOP leans heavier toward preserving our right to carry and bear arms, they couldn't do it without the support from key players on the other side of the aisle.

saying that this is a partisan issue doesn't reflect the some of the key efforts from southern dems at the state and federal level.

while we need to recongize that there are key players in the dem party that threaten our constitutional right to bear arms, it's not a party line base issue such as labor, outsourcing and healthcare.

let the fur fly...


Dave, I agree with you. The great trigger notwithstanding, the Republicans deserve what they get in two weeks as much as I abhor the thought of Hillary in 2008. There are liars, cheats and perverts on both sides of the isle and I am depressed at the thought of election day. Anyway, if it isn't the Editor's job to editorialize, whose is it? It's your soap box.

craig j. curtis

nice one dave you know how to get em gooing dont you !!well its about time remington got with the program . so weve got savage and rem. who else will deliver on good pull with adjustment ? ive been eyeballing kimber , and ruger and wonder if these companys will give us what we need in adjustability? breath and give it a slow squeez and it"ll all come together for you guys looking for the perfect trigger .

craig j. curtis

ps . does hitlery smoke cigars like billy boy ???

Ralph the Rifleman

I bet she does,and I would also guess her humidor is bigger then HIS, too!

Ralph the Rifleman

By the way, while we are venting about political hacks, I sure hope the voters here in MI see thru all the BS Grandholm has been slinging, and send her back to..wherever she came from!

Dave Petzal

To Keith H. Even as we blog, the new triggers are standard equipment on all the 700 and 7 series Remingtons.

To K. Welch: Haven't seen a set of instructions in years. Better have a professional do it.

To everyone who took umbrage when I said that fools are running the country: I didn't say Republican fools or Democrat fools; I said fools. The interpretation is up to you. And if you think that fools aren't running the country...

Mike Shickele

I looked on Remington's site, and amazingly enough, they're not mentioning the new trigger.
I have felt a lot of attempts to adjust the Remington trigger, and in my experience, most get it wrong.
The best Remington adjustments that I ever felt, where the ones that my dad did; no guff. he was passionate about doing a good job; some would take him 20 minutes, and others 2 hours. This is due to the fact that all of the adjustments are interdependent upon each other. The best instructions that I have ever seen on adjusting Remington triggers is in the Frank De Haas book, Bolt action Rifles. I'm not nearly mechanical enough to attempt this myself, and I would suspect the same for most other people.


craig j. curtis

amen ralph , i laughed out loud when i read your post and as for that blond kanook shes got to go can you believe the voters here in mich. still think shes not full of &^%#$ .devos may not be the real deal but hes getting my vote !!!!

Bob Broussard


Plato tells us that democracy, by it's very nature, is the government of fools by other fools.

America lost it's way when we went from a two party system to a multi-party system. We are no longer following the rule of majority, but rather the rule of the strongest minority. Essentially, almost every candidate gets elected with less than 50% of the total vote. In other words, a person gets elected knowing that more than half of his/her constituents wanted someone else for the job.

That said, Remington will no doubt appeal to more than 50% of it's customers with their new trigger.


I just would like to know if the new X-Mark Pro trigger can be retro-fitted to earlier M700's and if so, when and where we can purchase.


I just would like to know if the X-Mark Pro trigger can be retro-fitted to earlier M700's and if so when and where can it be purchased.


Does anyone know where I can get a depiction of how the new Remington safety works? When it's said the safety blocks both the sear and the trigger, some pictures of the safety in both the on and off positions would really help explain how the safety works.


Remington now has some information on their website regarding their new trigger.


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